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May 23, 2022
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They are two different things. Most MWD/K9 in india are generally sole purpose- attack or sniffer/scent. And the vast majority of these are scent dogs hence why most of the dogs you’d see with security agencies in india were labradors (some times spaniels).

it’s only in very recent times that assault dogs have become widely adopted by Indian agencies (post 26/11 really). This started out with NSG but seems to be more commonplace now across services.

multi purpose dogs (scent and assault) are VERY specialised and require huge amounts of training and selection, most of the Tier 1 units in the US have MWD that are multipurpose. And a lot of these are imported in single digit units annually by specialist trainers from Europe.

In india I think only NSG has this capability with their Belgian Malonois that are attached to their assault units, maybe the CRPF’s Belgians have that too for fighting in LWE areas. i believe NSG and maybe CRPF also have their own breeding programs (maybe ITBP also) after initially procuring these breeds from Europe

afaik the dogs in the IA are only single purpose so the Belgians seen with PARA SF won’t be multipurpose but assault only- definitely the case with RR.

+ iirc the IA had stopped using assault dogs for a while a few years ago after some experiences with German shepherd assault dogs that they had poorly trained so they’d bitten soldiers. I guess they’ve redrawn their approach and seem to have switched to Belgians for this role, not sure if they are sourcing those dogs from NSG or abroad.
I saw somewhere that the dogs of CAPFs are trained at the army facility. Will have to cross check.

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