Imran Khan pitches for Taliban's Government in Afghanistan, creates Row

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Apr 29, 2015
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–Says he sees no breakthrough in Afghan peace process until interim govt is installed in Kabul

PM Khan, while detailing the achievements made on the diplomatic front, said that the United States, which always maintained rhetoric of “do more”, was now praising Pakistan. He said that a message has been received from President Donald Trump but no progress was made so far.
The prime minister said that best-ever results were emerging by recent foreign policies adopted by the federal government. He added that the US has realised the crucial role of Pakistan in the establishment of longstanding peace in Afghanistan. He also said that Islamabad was enjoying the best economic relations with China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey.
Talking about the possibility of a breakthrough in the Afghan peace process, he said that despite Pakistan’s continued support to the Afghan peace process, he sees no immediate breakthrough because the Afghan government is putting forward conditions which are unacceptable to the Afghan Taliban.
The premier said that he had decided to meet the Taliban to persuade them to make efforts for a breakthrough but the Afghan government had objected to it. “I am afraid that there might not be a breakthrough till a caretaker government is installed in Kabul,” he added.
Though nothing new, Pakistan has been overt supporter of Taliban in past decades, responsible for entire trouble in Pakistan.
As US withdraws from Afghanistan, Pakistan would try to install Taliban again as an independent and capable Afghanistan will balance the geographic advantage Pakistan enjoys.

For India, it is overt opponent of Taliban but not hostile. Once US withdraws, India will have to become hostile or Taliban will turn Kashmir into hell for India.:rolleyes:


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Jun 17, 2009
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And look at thankless creatures:

India's recent aggressive stance is totally justified and screws should be tightened further on Pakistan.

They think they got a chance to dominate Afghanistan like they did in 90's.

This time around there is a Govt. in Afghanistan and people of Afghanistan are not in favor of Pakistan. Pakistanis know they cannot make Afghanistan stable, prosperous or governable. All they want is a favorable Afghanistan which is unstable, chaotic but pro Pakistan.

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