Hamid Mir's terrifying indiscretions(His two facets-modern or bigot)????


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Oct 2, 2009
I don't know How true is this news but it seems some one is trying to implicate geo TV anchor and host of Capital talk program hamid mir into Sq.Ldr. Khawaja's kidnapping and murder.If this news is true then 2 shows two facets of Hamid mir

1.As progressive,secular,mordern journalist as indians are made to bielieve on their news channels like NDTV and CNN IBN and Times now...coz they regularly invite him to such their debates.

2. If this news is true the n it shows hamid mir as bigot taliban who have contempt for qaaidins and non-muslims.Then Hamid mir's case is nothing different than Faisal shahzad's(the time square bomber ) case.

Hamid Mir's terrifying indiscretions

LAHORE: A shocking audiotape of a conversation between Hamid Mir – one of the country's top TV anchors – and a man purportedly linked to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, has revealed that negative information that Mir passed on to the Taliban could have led to the execution of Khalid Khawaja, the retired Air Force official allegedly killed by a group calling themselves the 'Asian Tigers'.

The tape Рwhich has Mir divulging dirt on Khawaja, ostensibly to someone who is going to cross examine him Рwas first posted by the Let Us Build Pakistan blog, and picked up by other online publications, including Caf̩ Pyala. It is still unclear who made the tape, with online speculation suggesting that it could be the militants themselves, or even intelligence agencies who released the recording.

Whatever the source may be, it is clear that one of the voices on the tape is Mir's, a fact corroborated by his allusions to events such as his sacking from the daily Ausaf. In the tape, the person on the other end asks Mir for information on Khalid Khawaja. The content of the conversation suggests that this call was made before Khawaja's execution earlier this month. Mir goes on to detail what he knows about Khawaja's background, linking him to the CIA, an international network of Qadianis and an American named Mansur Ejaz, who, Mir claims, even offered to solve the Kashmir issue.

At one point, the voice on the other end claims to have abducted Khawaja. Here, Mir volunteers further information linking Khawaja to the Lal Masjid operation, saying that Khawaja and his wife were the ones responsible for the death of Ghazi Rasheed and the humiliating capture of Maulana Abdul Aziz and his family. Mir then urges the man to cross-examine Khawaja about his relationship with Mansur Ejaz, Qadianis and a CIA agent named William Casey.

Mir also mentions Javed Paracha – the Kohat-based PML-N lawmaker who offered to mediate Khawaja's release. Towards the end of the tape, the voice on the other end says that he will relay the information (that Mir has given) to Hakeemullah Mehsud. staff report

Points of interest in the conversation

* Hamid Mir's disparaging attitude towards Qadianis (in his own words, he considers them worse than kaafirs)

* His nonchalance when suicide bombings or the looting of NATO trucks are mentioned

* Mir's repeated references to occasions where Khawaja has personally 'betrayed' him (He holds Khawaja personally responsible for his departure from the daily Ausaf)

* The high degree of reverence with which Mir refers to Ghazi Rasheed, Javed Paracha and other terrorists, including Abdul Rehman Kennedy


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Transcript of Hamid Mir's conversation

Hamid Mir: Many bombings are being carried out.

Unidentified man: Let's see. There will be more of them. There are some in the pipeline. What do they (government) say about the operation in Orakzai? Will they stop it or not?

HM: No, they say it would not be stopped, rather they say they will also start an operation in North Waziristan and 40,000 troops will leave in a couple of days.

UM: In North Waziristan?

HM: Yes.

UM: Do you have any report on Khalid Khawaja etc.

HM: They say Khalid Khawaja Saab is in custody of one Azam Afridi in Darrakhel.

UM: Yes, yes Tariq Afridi (correcting HM).

HM: They are in Tariq Afridi's custody.


HM: Yes.

UM: So, are they men of the government or ISI?

HM: Who?

UM: These, Khalid Khawaja and Colonel Imam.

HM: Khalid Khawaja, according to my opinion, is not an ISI man, rather he is a CIA agent, an American CIA agent and he has links with the Taliban leadership.

UM: Yes, he met with Hakimullah and others when he came here last time.

HM: I personally know that Khalid Khawaja has links not only with CIA but he is also a front man of Mansoor Ijaz who belongs to a very big international network of Qadiyanis. Once he came to me along with Mansoor, who had a briefcase with him, and Khalid Saab told me that Mansoor is a key representative of the US government, so arrange his meeting with Syed Salahuddin, who is a mujahideen leader, and he along with him would resolve the Kashmir issue.

UM: All right.

HM: But I asked him what charm or magic lamp does he posses for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. He said he had links with the Indian government and (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee Jee, which surprised me. I didn't arrange the meeting, but I asked Mr Salahuddin who said Khalid Khawaja is sending messages that you should directly talk to India and the US on the issue and exclude Pakistan from it.

UM: All right, all right.

HM: After that, Mansoor Ijaz also asked me: Are you with us or not? I said, "I am not with you." Then he conspired against me and got me sacked from the Daily Ausaf when I was its editor. So, I think Khalid Khawaja not only has links with the CIA but he is also an agent of the Qadiyanis, and I am very sad that he used to go to the Tribal Areas and meet leaders there.

UM: But now, I think, the Taliban have caught him and have demanded $10 million for the journalist.

HM: Do you know what part his (Khalid Khawaja's) wife played in Lal Masjid?

UM: No, but it was something negative.

HM: It was that Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi Saab – may Allah bless him with a place in heavens. What he told me in his last days was, do you know that he did not completely agree with Maulana Aziz.

UM: Yes, yes.

HM: Mr Abdul Rashid Ghazi wanted to save the students inside the mosque and for that he showed flexibility and said, "I am ready to surrender on the condition that those who are with me will not be arrested and will be released." But Khalid Khawaja's wife was pressurised so much by Ume Hassaan that Maulana Abdul Aziz, without asking his brother, came out in a burqa, and Khalid Khawaja was involved in it (call disconnected).

