India's Future Main Battle Tank, NGMBT

Bhartiya Sainik

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Dec 14, 2021
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Alarm bells ringing! Let's see what we require for our FMBT/NGMBT/FRCV, etc.
Although there are generation classifications of tanks & currently we have mix of 3rd & 4th gen tanks fielded, looking at examples of latest already fielded tanks for next few decades like T-90MS, T-14 Armata, MBT Revolution, M1A2 SEP-V3 TUSK, K-2 Black Panther, Merkava MK4, the following is the superset of the characteristics for survival & effective combat from technical PoV:-
> APS (hemisperical coverage RF & optical sensors, soft kill jammers + hard kill launchers). Sensors automatic only in detecting missiles, RPGs, etc & engaging APS.
> Semi-auto usage of sensors to detect target like vehicles, troops, aerial targets, present picture on screen & notify crew to take action.
> APU (to save fuel while on standby).
> Composite, ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) on turret, hull, skirt.
> Good powerful engine.
> Robust FCS with fire on move.
> Unmanned turret with auto-loader & crew of 3 only.
> RWS (Remote Weapon System) in remote-manual mode to engage troops, ground vehicles, structures & even slow & low flying helicopters & drones.
> Secure data-link & synchronized battle picture.
> At least half analog interfaces replaced by digital interfaces.
> Well air conditioned crew compartment.
> NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) protection.
> reduction of IR & RF signatures to some extent by paints, composite materials, etc.
> ATGMs fired from gun barrel.

Superset of some developing technologies for future surface fighting vehicles across the globe are:
> Aeriel Drone control for ISR & targeting.
> AI & machine learning for variety of functions like semi-auto/auto target detection, classification, tracking, targeting.
> HMDS for situational awareness & targeting, manually look-lock-track/target.
> Fully digital interfaces replacing analog interfaces.
> EW/ECM, EM protection to protect own systems & disrupt foe systems, IFF, jam drones, etc.
> Fully sensor fused combatronics/FCS.
> Control of &/or interface with Unmanned & robotic vehicles of various sizes & roles.
> Voice command functions.
> Exploring 2 person crew due to high automation & capability to operate by 1 person in emergency.
> Detecting & possibly detonating mines & IEDs from distance.
> Stealth design to reduce IR & RF signatures as much as possible & project deceptive signature if possible & required.
> NLOS (Non-Line Of Sight) engagement with programmable ammunition having shock-proof electronics, proximity fuzes, sensors, GPS integration, etc.
> Feasibility study of programmable multi role missiles (probably with multi-spectral sensors) to engage both aerial & ground targets guided by APS-radar & optical sensors. Arjun can fire LAHAT & Israeli Hellfire shot down Lebanese Cessna-152 on 24 May'01; & Iranian UAV on 10 Feb'18. So a future missile multi-role could be developed, but it may not be effective if foe has APS too.

There are supporter countries of our present adversaries also who may fund or colaborate with our adversaries in their future projects. They are also trying to match up the global level.
Moreover, as per "Aatm Nirbhar Bharat" strategy & overall economic development, we intend to become defence exporter of major products someday.
Hence DRDO, CVRDE, army engineers, etc have to radically & rapidly think.
Even the engineering colleges & universities need to have ties with DoD, not just IITs. Proliferation of information online has happened rapidly since internet came in our cities & towns in 1990s. Good ideas & contributions can come from everywhere. Superficial design compititions should be conducted, only GATE exam & IES will not help to build early foundation.


लड़ते लड़ते जीना है, लड़ते लड़ते मरना है
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Aug 10, 2020
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atlay is a version of k2 and recently poland also went for a version called k2pl .so an NGMBT based on k2 with the help of koreans is a good idea?
Ya'll Nibbiars tue K 2 PL is canceled for now due to the power pack and the Poland can't fix their minds sometimes its Swedish tanks sometimes its BEA proposed tank sometimes its a ukranian derived design.

