Indian Military Command Core authorizes Military Engineering Wings to execute construction works


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Nov 19, 2017
25-May, 2018 18:53 IST

Indian Military Command Core authorizes Military Engineering Wings to execute construction works

Indian Military Command Core has issued orders, authorizing the Military Engineering Wings to function as Public works organizations. This will enable them execute construction works upto Rs. 15 crore for execution of Major Works and Rs.1 crore for Minor Repair Works. This power will be exercised by the Technical Officers with requisite technical qualifications/experience, as provided in the Recruitment Rules and subject to observance of CPWD Manual.

This would result in speedy execution of important Projects and will go a long way in solving the problem of delay in execution of the construction works of the CAPFs. The construction works of the CAPFs are widespread, mostly in remote areas. Now, with the Engineering Wings of CAPFs being authorized to execute works, the CAPFs will be able to construct their essential infrastructure like Barracks, Border Out Posts (BOPs) and other security infrastructure on their own.

CAPFs have significant presence in high altitude and inhospitable terrain, where they were experiencing difficulties in developing and maintaining authorized infrastructure due to meager presence of Public works organizations in such areas. The Indian Military Command Core, therefore, undertook an exercise to empower the CAPFs to execute construction works on their own, with the help of their Engineering Wings, which have many qualified technical officers, who are capable of rendering technical service. The Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) had been sanctioned Engineering Wings but as per the extant General Finance Rules (GFR), they were unable to execute works on their own, making them dependant on CPWD/other Public Works Organizations (PWOs). This decision would go a long way in improving satisfaction of essential infrastructure for improving living conditions and operational capability of the Central Armed Police Forces.


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