UM: Assalam-o-Alaikum!

HM: Yes,

UM: The call got disconnected.

HM: Ok.

UM: So, what were you saying about his wife?

HM: Yes, I was telling you that his wife pressurised him so much that Ghazi Saab said, "She says we have to fight, just fight for martyrdom." After that Mr Khalid Khawaja came out of the mosque and his wife also fled, Khalid Khawaja's wife.

UM: Yes, we heard that she had fled after that.

HM: Yes, she ran away and then Maulana Abdul Aziz also came out in the burqa.

UM: I think, he insisted for that.

HM: Yes, he had done all this. After that Maulana Abdul Aziz was arrested and Mr Abdul Rashid Ghazi telephoned me and said, "Now, I don't have any option. Now, my family and ulema have been defamed as my brother was arrested in a burqa and presented on Pakistan Television. This is a large stain which can only be removed with my blood." So, he lived up to his words and sacrificed. So, Khalid Khawaja and his wife, anyone may know or not, they will have to answer before Allah Almighty.

UM: He, recently, came here and met my companions. He was saying, "You can work in Pakistan as we say, if you want to. I can arrange your 'setting' with an admiral in Mianwali. So, you should not burn US containers in Pakistan, you can rob them and sell them to a person recommended by us." He was saying, "We would provide you everything for carrying out activities in Pakistan."

HM: Do whatever you want to with the containers, burn them or rob them, I have nothing to do with it. But ask him what relationship he has with Mansoor Ijaz and William Casey? William Casey was the chief of CIA.

UM: Right, right.

HM: He (Khawaja) himself has confessed in front me that he had links with William Casey. Ok! Leave William, ask him about the Qadiyanis, because I personally believe that Qadiyanis are worse than infidels, what kind of links does he have with Qadiyanis? What relationship does he have with Mansoor Ijaz? Why does he use his money? Why does he go everywhere with him when he comes to Pakistan? Why does he bring him to the mujahideen?

UM: Yes, he has a son in al Qaeda.

HM: Yes, his son would also be a spy like him.

UM: Yes, I talked to the shaikhs about him. They said they were keeping him on the sidelines.

HM: His biggest betrayal to me was that there was a mujahid, Abdul Rehman Al Canady.

UM: Yes, there was one Canady.

HM: He was martyred in North Waziristan. He came to me with Canady's wife and a daughter, saying Canady's son, Karim, is at Rawalpindi's CMH and is injured and the army had arrested him. He asked me to arrange a meeting between the injured and his mother. I said this is very difficult for me and I can't do this because already they are all against me. But, he said all that you need to do is to arrange a meeting between a mother and her son. So, I arranged it with a lot of difficulties and sent the woman to Rawalpindi CMH, but when she reached there she took a camera out of her burqa and asked her son to record a message that he is innocent, has no links with anyone and has been kept here illegally. She was arrested there because a nurse saw her and seized the camera from her. But I was held responsible for all of it as they told me that I had sent this woman. It was revealed after her arrest that the woman had a Canadian passport and had visited Canada two months ago. After that I faced a lot of difficulties. The Canadian government released the woman and her daughter and then she went back to Canada. In Toronto, she held a press conference and admitted that she worked for the CIA. Now Khalid Khawaja has a long beard and his wife wears a full veil so people like us, who are involved in worldly affairs and have committed sins, believe that if we will help them, we might be forgotten for our sins. When these kinds of people betray us, we lose confidence on the religion itself.

UM: Absolutely, neither we are wrong nor is the army, but people like him have created the difficulties.

HM: However, if he is somewhere, ask him at least that you used the name of Abdul Rehman Canady, you worked with Mansoor Ijaz, you have worked William Casey. And there is one Javaid Ibrahim Piracha, who has a very big seminary in Kohat.

UM: Yes, yes.

HM: You all know the services of Piracha Saab. So, he fraudulently invited Piracha Saab in Islamabad and told him he wanted to arrange his meeting with a prominent personality. He took him to the US deputy foreign minister at Serena Hotel and said, "He is Mr Piracha and he can arrange your talks with the al Qaeda and Taliban." Piracha Saab is a well-educated person. I observed that he was betrayed and came out of the room and escaped from there. Then he called me and said, "You were right about him (Khalid Khawaja)."

UM: Right, right. He went to him last time.

HM: Yes, Piracha Saab told me about that. He said, "He came to me and Col Imam was also here and told Col Imam that don't go anywhere with this guy." He (Piracha) said, "What can I do if he comes here and I can't force him out of my house, but you don't go anywhere with him." Mr Piracha said Col Imam didn't want to go with Khalid Khawaja, but he forced him to go with him.

UM: Right, maybe to use as human shield. But Shah Abdul Aziz, that MNA of Kirk, is supporting him a lot. He was meeting everyone here and asking for his release.

HM: He would have fooled Shah Abdul Aziz.

UM: Yes, he was asking people to release him and said you may keep the journalist, whose ransom will be paid to you by him.

HM: Ok! His release depends on them who have kept him, but convey them these three questions that what is your link with Mansoor Ijaz, whose father fled with the atomic secrets of Pakistan. Mansoor Ijaz's father was an atomic scientist and he fled to the US with the atomic secrets of Pakistan. Once he (Ijaz) offered Benazir Bhutto a quid pro quo deal in 1995 that all the debts of the country will be forgiven, if she recognised Israel. That means he was also an agent of Israel.

UM: Yes, he used to ask my companions to work in Pakistan "as we say". Actually, the killings of brigadiers in Rawalpindi might have been arranged by him, I think.

HM: It might be possible, but I have been watching this guy for the last 13 or 14 years and he is a suspected man.

UM: OK. Inshallah, I will meet Hakimullah in two or three days and talk to him about all this.

