India-France Relations


Sikkimese Saber
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Aug 20, 2010
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France is currently the ideal big power with which India must prioritize her relations and businesses. It is sane, has independent voice and has consistently stood against international sanctions whenever they were forced upon us. We are needlessly paying too much attention to the United States. France has always been supportive of us from the get go.

Besides, learning French would actually be useful for Indians as a second option as it is spoken in over 19 countries.

I am aware that political and economic compulsions prevent current Russia from openly supporting us against the Dragon, but rest assured that they won't be targeting us if we smartly wean away from the deep state United States. Trump was an exception, which is why the Deep State mobilized 'rebel' senators to move against Trump. Whatever he was locally to the US, he wasn't a fraction of what Biden-Harris will be in the coming days.

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