How to Sink the "Mistral" !!!


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Feb 16, 2009
Helicopter landing ship dock class "Mistral", which Russia intends to purchase from France, can be destroyed in several ways, says Estonian newspaper Eesti Ekspress. The proposed introduction of the guidance states that all methods of destruction of ships of type "Mistral" of the Russian Navy, based on the size of the ship, which is not able to maneuver quickly, and thus an easy target.

Destroy helicopter carrier in the Navy Russia proposed anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, mines and artillery shells 305 millimeters. In particular, according to Eesti Ekspress, a French Exocet antiship missile can permanently immobilize "Mistral". Nevertheless, for the sinking of the ship such missiles will need much more. Alternatively, the Estonian newspaper Exocet missiles offers Swedish Saab Robotsystem 15 (RBS-15).

A second option proposed to develop a "closure" of the Gulf of Finland. To do this, you must install the blockade between the islands Myakiluoto near the peninsula and the island Porkkala Naissaare. Once the ship turns into a trap, it can be fired from artillery. Such a plan was developed by the Governments of Sweden and Finland in 1929 to counter the Soviet Navy. Bombard the ships expected from island forts of the 305-millimeter guns.

As the Eesti Ekspress, hit 305-millimeter shells on the "Mistral" might "have dire consequences on the ship." "Unfortunately, we no longer have such guns" - adds the newspaper.

The third version of the sinking of "Mistral" involves the use of mines and torpedoes, but the application of the latter can be difficult - torpedo boats in the Gulf to find easier than artillery systems, moving by land.

The cost of the operation to destroy the Russian "Mistral" starts from the ten million euros - so much the price of one missile Exocet.

However, the Estonian newspaper wrote, "Mistral" in the waters of the Gulf of Finland can be bypassed - Russia intends to "meet its own great power ambitions in the oceans, but not in frog bog" bay. Nevertheless, one truck Sisu (Finnish company Sisu Auto - note "Lenty.Ru) with missiles RBS could still drive on dusty roads Naissaare and maintain at least the idea of closing the Gulf of Finland.

Russia interested in buying a French helicopter class "Mistral" in the middle of 2009. Later it became known that Russia intends to buy a vehicle and the license to produce three more. In February 2010, the Ministry of Defence of France approved the sale of ships of Russia, and in early March, the parties began formal talks. The deal could reach 1.5 billion euros.

Against the sale of "Mistral" Russia made several NATO member countries. At the same time, Lithuania and Estonia have announced that the ships of Class "Mistral" in the Russian Navy will pose a serious threat to their national security.


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Dec 17, 2009
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The cost of the operation to destroy the Russian "Mistral" starts from the ten million euros - so much the price of one missile Exocet.
Exocet costs €150,000, not €10 million. If Estonia is so affraid of Russian Mistrals, they should stock up on Exocet. lol

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