Hindus place in American politics - 2022 Midterms elections


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Oct 23, 2019
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Here is a nice convo I had with my friends about who to vote for in 2022. Useful talking points, good to share with fence-sitters.

Hindu-Americans are in a tough spot as there is no real space for us in the american political spectrum. You are right, Hindus traditionally overwhelmingly voted democrat because we believe in their supposed high ideals of progress, inclusion and diversity. And we were not welcome in racist and christian dominated republican party. We all try to fit in, to feel belonging to some group and democratic party was the only space available to us practically speaking, especially when we were new immigrants. But there is a lot of churn happening recently, and for good reason.

Problem with us Hindus is we all know about the evils of right wing/conservatives/republicans but are not aware of the dangers the "progressive"/"liberal"/ left wing side of the democratic establishment possesses to us Hindus and our children. This goes mostly unreported/below the radar in the MSM (by design), you have to spend time to seek out this info. So, there are some Hindu groups who do it on our behalf and I will post some of their findings.

The short version is that both the western world's political left and political right dont want us to exist for their own reasons. They disagree on many things but one area where they have convergence is suppression of hindu financial and political power. And behind the scenes they are both working together hand-in-hand for this goal.The right wing does this by openly promoting missionaries and conversion business both in India and in USA to convert hindus to christianity while the left does this covertly by creating NGOs to portray hinduism in negative light and creating "human rights orgs," providing intellectual cover for the american right wing when their forced conversions, deception and other crimes get caught. We Hindus are generally aware that for most republicans we are "pagans" "heathens" that deserve to burn in hell. But the Democrats share the same, if not more, hatred for us. The dems/progressives just hide it better and go about a smarter way of achieving their goal. Here are some examples below from recent events that just happened that show how they operate:

1) Are you aware that recently Some tech firms in silicon valley, CA started sensitivity training for employees on caste-based discrimination? What was the purpose of this and how did it come about? We Hindu-Americans dont care for our castes and caste-discrimination is dying its natural death in India. I never heard of a Hindu-American discriminating against another Hindu-American due to caste and there are zero legal cases brought in the american courts on this issue. So why introduce this now? Turns out the American Establishment is threatened by the rise of yoga and other positive influences of hinduism on american culture and wants caste to be the main issue that defines hinduism due to its negative connotations. The non-Hindu Americans want the caste system to stay in hinduism while Hindus themselves want it gone! So they can use it as a stick to beat hindus with.

So how did they go about doing it? They gathered a bunch of ex-hindu christian and muslim converts to file a fake legal case against a hindu employee at a firm and take the matter to court. Since there was no legal precedent and this was the 1st time such a case was filed, california courts decided to consult hindu organizations to judge the merits of such a case and formulate case law. This is standard practice in all jurisdictions around the world. In the American justice system, a precedent is very important because once a court decides a matter in manner X, that decision is referenced and followed by all subsequent legal cases in the future. So no courts can go against the original decision that set the precedent in the past. So, the whole point of this exercise by hindu-phobe forces was to set a legal precedent in their favor so Hindu-Americans will be shackled by this decision for decades in the future. Continuing the story... So this group of Hinduphobes set up a Hindu-sounding org that had no practicing hindu in it and presented it as the authority on hinduism in america. And obviously they presented hinduism in the most vile form possible to the court panel. Hindu Rights groups such as Hindu American foundation (HAF) got a wind of it and got genuine hindu groups to participate in the case so that hindus can have input on laws that will be legally defining them for decades. But no, Hindus can not be given such a luxury! While jews, muslims , christians all get to define their religion on their terms, hindus do not get the same treatment in america! The california courts refused participation of real hindu groups in the legal proceedings and only the one hinduphobe group was listened to and they enshrined in law that caste-discrimation is the main feature of Hinduism. The democratic establishment and their "liberal" organizations provided support to the hinduphobe group and got "highly prestigious" colleges to certify that the 1 hinduphobe group is the sole authority on hinduism! lol. So now hinduism is legally defined in USA by a fake hindu org that has no practicing hindu and was formed only a few days before the pivotal legal case and only formed for the purpose of defaming hinduism and winning that legal case. If the same standards were applied to christianity or islam, those religions would have been banned by courts by now. But it's one set of rules for them and another set for us hindus. All this in the so-called progressive and liberal California! This is your tax dollars at work when you donate to the democratic party.

