Indian Mujahideen trying to turn into Qaida-style network: Bhatkal


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Apr 17, 2009

Indian Mujahideen trying to turn into Qaida-style network: Yasin Bhatkal

NEW DELHI: Indian Mujahideen is now trying to grow up as a terror network like Al-Qaida, keeping a close liaison with Pakistan based Qaida network Tehreek -E -Taliban, admits arrested IM leader Yasin Bhatkal, during his recent interrogations by different intelligence agencies. Yasin Bhatkal claimed that their ultimate mission is to uphold Sharia in India like the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Somalia. In both countries Islamic terror networks are believed to be a part of Al-Qaida.

To define IM links with Pakistan, Yasin reportedly claimed that IM is totally different from LeT who works as a puppet of Pakistan-based counter espionage agency ISI. Yasin has to say that they keep a tactical understanding with ISI for logistic support. Yasin's interrogation also unearthed that more than half a dozen IM recruits from north India were killed in Afghanistan who went there to fight for the Talibans.

Bhatkal's recent grilling also revealed the factional fight among IM leadership which cornered two of their most senior leaders in recent years.

While one of them has been accused of corruption another has been branded as non-cooperative towards comrades.

During recent interrogation by different state agencies and National Investigation Agency, Yasin revealed how the entire organization split into two factions — Azamgarh and Bhatkal — following the debacle of Batla house encounter in 2008.

"Batla house encounter forced most of the IM operatives to flee from the country and they were supposed to take refuge in Nepal. At that time most senior IM leader and one of the founders Amir Reza Khan was responsible to provide proper logistic support to IM operatives in Nepal, what he did not execute, alleged Yasin," said an investigator. The interrogation also unearthed that Reza Khan was branded 'non-cooperative' by a large section of IM operatives who demanded for new leadership and for the first time Bhatkals, representing the modules in south India came up as leaders. Iqbal Bhatkal took up the charge of IM but soon resentment started brewing against him for corruption and he was replaced by Riyaj Bhatkal..

Yasin reportedly claimed that he had also an offer to lead the organization, but by then he was busy in Nepal to spread his own network and refused to take charge. He reportedly claimed to the investigators that IM is now acting independently towards their mission and not a shadow force of ISI. He terms both India and Pakistan governments as anti-Islam for their disrespect to sharia and tried to convince IM's disassociation with Pakistan government apart from strategic requirements.

Indian Mujahideen trying to turn into Qaida-style network: Yasin Bhatkal - The Times of India


What Bhatkal has stated is most dangerous and will seriously affect the stability of India.

India, apparently, has not taken this threat seriously, if one goes by what is happening within the country and on the LC and IB.

One wonders what India should do.


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Apr 15, 2010
india has taken bhatkal seriously.thats why he is caught early.or else he would have become another dawood.

after some serial blows IM will surely succumb

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