India Pakistan conflict along IB and LoC (July 2021)

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Sep 26, 2019
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Like I said a long time ago, you have to do things that cannot be denied or hidden by ISPR. For example, for every attack in J&K, take some land in PoK especially in Gilgit Baltistan toward the Karakoram Highway, until we cutoff the Porkis from China and establish a land bridge to the wakhan corridor. Frankly, our economic size needs to be at least $10 trillion to be able to keep other countries quiet when we take land. For now, the goal should be:
1. Prevent Porkland from economically developing
2. Do everything we can to get Bharat to $10 trillion economy as fast as possible.

Then we have a lot of cards to play. The China virus ruined our plans but the Gatishakti of infrastructure implementation needs to be higher and more manufacturing jobs are needed. We need to find ways to grow at 10%+ for a decade.
10 trillion 20 trillion cards are just bs.

Keep giving them back in kind and sort out internal pakistan we have that's how we need to proceed.

Economy will be on Bullet Train once we learn to manage them..

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