IMF WEO Database (April 2017): China and US grow most


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Sep 25, 2009
The IMF has released its latest April 2017 WEO (World Economic Outlook) data set. It is the most up-to-date GDP data available.

We will look at the IMF data for the past eight years (2010-2017) to filter out yearly gyrations and examine the long-term trend.

When you look at the world's 11 largest economies, you will notice that only three countries experienced significant economic growth. China grew the most at nearly 100% and an absolute growth of $5.73 trillion ($11.79 trillion - $6.06 trillion).

The US came in second with $4.45 trillion of absolute growth at nearly 30% growth.

India's absolute growth was a meager $0.75 trillion at 44% growth.

All of the other world's-11-largest-economies showed little or negative growth.

Since China (+$5.73 trillion) and the US (+$4.45 trillion) produced the only truly significant economic growth in the world during the past eight years, it makes sense to only pay attention to China and the US. The other countries are stagnant.

Primary source from the IMF: World Economic Outlook Database April 2017 | IMF

Wikipedia has arranged the latest IMF April 2017 WEO data into a well-arranged chart.

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