HM: All right

UM: Thank you so much.

HM: Assalam-o-Alaikum!

UM: Assalam-o-Alaikum!


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Oct 2, 2009
Hamid Mir and Hakimullah Mehsud No2 Secret Telephone Conversation Part 1/2

Hamid Mir and Hakimullah Mehsud No2 Secret Telephone Conversation Part 2/2

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Oct 2, 2009
Some nice info being Dug up by A_gupta at BR......

HM: His biggest betrayal to me was that there was a mujahid, Abdul Rehman Al Canady.
UM: Yes, there was one Canady.
HM: He was martyred in North Waziristan.
That was six years ago!!!!

The Taliban's internecine war in Waziristan

By BILL ROGGIOApril 6, 2007 1:16 AM

"¢ The Uzbeks began killing Arab al Qaeda: When the Uzbeks began to target al Qaeda operatives in the region, the "The Taliban and their supporters in Waziristan had begun to realise that Uzbeks were turning into a liability because of their alleged involvement in target-killings," notes AKI. "The most prominent name to come up was that of Saiful Asad."

Another Arab killed by the Uzbeks was Sheikh Asadullah, "a widely respected Saudi" who was described as "the moneybags in the entire tribal belt." Asadullah replaced "Ahmad Saeed Abdur Rehman Khadr Al Kanadi, an Egyptian-born Canadian known for being a conduit for finances to al Qaeda affiliates," who was killed in 2004. Asadullah's "tribal companion," or liaison, was one of Nazir's lieutenants, and he claimed Asadullah was murdered by Uzbeks.

To put Al Kanadi into perspective, he had worked with al Qaeda since 1988 and was said to have been Osama Bin Laden's closer associates. "Mr. Khadr is a key figure in the Canadian al Qaeda network. He uses the alias al-Kanadi, or the Canadian, and is designated by the United Nations as a high-ranking al Qaeda member. He has not been seen since the Sept. 11 attacks but two of his Canadian sons, Omar and Abdul, were captured in Afghanistan, where they were fighting with al Qaeda." Al Kanadi was operating with Nazir prior to being killed in 2004.

Senior al Qaeda military commander killed in Predator strike

By BILL ROGGIOFebruary 20, 2010 12:13 PM

Mansoor's family has a pedigree in jihad. His father was Ahmed Said Al Khadr, an al Qaeda operative who was killed in October 2003, Geo Newsreported. Khadr, who is also known as Abdul Rehman Khadr al Kanadi, was born in Cairo, Egypt, but was a Canadian national.

Khadr was a close confidant of Osama bin Laden, who invited Kanadi to join the Shura Majlis, the top leadership council, after the US invasion of Afghanistan. Khadr was tasked with helping al Qaeda families escape into Pakistan. He was also close to South Waziristan Taliban leader Mullah Nazir, who shelters al Qaeda leaders in the Wazir tribal areas.

Khadr was wanted by the US for his suspected ties to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on the US. He was also on the United Nations' 1267 Committee list of designated terrorists. Pakistani security forces killed Kanadi and several other al Qaeda fighters during a raid in October 2003.

was al Kanadi. His son (Abdul)Kareem is mentioned there, he was captured by Pakistani forces; Khadr is said to have died in that fight. There is a footnote in the Wiki article


65. (Arabic) Son of Ahmed Said Khadr 'al-Kanadi': My father twice tried to convince me to become suicide bomber, June 17, 2004

So Hamid Mir holds Khalid Khawaja to be responsible for this death 6 years ago!

More on Khalid Khawaja and one of al Kanadi's sons:

Taken for a ride in the 'war on terror'

al Kanadi's wife in Canada:

Khadr's mother slams Ottawa for 'doing nothing'

The son Karim that Hamid Mir mentions:

Another brother, Karim, was paralyzed during the incident in which his father was killed, and returned to Canada after a high-profile campaign by his family in April 2004.


When Maha and Abdulkareem used the family's savings to return to Canada on April 9, 2004,[11] Stockwell Day, Bob Runciman and John Cannis were among a public outcry calling for the Khadrs' citizenship to be revoked, and for the pair to be deported.[12] Others suggested it was unfair to revoke citizenship from people who held views contrary to the government or majority.[12]

Some Canadians complained that the Khadrs had "taken advantage of" Canada, living off its social services, while decrying it as a morally-corrupted country.[13] Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty dissented, stating that the province would recognise the family's right to Ontario Health Insurance Plan medical coverage and to be treated like any other Canadian family.[14]

In 2005, following Zaynab's return to the country, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer Konrad Shourie stated that "The entire family is affiliated with al Qaeda and has participated in some form or another with these criminal extremist elements".[15]

A noted friend of the family, former Pakistani Air Force officer and ISI agent Khalid Khawaja spoke in their defence saying they were being unfairly targeted by Canadian authorities because of a deference to the United States, and Islamophobia.[16]

More on al Kanadi's wife and Karim's return to Canada

Khadr mother, brother arrive in Canada

Hamid Mir is wrong about her press conference.


An extreme case


Another son is accused of being a CIA stooge (I think because he was released from Guantanamo).

And this about Khalid Khwaja from Asia times

KK: ......This is exactly the interpretation when we talk about Pakistan and India in the perspective of Kashmir. In fact, Pakistan was never sincere with Kashmiris. It was a selfish military strategic maneuver to bleed India. Whatever was done, it was for "Pakistanism". Meaning to impose Pakistan's strategic agenda in the region. We just used religion and jihad. It was just a ploy to engage Indian forces in Kashmir and keep their financial resources squeezed.

ATol: Did not Pakistan morally support the Kashmiri struggle so that the Muslim population would get its rights?

