In the Foot steps of Alexander


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Mar 28, 2009
Michael woods is a legend in history documentary making,some say what Carl Sagan was to astrophysics,Michael woods is to popular history.His documentaries are as epic as they come and more often than not its his reputation that gets his access to resources,sites and people,that other researchers wouldn't normally receive.I have seen some of his documentaries on BBC, which were part of the one of the best series on history and archeology on television called 'BBC Chronicles'

By woods accounts mostly completely adhere to standard world History as published and taught at Cambridge and Oxford or other British,sometimes while he focuses on the grand canvas of history, place and people,critical analysis is given a slip.Woods avoids all controversy and is too conservative.

For example in the Alexander series he has carefully avoided the controversy regarding the what actually transpired at the battle of Hydaspes.In the story of India he interviews both Victor sarianidi,the excavator of BMAC(Bactria-Margiana Archaeological complex in central Asia) and Prof B B Lal,former DG and ASI and the chief excavator of PGW culture(painted greyware culture),but carefully avoids engaging them on the debate of Indo-Aryans,although both established their careers primarily based on this subject and still hold extremely divergent views.

A real epic series thou and a must watch.

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