Heavy Machine Guns (HMG) in Indian Army


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Feb 10, 2014
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Yup but it would be better if INSAS had full auto mode. Americans switched to 5.56mm because 7.62mm was too big for full auto. Russians to 5.45mm because of this. But Indian army did not. Purpose of having lighter round is to have better accuracy during full auto mode.
I strongly believe that Indian Army primarily needs to take some time and create a blue print about it's long term doctrine and required preparedness. We need to follow both defensive and offensive approach. Even though IA has defensive approach, IA need full auto ARs, LMGs, MMGs and HMGs to counter enemy waves mostly we heard during 1962 war. Also, if we talk about accuracy theory of IA. It does not reflect in the type of unguided weapons we uses. Hardly we are using or producing any world class precision guided convention Arms and ammunition. Batallion level firepower must be on the par of Russian, PLA or American forces.
A major reform, clear doctrine and strict accountability must be rolled out. Only this will avoid our sluggish response that we are observing these days at LAC.

Raj Malhotra

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Aug 13, 2009
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As per CAG report, Military wanted HMGs for mounting on jeeps, helicopters & in Air Defence Roles but OFB could not produce them

Even for 60 year old FN GPMG design, OFB could not even fulfill peacetime requirements.

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