KK: What are you talking about? Indian Muslims enjoy more rights than Muslims enjoy in Pakistan. There are hundreds of Pakistani people, including army-men, clerics, scholars and common people, who have been missing from their homes for over two years. It is a known fact that they were picked up by intelligence agencies. They were never tried in any court of law. Several of them were killed without any trail. Even the British system of justice during British India days was better, when nobody was kept in detention without trial. We ask, okay, don't give us the rights that free nations have, but at least give us those rights people had during the time of the British Raj.

A few years ago, a Muslim was picked by an Indian intelligence agency. Prominent Muslim leader and scholar Maulana Asad Madani met the governor of the province and protested. The governor said that this kind of interrogation was common in Pakistan, "So why do you protest in India?" Asad Madani reminded the governor in very strong words that this was not Pakistan, but India, and one had to produce a person in court, so eventually the Muslim was produced.
BTW: in the very recent past, Hamid Mir and Sheikh Rashid were at very odds and they had arguments on TV (in Mir's Capital Talk show).One of the connection is that Khalid Khwaja back-stabbed Nawaz Sharif as well as Sheikh Rashid. First one claiming that Nawaz Sharif meeting with Osama and Sheikh Rashid regarding running training camps in J&K.

recent Najam Sethi's opinion about the "immaturity" of some leading GEO anchors implying to Hamid Mir among others. He particularly quoted an incident relating to Benazir Bhutto's assasination and Baitullah's claim.

Later the story was debunked by another GEO anchor Talat Hussain. Sethi was of the opinion that the assasiniation was "clearly" the handiwork of the establishment. This lends credence to Hamid whether willingly or unknowingly played into establishment hands at the critical juncture.

Otherwise, one way of explaining all as Hamid Mir have contacts deep inside jihadi orgs and speaks with those contacts in a language they understand, he was trying hard.

The target of this expose is Mansoor Ejaz as much as Hamid Mir and a major possible distraction is from Nawaz angle, who clearly was focus of KK for last several months including an open challenge on TV

Hamid Mir's "exposure" does not make any sense - too many contradictions. Not sure if he is being coerced into this expose - won't be surprised. Coming few days are important to shed some light on this. However, if true, getting him so close to Indian VVIPs is a major security lapse such as at Sharm-el-Sheikh and other important venues in delhi where you can generally find him hob-nobbing with indian political-elites in Delhi
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Oct 2, 2009
How a former Pakistani commando became a terrorist

Hamid Mir reveals how former Pakistani army commando Illyas Kashmiri, once the darling of the Pakistani military establishment, became a dreaded terrorist.
He was once General Pervez Musharraf's [ Images ] blue eyed boy, receiving a cash award of Rs 100,000 in 2000 from Pakistan's then president for killing an Indian Army [ Images ] officer. Eighteen months later, after 9/11, Musharraf declared him a terrorist.

Ilyas Kashmiri was reportedly killed in a US drone attack in North Waziristan last week. US officials claimed that Kashmiri was a senior Al Qaeda [ Images ] commander and his death was a huge loss for the militants fighting foreign forces in Afghanistan.

Very few people know that Kashmir [ Images ]i was a former Pakistan army [ Images ] commando. He hailed from the Kotli area in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and was deputed by the Pakistan army to train the Afghan mujahideen fighting the Soviet Army in the mid 1980s, after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.

He was an expert in planting mines supplied to the mujahideen by the United States, which then sponsored the rebellion against the Soviet army.

Kashmiri lost an eye during the jihad against the Soviet army. He later joined the Harkat-ul Jihad-i-Islami led by Nabi Muhammadi.

Kashmiri was then based in the Miramsha area in North Waziristan where he worked as an instructor in a training camp. After the Soviet army withdrew from Afghanistan in 1988, he was asked by the Pakistani establishment to work with Kashmiri militants. He joined HUJI's Kashmir chapter in 1991, but soon developed differences with Harkat's head, Qari Saifullah Akhtar.

He then created his own unit -- the 313 Brigade -- in HuJI. The Indian Army arrested him in Poonch along with Nasrullah Mansoor Langrial. He was imprisoned in different jails for two years before he escaped. Langrial remains in prison.

Kashmiri's reputation grew after his escape. In 1998 he was assigned to attack Indian Army positions along the Line of Control [ Images ].

On February 25, 2000, Indian Army troops allegedly crossed the Line of Control and killed 14 people in Nakial in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

On the morning of February 26, Kashmiri conducted a guerrilla operation against the Indian Army in the Nakial sector. He crossed the LoC with 25 fighters from his 313 brigade, surrounded an Indian Army bunker and threw grenades inside. He also kidnapped an injured Indian Army officer who he later killed brutally.

He returned to Pakistan with the Indian Army officer's head in his bag and presented it to senior Pakistan army officers. President Musharraf, who was also then the army chief, awarded his Rs 100,000 for this action.

Photographs of Kashmiri with the Indian Army officer's head were published in some Pakistani newspapers and he became very important among Kashmiri militants. Zahoor Ahmad Alvi of the Jamia Muhammadia Islamabad [ Images ] issued a fatwa supporting such murders of Indian Army officers. Lieutenant General Mehmood Ahmad, then the corps commander in Rawalpindi, visited Kashmiri's terrorist training camp in Kotli and appreciated his frequent guerrilla actions against the Indian Army.
(don't know how true is this story but indian army/govt never confirmed such incident.but in 1998 hamid mir was struggling jounalist used to write in urdu press eulogizing the kashmiri jihad and the source of this story was hamid mir himself.which ever link you search for this story on google it always points to hamid mir hearsay.and we always know that jihadis work based on the lies/half-truths and hearsay.....latest bein the lie of artificial jannat PA discovered in south waziristan Jannat' in South Waziristan discovered:) and above it journalist like hamid mir,ahmed qureshi and shrieen mazari helps in spreading these lies )

His honeymoon with Pakistan's generals ended after the Jaish-e-Mohammad was created. Mehmood wanted Kashmiri to join the Jaish and accept Masood Azhar -- who was released along with two other terrorists in exchange for the crew and passengers on the hijacked Indian Airlines Airbus, IC-814, on December 31, 1999 -- as his leader. But the one-eyed Kashmiri refused to do so.