Aditya Ballal

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Dec 16, 2020
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DRDO's lab CVRDE issued a Tender for Development and Supply of a 1500Hp engine for Future Main Battle Tank aka FMBT. Ashok Leyland Limited, BEML Limited, Enlivening Technologies Pvt Limited, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, TATA Motors Limited and VEM Technologies had placed their bids for the same. During Techno-Commercial Evaluation Stage, Enlivening Technologies Pvt Ltd and VEM Technologies Pvt Ltd got eliminated due to "Not Complied with Technical Specifications" and also they have not submitted the "IP EMD".

Here comes the interesting part, the Financial Bidding and Evaluation Stage.
The price quoted by the companies were :
- BEML : INR 3,20,68,91,750.00
- Ashok Leyland: INR : 7,23,26,75,973.00
- Kirloskar Oil : 4,46,20,00,000.00
- TATA MOTORS: 5,08,64,43,384.00

BEML was announced the Lowest Bidder 1 (L1) and was given the final contract. The contract was signed on 04.12.2017. The delivery period is of 60 months ie 03.12.2022. Price Breakup :
Total Basic Cost : INR 278,00,000,000
GST(18% for the Job and 2% for deliverable) : 59,69,65,000


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Jul 30, 2021
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First of all, I would declare that I am a complete novice in anything related to armoured vehicles. So apologizes in advance for any 'bhul-chuk'.

To me designing a MBT is something a similar process to our Tejas development. What I mean is design the core with future growth in mind and add subsystems with time from desi or foreign vendors. We have already done most the heavy lifting with Arjun like Gunner sight, commander sight, FCS, era, composite armour even engine (though it's not related to Arjun).

We just need to design an unmanned turret with a smooth bore gun coupled with an auto loader that uses unitary ammo. And we just integrate any sub system to it on demand. You can indigenize any of the imported sub system with time.

There some other small things like sensor fusion, a modified fcs, ivhm , new ammo etc.

If we still feel that we need hand holding after developing Arjun. Then we need to forget about developing jet engines or even more laughable becoming atmanirbhar in developing chips/semiconductors.

India Super Power

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Oct 3, 2020
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Recently russia offered its armata mbtvwith IFV systems based on armata tracks

News is coming that india has started talks soon indian armybdelegation visits russia for evaluation and tank will be tested in rajhistan deserts and in ladakh

News was broken by my friend no one believed me

Russian MBT has better chance to be inducted due to their tanks reluability which no western tank can match

French oferred leclarec tank but it is very expansive and inferior to armata
Please stop promoting the channel
Arjun mk2 will come
These are just speculations and media gimmick by Russian officials for marketing nothing else
Knowing how corrupt MoD and some gernails(sarcasm) are this could also happen
Your nation has never experienced import lobby nor domestic capability


Sikkimese Saber
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Aug 20, 2010
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DPSUs should take a binding written agreement from the services chiefs on indigenous planned designs of weapons platforms that they will have a dedicated project management officers from the relevant services arm to ensure that the product from the conceptual stages is the same. This written agreement should include:

  1. Whether the design will be rigid or modular
  2. All preferences for armaments on the platform
  3. The expected variants of the design of the platform and their potential uses
  4. The timeline (+ any deviations expected) for the product to reach (a) prototype stage, and (b) production stage, and (c) induction
  5. Committed buy-in from the relevant services arm to have a dedicated Major/Captain/Grp. Capt. level officer who will monitor the entirety of the project on a 3-year rotation basis from a functional forward command
  6. The expected costs (+ the % of any possible escalations limited to 2x over the entire course) based on probably order numbers clearly defined
  7. The binding that any loss due to last-minute changes sought by /scrapping by the relevant force of such a project will be taken out from the military's defence expenditure (excluding maintenance expenditure, ammo stocks & spares inventory; basically, from the "perks" costs).
  8. The project will have a part of the funding from the relevant force's capital budget as well as the government R&D budget in a ratio of 40:60 or 30:70. Make the particular force accountable.

Without these conditions, we will not see any improvement or push for getting indigenous projects to the mainstream of defence acquisitions.