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Aug 15, 2016
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Little OT..

I also dont like to fight like u dont.

But if no one gives a shit about this thread then why do people passionately fight..Be like me chill.No abusing no galli unless provoked.

Secondly,what if joining the forces doesnt solve the problem coz the system expects u to behave.

My company treats employees badly(labour level)..but we cannot do anything coz it says fuck off or shut up just like the we shut up till we find something else lucrative and thats how it is bro.

School College se bahar ki dunia alag hoti he..if i told u how promotion and postings work u will get hurt and abuse me only i know very well.

bcoz u have created an imagine of Army as God..and when anyone does that it cannot be changed.

which is not bad as you must be a patriotic passionate guy.

but maturity is analyising neutrally.

Debate karo..dil pe mat lo.
Nice reality check. Yes, life is not an ideal world, it's unfair, perfection can only be desired etc..etc.. Sometimes even if we desperately want things to change we will not have the power to do anything about it, or even if we can do it might mean losing a lot of things in life.
nothing to do with SFs because I doubt they’d send such guys for these efforts but it’s a real tragedy that under a ‘nationalist’ govt with the largest mandate in decades and with super man spy boss Doval as NSA they still haven’t had the [email protected] to take the fight to these scum. It’s not even like they are hiding. Hafiz is literally a public figure in Pak. They could get a few Karachi guns for hire for the job, plenty of ways fo do it without Indian fingerprints

Goes to show how weak spined Indian ‘leadership’ is across the board.
Indeed, all this is because there is no deep state security establishment which forces the govt to take steps to secure the country's interests. Politicos in general would never want to disturb any status quo and are happy as long as they are in power and keep getting votes.


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Jan 11, 2014
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Cheetah and Lancer are old af dhruvs beautiful but it ain't a lil bird I suppose
Old yes but that's the best platform we have for now atleast, similar to a Little Bird.

In any case we don't do the kind of dynamic ops which require a Little Bird type platform.

Landing on the X is hardly the kind of ops that we do as far as I know.
Usually it's only landing on Y and then on foot to X.

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