Implication of Free-energy devices on the Economy


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May 19, 2009
If there were no economic concerns involved,I will be the one to first rejoice the advantages of this near perpetual energy radiating technology.

Though there were as many critics coming forward in countering the autheticity of this free energy.But It is worth the debate.

Since I introduced myself as techie and hobbyist in nurturing the products with great value.And I do used to get invitations to attend famous science seminars at various universities in both canada and united states.

when one of those seminars held on future space travel,the talk informal talk diverted towards semi-perpetual motion devices.Meaning that these devices consume far less amounts of energy be it electrical/mechanical/chemical and produces very large amounts of required output.

When one of a retired canadian radar engineer(from airforce) turned into scientist raised the voice of semi-perpetual devices,he received unexpected negativity in the hall.If there were people who are opposing against the plausibility ,there were others talking about the implications of such devices on the economies word wide.

As a techie,I myself was convinced that there is a large possibility of achieving the objectives ,but the economic implications are trivial.

Of the major known devices (near perpetual) they need few milli watts of electric energy to produce large mega watts or giga watts of energy.
If these devices being successful and cracks the commercialization,people will be getting energy at a fraction of cost.Hence the domestic power industry stagnates and the growth reduces gradually.And there will be only initial production costs and life time maintenance costs.Even though the production costs are high,the maintenance costs will be negligible.
Hence shoots at the oil and coal companies at point black range.
Losses: In tems of labour,failure to sell oil and other carbon products.

while the semi-perpetual devices which are of small size are conceived to be used in automobiles and aircrafts, there are considered as hybrids that use both electric and mechanical starters.
And having such will get rid of petroleum industry.Again a lot of work force will become idle.

After all,considering pros and cons of such devices which can only add value to economy in the initial run by creating a large number of manufacturing industries a large numbers of work force will be displaced from the ancillary industries which takes their toll due to these free energy devices.

But the pure advantages were such that,it is a boon in protecting climate and having a nuclear free world.Once these industries are up and running,there will be no need of coal,gas fired,nuclear power industries.
And if one can find ways to find a job substitution for these displaced labour, the economic loss due to the closure of petroleum industries can be balanced.

But the high level advantages are interplanetary travel and almost making those Sci-Fi movies real and possible.

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