India asked to join convention on cybercrime

Feb 16, 2009
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India asked to join convention on cybercrime

New Delhi (PTI): A top official of the Council of Europe has asked India to be a part of its Convention on Cybercrime, a step, which he said, will lead to efficient cooperation with other 47-member countries, whenever such crimes are committed here.

"We are offering Convention on Cybercrime as a tool. India can also join that (Convention of Cybercrime). India can accede to the treaty and it is available as a framework for efficient cooperation with other countries," Head of Economic Crime Division, Council of Europe Alexander Seger told PTI.

Mr. Seger, who was in the national capital recently said international cooperation on matter of cyber crime is very important and said the United States too joined the Convention of the Council, formed in 1949 and the oldest international organisation working towards European integration.

"Terrorists use the internet for communication purpose, logistics, target identification. They also use internet for incitement, recruitment, training and even to get finance," Mr. Seger said.

He said the Convention is the first international treaty on crimes committed via the internet and other computer networks, dealing particularly with infringements of copyright, computer-related fraud, child pornography and violations of network security.

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