So, going back to why they did this and its future ramification. The strategy is to enroll big tech firms in CA first into caste-based training and make it an integral part of HR. Because these firms are prestigious, other CA firms will follow. And down-wind other states will follow in the next few years. We will be feeling the negative effects of this 5-10 years in the future. They strategically chose CA because it has a reputation for being "open and inclusive." so they can get away with this. If they did it in a red, conservative state, the bias would be obvious. This is how the left works hand-in-glove with the right behind the scenes to provide intellectual cover for their anti-hindu activities. And the "liberal" MSM suppresses such stories of importance to hindus so most hindus are unaware that they are under attack by the same establishment they trust. Because an unprepared and sleeping enemy is the easiest to defeat.

Check out this channel the Sam Sharma Show's coverage for more on this issue. It is also a good channel to subscribe to for Pro-hindu news.

2) Another example of western academia propagating hinduphobia: Rashmi Samant was the first Indian woman elected to UK's "prestigious" Oxford University's student union but was forced out for saying "Jai Shri Ram"
Follow her story here:

We Hindus need to stop obsessing about these so-called prestigious universities of US and UK. They are fertile ground for anti-hindu propaganda. Upto a quarter of their revenue comes from Hindu citizens and foreign Hindu students (they pay much higher tuition fees) Hindus pay about a quarter of these college's funding and in return they stab us in the back. They know HIndus hold education in a very high regard, we associate it with divinity and worship Ma Saraswati so they know we will not question them in anything they do. They use these very feelings against us, they misuse our trust placed in them because they know they can get away with it. Hindus are always sticking their heads in the sand and pretending everything is fine rather than fighting back. Only solution is for Hindus to be more aware and not waste our hard-earned dollars on these institutions.

3) One more issue that directly affects us is the Supreme court's hearing on the quota based vs merit based admission in American colleges. This is important for Hindus with kids in the american education system or those who will have kids soon in the american educational system. The democrats support quota/reservation-based admissions while republicans support merit-based admissions based on test scores and extra-curricular activities. Studies have found that asians (including indians) qualified for 35% of seats of the Ivy league colleges based on merit. their hard work and high test scores. But only got 10% of seats and the rest were rejected. The seats were given to "preferred minorities" such as blacks and latinos and white women to please the democrats voting base. This is active discrimation against Indians. If there was no interference, the makeup of the student body would have been 35% asian, 10% blacks & latinos, 40% white men and 15% white women. Instead with the quota system in place, the make-up ended being 10% asian, 25% blacks & latinos, 40% white women and 25% white men. The biggest losers from this were Asians, followed by white men. So this is one issue where we have convergence with republicans. What happens to millions of Indian-americans that get denied entry to the top colleges despite their life-long hard work? Many of them do suicides, go into depressions, have their lives messed up when their dreams get shattered. Especially as we know how much importance Indian parents put on education, it affects us disproportionally high. But nobody talks about their stories. I am all for making up for past grievances and upliftment of minorities but there are better ways of doing that than putting in a quota/reservation system . I support equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

4) Another issue that I find disgusting and affects Hindus with kids is promoting of sex-change surgery in schools among yet unmature and growing kinds minds. The pharma industry that makes billions by prescribing life-long hormone suppressing drugs and health care centers that perform these trans-gender sex change operations are donating big time to the democratic party. For their selfish interests, they want to mess up an entire generation of american kids in the name of promoting inclusion and freedom of choice. We all know kids in elementary schools dont have agency and are not smart/mature enough to decide for themselves on any important life-long issues. Especially those that are irreversible. Thats why people under 18/21 can not vote, can not enter into a contract, buy a cigaratte, buy alcohol or get married. Yet the democrat/liberal establishment is pushing them to decide/change their gender at tender age of 5-12 even against/without their parents consent. Currently they are bombarded by propaganda pedestalizing gender switching followed by parent shaming if they refuse. This will only get worse and its such a tragedy that democrats are stooping this low just to make a few billion bucks for themselves and their clients. Practical implication of this is many girls/boys that switch at an early age regret it when they are older and there is no way for them to reverse the damages done to their bodies. This cause high suicide, depression rates among trans-gender kids and a whole lot of 2nd and 3rd order effects that are problematic for the society. But the democrat-controlled MSM will not talk about that.

