Indian Air Force effort to contain Forest Fire at Katra


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Nov 19, 2017
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24-May, 2018 13:32 IST

Indian Air Force effort to contain Forest Fire at Katra

Indian Air Force has pressed into service its MLH class helicopter using Bambi Buckets, to contain the forest fire at Katra. The operations stared this morning wherein two helicopters, one each of the Daring Dragons and of Snow Leopards units, of the Western Air Command were launched. The heptrs filled in water from the Reasi water reservoir in the specially built Bambi Buckets which can carry approximately 2500 ltrs of water at a time.

The first drop was done in the area of the new track from Ardhkuwari to Bhawan. “Its was a daunting task keeping in mind the challenging terrain and high tension cables in the area” said the captain of the lead aircraft Wing Commander Vikram.

Operation of these types requires special skills by the pilot who flies with a very heavy load underslung. “We trained to respond to these types of situations whenever demanded. The operations are scheduled to continue through the day till the fire is contained” said Wing Commander Rahul the captain of the second aircraft.

A reccee of the area was carried out yesterday to ascertain the complexities of the operations.

The geographical distance between Reasi and Katra is 13 km (8.1 miles, 7 nautical miles).
13 km, 8.1 miles, 7 nautical miles

No. 153 Helicopter Unit (Daring Dragons) is a Helicopter Unit and is equipped with Mil Mi-17 and based at Udhampur Air Force Station

153 HU Daring Dragons 01-Nov-88 , Mi-17 , Mi-17 Udhampur

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