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Jul 25, 2022
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Is this sullah revenge for Nupur Sharma episode ?

Hence though tempted, I am not reading any of the books written on RAW. It will be depressing to know about Babu's fktardery and how they compromise natsec for selfish reasons. Take Kundankulam nuke plant, or Sterlite copper plant closure or now the Kerala port protest by xtian thugs. RAW has failed in these cases or not allowed to function purposely by local Babu's for sure
Amar Bhushan fictionalizes his work but I 100% believe it is real missions. His account of the Rabinder Singh episode goes along with the publicly known facts very well, but it is all presented as fiction (probably to escape the OSA hammer.)
But it is not all blackpilled- his book on spying in Bangladesh and Nepal will make youe chest swell with pride on how deeply RAW has infiltrated both nations, and how we ran circles around Bangladesh intelligence.
MK Dhar has the classic Babu weakness of 'only I was smart, rest everyone was dumb/corrupt/lazy',, but if you can look beyond it, he goes into great detail on how he spied on North East terror groups, and how deep he was involved in Rajiv Gandhi government's negotiations with Punjab militants. That book will show you how certain figures in INC had a huge interest in actually making Khalistan problem worse and worse, and succeeded in doing so.

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