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Nov 1, 2009
In this forum I read too much on: how India should ally with the US, japan and Australia to "contain" china; japan, Taiwan or south Korea may have a war with china; US will conflict with china; US should confront with china; India will benefit from such a scenario. All of these are just some childish illusions, I'll explain you why.

First, the US cannot conflict with china, it's so so obvious. The US owes too much debt to china, and it must continue to borrow from china to keep its country functional. Have you ever seen a beggar yell to its banker? I doubt it. Can you imagine what will happen if china and the US cut off all of their connections? You really need to live in America for some while to answer this question. That means empty shelves in the super markets of the United States. And what if china dump dollar to the currency market? That means the end of the USD and the end of the US. China's rise and the US' fall are all inevitable, the only thing the US can do is to avoid sharp collapse and seek a not so ugly decline.

Second, why Australia, japan, south Korea and would like to ally together to confront china? china is the biggest importer of these regions, yes many of them dislike china and I know it, but break up with china means economic disaster for these regions. china do not want to and will never over throw these countries' government, but the unemployed of these countries' will.

Third, so many Indians do not know what china means to India and to the rest of the world. Few countries can have huge trade surplus in manufactured goods, because most of the countries in the world always consume more than they produce. The US has huge deficit, the EU just barely balances its trade, and japan's surplus has disappeared this year. All the Africa, Latin america, southeast Asian and south Asian must borrow money to keep functioning, including India, which has to borrow over 100.000.000 dollar every day to keep it alive!

Too many Indians cannot understand where the investment towards India come from, they imagine the investments are from the "rich" western countries.No, they are from china and oil-producing countries. The western companies just borrow money via banks from these countries and reinvest it to India. If china stop offering extra manufacturing goods to the world to back the green papers of the US, there will be hyper-inflation. To Indians, I think you know what is hyper-inflation. I can't imagine what will happen during such a disastrous economic collapse in a so crowded and diversified country of India, maybe you yourselves can.


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Mar 24, 2009
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First, introduce yourself. Second take a second look at the forum and threads discussing such issues.
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