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Nov 1, 2016
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Question: Why is the west so psychopathic? Why are they set on not only destroying everyone else but also their own civilization? Why do they not pursue the economic, social and security interests of their citizens? There actions over just the last 5 years:

Agenda 2030
Lying about climate change
Support to islamists against their own citizens and "strategic partners"
Hatred of merit
Regime change and foreign interference
Complete subversion of their media
Complete subversion of their academia
Complete subversion of their medical institutions
Complete subversion of the FBI and local DA's
Using Covid for social control
Censoring media about the Pfizer vaccine's health risks
Rigging their own elections because orange man bad
Ruining their own cities
Eat ze bugs (TM)
You will own nothing and be happy (TM)
Colour revolution in Ukraine, eventually leading to the Ukraine war
Identity politics
Feminism and its resultant breakup of the nuclear family and low birth rates
Mass importation of Africans and Arabs against their own citizens wishes
Pushing CBDC's
Pushing Social credit scores
ESG and whatever else they'll rename it to
Ballooning debt, now at 33 trillion for the US, with no stop in sight
Confusing children about their gender, pushing genital mutilation of children, pushing porn in school
No meaninful capital expenditure in new infrastructure, education or healthcare
Fat promotion
Euthanazia promotion
Decline of the arts
Decline of music
Decline of architecture
Formenting trouble in India, a country which has done nothing to them
Ruining the Middle east beyond what it already was
Ruining Africa
Allowing China a free pass in pushing fentanyl and breaking trade rules
Labelling their own citizens as domestic terrorists simply for questioning MSM talking points
War against men and masculinity

Feel free to add more. But the question is what is ultimately the goal, who are the real players pulling the strings, what were/are their methods for gaining complete institutional control and why don't their own citizens wake up?
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