Improvised Explosive Devices and Countermeasures


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Mar 10, 2009
Improvised Explosive Devices and Countermeasures

This is an interesting documentary on Improvised Explosive Devices used against the Coalition Forces in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

Salient Points:
  • IED are cheap to make, and difficult to detect.
  • The Taliban is constantly changing their tactics, and are innovative.
  • Most of the material, although banned, comes from Pakistan, or are easily available.
  • Materials include common fertilizers.
  • No vehicle or device is foolproof against IEDs.
  • Creating electronic countermeasures need a long time to test, before producing and deploying.
  • Plenty of anecdotes, including one, where a team of three Taliban destroyed a vehicle with many casualties, of which two were killed, and one escaped to Pakistan.

This is for those who are short of time, but do not miss.

The reality of warfare today, is very asymmetric. Whether Afghanistan, Syria, or what our CRPF is facing in the Maoist hit districts, these wars cannot be won with hi-tech fighter jets and tanks. It needs a lot more.