The Jaish attacked his training camp in Kotli, but Kashmiri survived that assault. After 9/11, Musharraf banned Kashmiri's outfit.

He was arrested after an attempt on Musharraf's life in December 2003 and tortured during the interrogation.

The United Jihad Council led by Hizbul Mujahideen [ Images ] leader Syed Salahuddin strongly protested Kashmiri's arrest. In February 2004, Kashmiri was released, but was a shattered man. He disassociated himself from Kashmiri militants and remained silent for at least three years.

The Pakistan military's operation against the Lal Masjid in July 2007 totally changed Ilyas Kashmiri. He moved to North Waziristan where he had spent many years as an instructor in jihad against the Soviet army. This area was full of his friends and sympathisers. He reorganised his 313 brigade and joined hands with the Taliban [ Images ], but was never close to the Al Qaeda leadership.

Many former Pakistan army officers joined him. His 313 Brigade in North Waziristan numbered more than 3,000 fighters; most of them hailed from Punjab [ Images ], Sindh and Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

It is alleged that he organised many terrorist attacks in different parts of Pakistan including the assassination of Major General Faisal Alvi (retired) in Rawalpindi. Alvi, a Pakistan army commando, had led the first army operation in North Waziristan in 2004. Kashmiri is said to have killed Alvi after it was demanded by the Taliban in North Wazirstan.

Sources close to his family have not confirmed Kashmiri's death. There is no doubt that Ilyas Kashmiri was a creation of the Pakistani establishment like Zaki-ur Rehman Lakhwi of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba [ Images ] is.

The Pakistani establishment has abandoned and arrested most of these militant leaders without realising that they have followers all over Pakistan who can create problems for the country at any time.
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Oct 2, 2009
Hamid Mir's e-mail

Text of Hamid Mir's e-mail on PressPakistan google group:

Dear All,

Thank you very much for your support. Today publisher of Daily Times and Governor Punjab Salman Taseer created a new record in the history of yellow journalism by publishing a one sided tape drama scandle against me.I would like to remind my journalist colleagues that Salman Taseer published many dirty articles against me in the past when i was banned by Musharraf regime on tv.Today he published the transcript of a concocted tape with some comments on the front page of his newspaper.Yes he tried to kill many birds with one bullet.

This is a conspiracy against me.Khalid Khawaja was assassinated in the month of April and this tape surfaced in the middle of May just few days before some important political and leagal events.I am consulting with my lawyers and i will go into court against Salman Taseer for publishing a one sided concocted story against me.My hands are clear and i have no fear except Allah who have provided me a new opportunity to unmask some more realities in the court of law.

This fabricated tape is part of a bigger drama against journalist community.Some elements want to silence the voice of media on certain national issues by blackmailing journalists like me.These people are very unhappy on those journalists who are raising voice for missing people,who are opposing government stand NRO and who criticized the fake degree holder members of the parliament.Many journalists are disliked by the government and some parts of the establishment.These journalists may become a target one by one.Some government ministers warned me on May 13th that some elements are trying to use the family of Khalid Khawaja against me and journalists like Ansar Abbasi,Kamran Khan and Shahid Masood will also face some new cases.I am sure we will face these kind of fabricated cases with unity.Thanks again for showing solidarity with me.

Hamid Mir


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Oct 2, 2009
Hamid Mir explains his position on taped conversation with a TTP terrorist

This post is in continuation of our original post: Secret audio tape of Hamid Mir's conversation with a Punjabi Talib associate of Hakimullah Mehsud

Here is a text of Hamid Mir's e-mail retrieved from PressPakistan google group (circulated today 16 May 2010). Title of the message is: A new web war against Hamid Mir-warning for journalist community (e.g., Source)

Apparently Mr Mir has sent this email to a number of his personal friends and colleagues in order to clarify his position. But is it enough an explanation?

In the main, Mr Mir fails to:

1. provide his version of the story;
2. explain his views on Khalid Khwaja (why did he try to convince the other party that Khalid Khwaja was an Israeli, American and Qadiani agent?);
3. explain his views on Qadianis;
4. explain his links with the Punjabi Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives including Ghazi Abdul Rashid, Javed Ibrahim Paracha, Shah Abdul Aziz etc;
5. explain any linkage of the audio tape to the imminent political and legal events (what events exactly is he referring to, and what is the evidence);
6. confide the identity of the other person he was speaking to;
7. disown his voice and conversation in the audio tape.

At the best Hamid Mir has attempted to confuse his readers by unsuccessfully diverting attention to a plethora of unrelated issues and persons, e.g. Salman Taseer, Jamshed Dasti (fake degree scandal), Asif Zardari (NRO scandal), establishment, missing persons, conspiracy against journalists, judiciary etc.

In other words, Hamid Mir is slinging mud on those who published this tape leading one to believe that he is hiding something.

Can Hamid Mir explain his position in clear words?

Why would Salman Taseer forge this tape, and how?

How did this tape end up at the ISI fan page on facebook?

Why are pro-Zaid Hamid, pro-ISI and pro-Taliban groups thirsty for his blood ever since this tape has been released?

Why are Khalid Khwaja's family members (son and wife) extremely displeased with Hamid Mir's role in Khwaja's death?

Update: Second explanation by Hamid Mir

hamid mir
View profile
More options May 16, 7:48 pm
I have already said that this tape was fabricated.Now Taliban have also denied the tap.What is the use of our agencies.These Taliban call people,they send emails and our secret agencies cannot do anything except to launch dirty propoganda against innocent people.Here is the statement with the email address of Taliban.

