India, France at advance stage of negotiations for Maha JV


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May 6, 2009
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New Delhi, July 10: India and France are at an advance stage of negotiations for setting up of two nuclear power plants in Maharashtra through a joint venture.

Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and French Nuclear company Areva are preparing a contract under which two power plants of 1,650 MW each will be set up in Jaitapur in Maharashtra, sources said here today.

Discussions are going smoothly and the contract is expected to be finalised in about two months, they said.

The contract is being prepared on the basis of an MoU signed between NPCIL and Areva last February.

The power plants will be built and operated by the NPCIL with the technology and engineering help by Areva.

The crucial aspect of tariff is also being worked out by the experts, the sources said, adding it will ensure that the economical part of the project is taken care of.

On reprocessing, France has made it clear that the nuclear fuel could be reprocessed by Indian facilities but if India facilities don't have the expertise, then Paris could consider reprocessing in France.

Regarding Pakistan, France is of the view that the country needs foreign aid for stability and development but it needs to be ensured that the funds are used only for socio-economic development.

France is also wants to see to it that Pakistan implements its commitments made with regard to ending terrorism emanating from its soil.

India and France are also discussing upgrading the Mirage fighters besides joint development of a short range missile.

On NPT and CTBT, France wants to see progress so that these pacts become universal, with India too joining these.

Regarding climate change, France favours leading economies like India and China to put a cap on greenhouse gas emissions as "business as usual approach" cannot continue. It also advocates the need for legally-binding targets, including for developed nations, to reduce emissions by 20 per cent by 2020.

India, France at advance stage of negotiations for Maha JV

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