India-China Border conflict


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Dec 17, 2022
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Typical culture shock.

Every September, China will suddently increased 7-8 millions youngsters with uniforums.

All students in China when they enter the 1st yr of university/college, they need to be trained 2 weeks for basic military exercises, with PLA-like uniforms.

This is the typical dancing during the break, youngsters contributed some entertainments like dancing or singing.

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After 2 weeks traning finished, there always be a ceremony, the head of university and local PLA boss attend.

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Those kids have no rankings, they are just college students. All educated Chinese had such experiences.
still shitting in public transports

R A Varun

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Oct 5, 2017
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There's a reason Indian and Chinese kingdoms didn't fight like at all throughout history and those reasons still stand. Neither India nor Chinese are rocking up Himalayas with infantry or mechanised through Bhutan-Nepal sectors.

Sri Lanka is so close that you can probably hit Chinese with Rockets.
Should, china attempt an intrusion through the Nepal, more than 60 percent of the nepaliese will support India if sympathasised with religious commanility and chinese oppression in the past, they will definitely rise up, and not to forget that nepal mountains are one of the highest in the himalays and causes more trouble for chinese in matters of trust and logistics, more indian agents can penetrate nepal as nepaliese and take on chinese than the vice versa. bcoz, many indian speak nepalese than the chinese troops that shall enter through nepal.

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