From: muhammad umer [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sun 5/16/2010 10:48 PM
Cc: talibanmediacenter
Subject: press release 16-05-2010 (on Behalf of ASIAN TIGERS)
This is a press release from Taliban Media Center commenting on the
fake audio tape
issued by some secret agency of pakistan. We are actively condumn the
of this tape since there was no conversatin like that in between us
and Mr. Hamid
Mir. Althoug we have talked with many different persons of media. It
is very often
and there is no doubt that they are not involved with us. This is seems to be a
conspiracy to destroy the reputation of Mujahideen and the brave people of this
country who want to bring truth in front while revealing the dark faces of this
Suppose, this audion tape can be accepted as a true one than it is
also demanded
that the video tapes of Shery Rehman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Salman Taseer
should also be treated as the same degree. Since sexy pictures of
Salman Taseer's
daughter and sons are on media so can any one tell the nation how a loose
characterd person can be a governor of a province. What action should
agencies took? Why they are delaying?
Unfortunately the secret agenceis of Pakistan are directly opposing the nations
benefits and try to sabotash the well repudiated personalities and
institutions for
the greater interst of their own. We also like to remind the fake
movie, released
to media for defacing the actual good will of Mujahideen in swat. That
was prooved
to be faked later but on its basis army did the brutal assault/operation of the
whole area. Now people of this country must understand that Mujahideen are not
their enemies. But the government, politicians and military
beaurucrates are the
real enemies of this nation.
Also it is demanded by us that all the relevant records of phone calls
in between
us and the major media representatives should also be released for public
pursuation. ASIAN TIGERS had prooves for their satisfaction that's why they
kidnapped Khalid Khwaja. We contacted the ASIAN TIGERS on this matter and they
denied any kind of connections with either Mr.Hamid Mir or any other
person related
to media. They also condumns the fake audio tape. Also they demanded the actual
agenceies who bring this tape. If these agenceies have any kind of
proof then they
need to bring it in front. Who forced ASIAN TIGERS to kidnap Khalid Khwaja and
Colonel Imam with Asad Qureshi. What was the role or Gen. Hameed Gul
and Gen. Aslam
Beg. Where you fit Ibrahim Parachi and Shah Abdul Aziz. Either Gen.
Hameed Gul and
Gen. Aslam Beg are the actual Punjabi Taliban or this tape is the fake
one. Ibrahim
Parachi is also the CIA agent and Shah Abdul Aziz is a doule agent of
Xe and ISI.
If Mr. Hamid Mir attracted or give instructions to ASIAN TIGERS in
order to kidnap
Khalid Khwaja then they must have conversations more than once. These
tapes should
also be published for media. Are we right in demanding this action? If
Mr. Hamid
Mir gave proof to ASIAN TIGERS then he also gave instructions to them for
kidnapping Khalid Khwaja & company. We expect that very soon these tapes should
also be available on internet and youtube. By the way what exactly the dates of
this tape is.
Secondly, who gave the authority to PTCL or any government agency to
tape a phone
prior to any court order. By doing this PTCL is also establishing it's
reputaion as
an alley of terrorists (Govt. of Pakistan, ISI and Army). If this
happened again
then PTCL should ready to get the most suitable answer in proper
manner. Although
we know how PTCL was sold to these culprits and Khwaja was also involed in that
deal. Do you want to raise the curtain?
PTCl should clear it's position in order to bring the facts if this
tape is true or
fake. If they claim it is a true tape then they also give explanation
why they tape
these calls. If this is the fake one then they also took legal actions
against that
If PTCL will not take any action then no problem, we are here and you
have a very
little time for confession. Take care.
Note: This statement is on behalf of ASIAN TIGERS (Source: Press Pakistan group)
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Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Some comments by various journalists (Pakistan Press):

