India rejects visa to Pakistan official


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Jun 19, 2014
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New Delhi: India has rejected visa to a Pakistan foreign ministry official for a posting in the High Commission in New Delhi on "concerns" over his credentials, a decision termed as "absolutely absurd" by Pakistan.

It is learnt that Indian authorities have rejected the visa after there were "concerns" expressed by officials over the posting of the Pakistan Foreign ministry official, whose identity and designation have not been revealed by either side.
Terming India's move as "unacceptable and absolutely absurd", Pakistan High Commission sources said this was "against diplomatic norms" and have refused to withdraw the visa application filed on behalf of the official.

Pakistan wanted to post the official at its high commission in New Delhi and had applied for a diplomatic visa for him.

The Pakistani authorities have now taken up the issue with India saying this was 'unacceptable' and asserted that this was first India posting for the official concerned and India had no reason to deny him visa.

However, officials maintain that there was no need for India to cite the reason for visa rejection.

The incident comes within days of Pakistan rejecting visa to Indian Yoga instructors to travel to Pakistan to participate in an event organised by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to mark the International Yoga Day on June 21.

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