India Pakistan conflict along IB and LoC (July 2021)


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Jul 29, 2018
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Though not directly related to this thread, an very important development.
As everyone would have read or seen on TV, an unfortunate crime took place in Rajasthan. An innocent Hindu tailor has been beheaded by two rabid fanatical Muslims. Over an social media post supporting Nupur Sharma. Probably members of an extremist fundamentalist organisation.

Not trying to incite communal passions but only highlighting an atrocity.

Something like this could have happened in Taliban Afghanistan but in India?.

The main perpetrators have been apprehended as per latest reports.

We could not prevent it, but at least we can decide the outcome.

After fully investigating and unearthing the conspiracy(if others are involved and who motivated or instigated the perpetrators) the two main criminals should be killed in an encounter. No lengthy trials. They deserve the punishment. Should set an example for others even remotely thinking about repeating the act elsewhere.

Agree it might be extra judicial justice. But hell, we need to create fear in other potential extremists that Hindustan will not forgive such brutality and instant justice will be delivered.

Though nobody will certify, such unfortunate encounter killings by the police have happened before. Not the first time.

Some people doubtlessly will disagree and ask for an fair trial where the case drags on for years. Do the perpetrators really deserve an free and fair lengthy trial.

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