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More options May 16, 9:47 am
Its interesting to note that all the Hamid Mir supporters have chosen to remain quite about the recording of Hamid Mir posted on Youtube and numerous other sites, today the entire transcript of the said conversation is reporoduced in Daily Times. A Pakistani man (Khalid Khawaja) who is considered little understood was brutally murdered and dumped in the streets of Mir Ali, why should questions not be askd and why should any evidence related to this gruesome act not be aired.
Hamid Mir should come forward and state that the recording is fake and or fabricated. The question that will then arise, why should anyone go to this extent to find someone who can speak exactly like Hamid Mir and make him say all the things only Hamid Mir was privy of, as it concerns only his person and what is the objective of such an act. All the supporters of Hamid Mir should throw some light on this matter and or else be ready to for always be known as taking sides.
As far as I am concerned, I do not know what the truth is in this affair and want it to be cleared ASAP.
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More options May 16, 12:58 pm
Dear Mir Sahib,
all journalists will support you as journalist. It is very serious and sensitive to comment on one's integrity, based on an alleged audio tape. Mir sahib, you did well to speak on the subject but it is a very direct attack on you, so before saying something against the concpirators, you should clarify that the conversation is not yours, which everyone believes. I am sure Khalid Khwaja was not killed on alleged Mir sahaib's recommendation but he was at hit list of the group. I suspect they planned his killing even before he was kidnapped with his other two friends. The real story will be unfolded in days to come. Mir sahib contest your case in every forum, journalists community will back you in this war"¦"¦
our pray and support for the truth,
haq nawaz, journalist
[email protected]
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More options May 16, 1:44 pm
dear hamid mir,
you dont explain about tape..voice shows its your..
so you have to explain about it.
rizwan asif daily express
ghazanfar awan
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More options May 16, 2:07 pm
Dear mir sb,
We all young journalists along with you.
Keep it up and God bless you.
Ghazanfar Awan( daily ausaf lahore
Aurang Zeb
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More options May 16, 4:26 pm
Weldone Ghazanfar Awan ,
We know that all under training agents of different zagencies are with
Hamid Mir. Do you mean this?
Adnan Gill
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More options May 16, 4:50 pm
Mir Sahib,
I have no doubt that Salman Taseer or people like him want to embarass you by releasing this tape. I don't think anyone is questioning the motives of your opponents, but what I want to know is whether its true or not?
I wish you would have set the record straight by clearly stating, whether it's your voice on the tape or not? Whether you ever had such a conversation or not?
Voice patterns of any given person are as unique as his/her fingerprints. Cheap and more powerful computers have transformed the art of `forensic voice identification` into a science. Such technology had been in use for many years by the CIA and the NSA to identify, isolate and track audio signatures of people of interest out of millions of other noises. Some of American police departments are even using this technology as lie-detectors. Perhaps, a news outlet could make a small investment in buying software like `VoiceVault` to set the record straight, once for all. Instead of guessing, such technologies should enable the media to confirm or deny such accusations.
s hussain
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More options May 16, 5:00 pm
It would be nice if Mr. Mir just denied that it was his voice on the tape.
Mansoor Hussain
Ali Hussain
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More options May 16, 6:45 pm
Yes Gill Sahib
I totally agree with you. Mir Sahib should come and clarify the
allegations"¦whether correct or incorrect. It will be better that Mir Sahib
should come forward after these have been published in Daily Times.
Ali Hussain
Kamran Shafi
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More options May 16, 7:33 pm
My dear Hamid,
You are a great journalist who has made a name for himself in Talk-show TV – more strength to you.
Importantly, you are not opinionated; give everyone on your show a chance to speak their mind; do not show bias, and so on.
I would therefore ask you NOT to equate yourself with any other journalist on the News/Geo Team, particularly Dr. Shahid Masood who is NOTORIOUS for bludgeoning his guests into acquiescence, if not outright submission "¦ I know, for I have been a victim of his totally unfair editing, to which Ansar Abbasi was witness.
More than anything else, you do not have a second-in-command such as Dr. Shahid Masood has in the shape of my old friend, Tariq Butt. It is unreal seeing these two team up against anyone they have on their show.
I am always for you.
Kamran Shafi
hamid mir
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More options May 16, 7:42 pm
I have just been informed by some colleagues from Peshawar that Taliban have released a statement and categorically denied all the contents of a tape concocted by Salman Taseer.I will share the details after getting the details.
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More options May 16, 8:02 pm
Well this voice is 100% Mr. Hamid sahib's..
Adnan Gill
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More options May 16, 8:09 pm
Mir Sahib,
With due respect, it is immaterial and irrelevant to me what (supposed) Taliban say or claim. My interest is in your no uncertain acknowledgment or denial, that you never had any such conversation.
It is up to you whether you want to put the accusation to rest or not by acknowledging or denying it. Thanks.


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Grand plot against media

Monday, May 17, 2010
By Hamid Mir

ISLAMABAD: Some elements in the federal government have hatched a grand conspiracy to malign and blackmail the Pakistani media and top of the list is the Jang Group of Newspapers and Geo TV. This grand conspiracy was noticed last Friday when a federal minister made allegations in the National Assembly and said that they have not paid huge amounts of sales tax. Most of the figures presented in the National Assembly were not correct.

The same afternoon, a top government minister told this scribe that "enough is enough" and now they can teach a lesson to Jang Group any time. He claimed that it was only President Asif Ali Zardari who never allowed any "action" against you people otherwise the action would have started long ago. The minister was angry with Ansar Abbasi and Dr Shahid Masood. He claimed that the government had collected a lot of material against these two. Another minister told this scribe the same evening that President Zardari had given a green signal to launch a campaign against some journalists of the Jang Group, including Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi, Dr Shahid Masood, Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir and some others. He said that Dr Shahid might be implicated in some forgery case.

Another minister revealed that some people within the establishment suggested to the government to use the family of late Khalid Khawaja against Hamid Mir on the basis of a tape. A top official of the interior ministry rejected this idea and said that these types of concocted tapes cannot be proven in a court of law but the same night some pro-PPP websites launched a campaign against me. The next day, a section of the media belonging to a close friend of President Zardari published a one-sided story with baseless allegations. A newspaper and a TV channel tried to involve me in the murder of Khalid Khwaja.

I will take legal action against all those who started this campaign but one thing must be clear. It is a conspiracy not only against me. The ultimate goal is to silence the voice of Pakistani media on certain issues. Was it a coincidence that PPP Secretary Information Fauzia Wahab addressed a press conference on Saturday against Ansar Abbasi and the next day a full-fledged campaign was launched against me in a section of the media belonging to Governor Punjab?

Many observers have noticed the timing of the campaign against the media men. Khalid Khwaja was assassinated at least two weeks ago but no tape about his murder surfaced anywhere. Fauzia Wahab had exchanged hot words with Ansar Abbasi many times in different talk shows but she issued him a notice only when some important political and legal events are going to take place in coming few weeks. The main objective is very clear. The PPP leadership wants to give a message to the whole media that if they do not behave, then this government will treat them like Pervez Musharraf did.

For some time, the government has been taking many actions to financially damage the Geo-Jang Group because this Group has refused to toe the official line. Similar tactics were used by the previous regime of dictator Musharraf. The democratic government was supposed to tolerate press freedom but this could not happen.


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Did Hamid Mir have a conversation with the TTP? – by Ayesha Siddiqa

The man in the tape is Hamid Mir beyond doubt. The voice and style of conversation is his. I have had conversations with him on several occasions and he breaks stories in this very style. The conversation should not surprise people as Hamid Mir has old links with the Islamiscts and the intelligence agencies. The conversation basically signifies the presence of multiple groups within the intelligence agencies.

