Indian Army conducts exercise 'Hind Shakti'


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Mar 24, 2009
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Chandigarh (PTI) The Indian Army's 'Hind Shakti' exercise aimed at conducting an offensive task in developed terrain by its premier strike corps concluded here on Tuesday.

Chief of Army Staff Gen Deepak Kapoor and GOC-in-C Western Command Lt Gen T.K. Sapru on Monday attended the three-day-long manoeuver, which was performed by the Kharga Corps near Barnala and Jagraon in the Punjab plains, a defence spokesman said.

The Army chief expressed satisfaction over the operation preparedness and commended the event as another step in the Army's continued endeavour to fine tune its proactive strategy.

He also complimented the Kharga Corps for its operational readiness, saying it was of an exceptionally high order.

The exercise entailed participation by mechanised and re-organised Plains Infantry Division in a blitzkrieg type armoured incursion, emphasising rapid penetration into enemy's territory.

The exercise included effective offensive support by air power and artillery.

Units of Kharga Corps were also tested for their ability to undertake and sustain operational maneuvers against intensive electronic and information warfare.

The Army successfully validated the capability of the Kharga Corps in the network centric warfare, as also in a nuclear-biological-chemical warfare environment.
All part of the continuous effort to fine tune Cold Start Strategy I would imagine.

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