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Feb 17, 2019
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Here's a serious question, what is the usual operational flight time of a male UAV like heron and searcher. Does the high flight time of greater than 30hrs exaggerated for Israeli systems or at let's say ideal conditions which in our case at our borders is not the case.
Anyway is a high flight time like let's say 30hrs+ even necessary in a conventional war scenario let's say india-pak/china war, or a high speed but decent loiter time more important for a conventional war.

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Mar 31, 2012
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For information…… This is a news item in Swarajaya.

The Indian Army has made a significant technological advancement this year with the induction of indigenous swarm drones into service.

Swarm drones are a group of small, unmanned aerial vehicles that can work together to accomplish a specific task.

The drones, manufactured by Bengaluru-based NewSpace Research and Technology and Noida-based Raphe mPhibr Private Limited, have been inducted by the Armoured Corps and the Mechanized Infantry.

The use of swarm drones allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in military operations, as they can be deployed in large numbers to perform a variety of tasks, such as surveillance, reconnaissance, and target identification.

The induction of these drones is a response to the increasing use of drones in conflicts around the world, particularly in Armenia and Azerbaijan and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where drones have been used to great effect against Russia.

Both the Armoured Corps and the Mechanized Infantry are looking at purchasing more drones and counter-drone measures, and have already issued Requests for Information.

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