These are some of the issues where democrats interests are opposite to our interests. I always preach to not be emotional, never get married to an ideology, never give blind life-long support to any political party. Rather vote based on issues and vote tactically to gain maximum benefit from your vote. Leverage your vote and political donation to get the change you desire from the system regardless of the party you are voting for. If you keep voting for 1 party forever regardless of what it does, whats that party's incentive to listen to you? None. Because you are committed to voting for them anyways. This is the situation hindus find themselves in with the democractic party. Over 80% of hindus historically vote for democratic party and thats why it takes them for granted. It will take Hindus money and their votes and in return promote hinduphobia and get away with it. It does not have to listen to the concerns of hindus because hindus themselves have cut their own choices down to 1. That is a pathetic state to be in.

So does that mean we should embrace the republican platform whole-heartedly? No. I said earlier that both the american left and right wing cant stand the rise of hindus. The left wants to turn us into communist atheists, the right wants to convert us into christians/zombie-worshippers. Both want to turn us into mental slaves and be their brown sepoys/house negro. The west will use both these as tools to squeeze hindus from both ends. So what can we do? We can do tactical voting and use a carrot-and-stick strategy. We should as a block switch our alliances to whoever can serve us better and make our vote matter. This means voting republican at the national level for next 1-2 election cycles and reassess our strategy in the future. If the democrats come to their senses by then, we can re-align with them. If not, its their loss. The republicans seem to covet our vote at this time so we will be able to get more from them in return from our support. We should be careful not to give a blank check, but put forth solid demands that they must fulfil in order to continue to earn our vote. Hindu orgs such as HAF- HinduAmerican.org and HinduAmericanPAC.com and hinduvote.org have made such demands to both parties and republicans seem like more committed to them. Also check out these websites for useful info on local candidates stands and more info on hindu-american politics.

One good example that our strategy of carrot-and-stick seems to be working is Ro Khanna, a democratic lawmaker. Hes a coconut (brown on the outside but white on the inside) who spent his entire career spewing anti-hindu rhetoric and toeing the establishment line. But recently he has started following a pro-hindu agenda after hindus in his constituency withdrew support en-masse and threatened to switch to the other party. He introduced a bill in congress to declare and commerate the 1971 Hindu genocide where millions of bangladeshi and indian hindus were genocided by the pakistani army suppoprted by USA. It is a baby step, but a step in the right direction. If we hindus stay united and apply enough pressure, it works. Our ultimate goal should be to be like jews, they have deep networks in both parties and have their roots spread out on both sides of the spectrum and they dominate finance, bureaucracy and media. This way they control the public discourse and make sure their interests are protected no matter who is in power.

There is a general trend of switching to republicans happening currently and I support it. I was a democrat for a long time previously and would still choose democrats/liberals as my neighbors because I feel safer living among them rather than republicans due to guns. But this support does not automatically extend out to democratic leaders and the establishment elite. My personal political belief is that I am against the 2-party dictatorship that we have in the US and we need more parties in the future. I generally now support independents/3rd party candidates. My ideal candidate is Tulsi Gabbard. Wears Hinduism on her sleeve proudly and is hated by the establishment and both democrats and republicans. In my opinion, if you are hated by both parties in the USA, you must be doing something right!

I am not familiar with georgia issues so can not comment on those races. I recommend following this hierarchy when making voting decisions:

1) If its a local issue or a national issue that affects you directly, vote for what's in your personal self-interest.
2) If such conditions are not present, vote tactically en-block with other hindus to promote pro-hindu causes regardless of party affiliation.

More important than voting is educating our kids about the dangers and biases they will be exposed to as Hindus in the USA. Also important to be in touch with other hindu groups and see who they support and donate to hindu political organizations. We Hindus are the most disenfranchised minority in the world and in the USA. Christians, Musliams, Jews have hundreds of political organizations for support with billions in funding. Even Sikhs have dozens of organizations. Hindus have only 2 organizations with poor funding so we have a long way to go.

There are a lot of historical, ideological, philosophical, spiritual, economical and geopolitical reasons as to why the rise of hindus is an existential threat to the west and particularly the western Left. I will go into detail on these topics in a separate essay after a few days. I will go into how you can talk to kids about these issues and share some useful links. You can share this essay and my future essays with your family and friends if you wish.

Jai Shri Krishna

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