How Pak cyber firm sold 'salary hikes' for babus to steal govt info

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BENGALURU: A Pakistani cyber security firm with close ties to Islamabad has been found stealing information from Indian government and defence establishments, according to a two-year investigation by a US- based IT security firm. The Pakistani firm targeted Indian establishments using leased US hosting services, the US security firm, FireEye, said, the findings revealing that India remains a vulnerable target for cyber attacks even after documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden exposed widespread spying by US National Security Agency. The firm used 'Sarabjit Singh', 'Devyani Khoragade', 'Salary hikes for government employees' in the subject line of the emails to lure officials into opening attachments containing the malware, which would then infect the computers and collect an assortment of data that it would send to the cyber attacker. While FireEye claimed the cyber attacks by the Pakistani firm were still active, the Indian government denied any knowledge of this. "It is incorrect. We have only seen cases of website hacking. However, they hold only public data," said Dr Gulshan Rai, director-general of the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, or ICERT, and who will shortly take charge as the country's first cyber security chief. A senior Indian intelligence official confirmed Indian establishments were targets of cyber spying, but said the attackers could not be traced. "We have seen many such attacks targeting Indian government and defence establishments, but in cyber space it is very hard to ascertain the actual source."

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How Pak cyber firm sold 'salary hikes' for babus to steal govt info - The Economic Times


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Re: How Pak cyber firm sold 'salary hikes' for babus to steal govt inf

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