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Oct 20, 2015
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JKP to hire light-weight transport Helicopters for CI-Ops, other uses
SRINAGAR: In a bid to give upper hand to security forces at the forefront of fighting militancy, the union territory administration for the very first time is mulling to hire light-weight transport helicopters for the multi-purpose use for central forces and Jammu and Kashmir police.
On behalf of Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, the police headquarter has invited e-tenders from reputed and registered Aviation Companies having a minimum fleet of three air-worthy transport helicopters.
The tenders are being invited for hiring of helicopter on wet lease basis for a term of one year for the multipurpose use of J&K police and Central forces.
“The helicopters be preferably be light-weight, single engine, air-lift or helicopters of equivalent performance,” as per the e-tender of Jammu and Kashmir police.
A senior police officer told The News Now that the tender comes after the centre government decided to strengthen the Jammu and Kashmir police department which has been on the front row against the militancy from last three decades, under the MHA’s police modernization plan.
“Recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has been providing latest equipment to J&K police that, apart from weapons, includes Mobile Commando Vehicles (MCVs), hi-tech vest shields, helmets, body cameras etc,” he said, adding the light-weight helicopters are the next step.
Jammu and Kashmir is a volatile place when it comes to militancy and we have lost so many of our men during encounters as they could not be evacuated to hospitals after grave injuries, said a top security official.
“These helicopters would not only help us in precise encounters, but will also serve the purpose of air-lifting the police or other injured security personnel, who sustain bullet or splinter injuries during encounters, to the base hospitals for timely medical aid”, he said.
The security forces will be able to reach far-flung areas in which militants may have taken shelter. It will be a game changer for Jammu and Kashmir police and security forces, he added.
Another senior police official said, “Procuring of light-weight helicopters will give an upper hand to the Jammu and Kashmir police and will serve multi-purposes which includes serving local masses in emergency situation as earlier people were more dependent on army helicopter for situations like earthquake and other natural disasters that include floods etc.”


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Jul 29, 2010
I never knew Delhi Special Police carried AKs lol
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I have observed a pattern in those pics, instead of portraying the arrested individuals as defeated they pose these guys take makes them look gangsta type.
if anyone from police read this, when you arrest the guy(s) make them kneel before you then take photo :)


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Oct 6, 2020
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All the more reasons why Central government should work closely with state governments with their police forces, especially Counter Terrorism units, Guerilla warfare units like C-60, and other specialised units like Indian Reserve Battalion (IRBn) and help them modernise their gears and equipment!!

That leaves the regular Armed Police Battalions, where the regular standard issue rifles must be modernised ASAP!!


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