Historic Hindu temple facing demolition in Pakistan


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Jul 24, 2013
ISLAMABAD: A historic Hindu temple in Pakistan's garrison city of Rawalpindi is facing demolition to make way for barracks for soldiers, outraging the minority community in the country.

The pre-partition temple along with a Hindu graveyard and 53 single-room houses could be demolished as authorities are planning to construct barracks for soldiers.

Built in 1935, Maharishi Walmeck Sawami Jee Temple popularly known as Balaknash Temple is located at Gracy Lines of Chaklala, which falls in the municipal jurisdiction of military-managed Rawalpindi Cantonment Board.

The Hindu community was informed on August 12 that the temple and a Hindu graveyard will be demolished, following which a petition was filed against the move in a court, which stayed the planned demolition on Thursday.

The decision has caused anger among the Hindus as the temple is centre of religious activities of the small community in Rawalpindi, about 25 km from here.

A Hindu resident, Ashok Chand, told media that the temple and the houses were legally built before partition and there was no reason to demolish them.

"We refused to go to India and decided to stay in Jinnah's Pakistan, now our homes and sacred temple are being bulldozed. Are not we Pakistanis or at least humans?" he said.

The local Hindus living there are being offered alternative accommodation but it is not yet clear whether a new temple will be built for them.

About 60 Hindu families live in Rawalpindi which had a thriving Hindu population before the partition.

Historic Hindu temple facing demolition in Pakistan - The Times of India

Bakistan - a secular islamic nation, where people follow religion of peace and secularism;

Bakis still whine about demolition of babri mosque and plight of muslims in India however, they are involved in systematic and planned extinction of minorities and their culture in bakistan. What a infamous nation and people!


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Feb 17, 2009
Demolish a big Mosque in Delhi in retaliation.
You want to anger and punish India's 200 million muslims for what happens in Pakistan? What is their crime?

Typical hatemongering.

Hari Sud

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Mar 31, 2012
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Bad argument "Neo"

India's one billion Hindus cannot just become spectators to what Muslim Zealots are doing to Hindus in Pakistan. Enough in enough, a retaliation is overdue.

You have an alternative, you can plead with your government and military to relent. Also return the severed head of an Indian soldier from Pakistani BAT team member, prosecute the ring leaders of Mumbai attack and some more. All muslim in India wish that because there were Muslim dead in Mumbai attack and other attacks.

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