There are, at least, three ideological groups within the agencies: (a) the Islamiscsts, (b) the pro-West, and (c) pro-China. These groups exert influence and lobby for their perspective. This means that the flow of information to the top brass is conditioned by the ideological bias of the groups. The information-intelligence is then measured against the policy perspective of the top leadership of the army. Thus, Hamid Mir is not the only journalist working for the agencies. There are others as well.

The case in point pertains to that of a female journalist who is dealt with by the external security wing of the ISI. Each ISI division has its own set of journalists. This lady was eventually encouraged by the agencies and the army chief to build familial links with Indian politician through marriage. Her marriage with a famous Indian political figure was made in the GHQ.(Is she talking about ex punjab CM captain Amrinder singh who supposed to have married Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam if roumors to go by????ists well known fact that Aroosa Alam and shireen mazari(the nation editor) has deep connection inPA estabilshment including ISI)

But going back to Hamid Mir, his conversation reflects the bias of Pakistan's establishment. There is nothing which he says that is annoying by the establishment's standards. The state has a bias against its minorities which reflects in the conversation.

Lets not forget that the Hamid Mir conversation is just the end result of years of Jamaat's infiltration in the establishment. It were during the Zia years (1977-81) that more than 800 changes were made in the text books by a board that pre-dominantly represented the Jamaat. Today, the establishment is essentially Islamisct. The dealings with the US or even China reflect the military's utilitarian approach. It will happily use any of these states to build itself. Most countries behave this way. The name of the game is realpolitik which focuses on power of the state rther than power of the people. The Pakistani state had begun to steer towards Islamism at a very early stage after its creation. Naturally, the ideology rubbed on different elements in the society as well. This is what we can see in Hamid Mir's conversation.

Khalid Khwaja was always with the ISI. He may have been steered by the pro-West elements within the ISI to negotiate some deals with the TTP. There are also rumors that during one of his previous visits, he was suspected of planting an intelligent devise for the US to locate one of the TTP leaders. The discussion of his involvement in misleading Maulana Abdul Aziz does not make sense because Abdul Aziz led his funeral prayers. There is something that doesn't make sense in the story. Whats more important to remember are that the jihadis (aka Pakistani Taliban) are well-entrenched in Pakistan's intelligence system and even its establishment. No wonder, Pakistan's courts have been acquitting jihadis like Lashkare Jhangavi's Malik Ishaq.

Recently, the courts acquitted those accused of involvement in the Marriott bombing case and the suicide attack against Lt. general Mushtaq Baig. These decisions could have been changed if the agencies were willing to sort out the jihadis. The segment within the agencies which supports jihad and jihadis has now strengthened. The army and its intelligence agencies now have a dependence on these jihadis. The questions which many ask is that why get their men killed. This is nothing new. There was similar friction in the case of the Algerian military and the Islamiscts. The reason that this particular battle in Pakistan is contained to a few people is because of the influence of the Islamiscts on the army.


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
The case in point pertains to that of a female journalist who is dealt with by the external security wing of the ISI. Each ISI division has its own set of journalists. This lady was eventually encouraged by the agencies and the army chief to build familial links with Indian politician through marriage. Her marriage with a famous Indian political figure was made in the GHQ.(Is she talking about ex punjab CM captain Amrinder singh who supposed to have married Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam if roumors to go by????ists well known fact that Aroosa Alam and shireen mazari(the nation editor) has deep connection inPA estabilshment including ISI)
The couple in question in above quote by Ayesha sddiqa

Aroosa Alam and Amarinder Singh

Beyond borders: Amarinder's heart 'problems'


Chandigarh, March 26: He's the big Indian politician with a passion for closer relations with Pakistan. She's a hotshot Pakistani defence and diplomacy expert courted by Presidents.

Yet, when Aroosa Alam and red-blooded Amarinder Singh were thrown together, whether by destiny or design, tongues began wagging.

The cross-border ties the Islamabad-based journalist and the former Punjab chief minister were boosting had little to do with Kashmir, cricket or CBMs, went the refrain.

Alam has now denied reports that she has married Amarinder.

An Islamabad-based daily had broken the story of the "wedding", which was picked up by an Indian news channel.

Shiromani Akali Dal leader Simranjit Singh Mann, whose wife is Amarinder's sister-in-law, added to the speculation. He suggested that the just ousted chief minister, in London now for a heart check-up, had gone abroad because of "heart problems of a different kind".

"Literally speaking, his heart is sound. Besides, good treatment is available in India. But metaphorically, his heart has been stolen by the lady from Pakistan who has taken him to London," Mann said.

Amarinder's wife Preneet, MP from Patiala, has kept up a stoic silence. Amarinder has denied either a "wedding" or an "affair", but declined to take legal action against the media.

Akali Dal general secretary and MP Sukhbir Badal has demanded a central probe, alleging Alam has ISI links.

The lady is believed to have done a course in military strategy last year at Pakistan's National Defence College, which normally admits only senior officers — enough reason for many to smell a rat.

But Alam is no run-of-the-mill scribe — she was a member of President Pervez Musharraf's entourage to the US, and was part of a team that visited Srinagar last year.

The journalist, who has made numerous trips to Punjab, was honoured by Amarinder on June 3 last year at the Jalandhar press club.

Replying to an email query from this correspondent, Alam has said: "I am deeply depressed to see such report(s) from such responsible networks, that too without having spoken to me. This was (the) least I had expected from my friends in (the) media"¦. Anyway, it is not correct.

"On my side, the subject is even more sensitive. I only hope that my friends in (the) media respect my privacy and don't land me in a difficult situation."

Alam and Amarinder have reportedly known each other for more than two years. Since then, the Congress leader has made numerous trips to Pakistan, officially to boost confidence-building measures.

"Everyone knows about Amarinder's and Aroosa's friendship. It may not have culminated in a wedding, but it can be termed a volatile affair," a Pakistani journalist said.

Alam's mother is believed to have been close to General Yahya Khan.
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Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Pakistani news presenter accused of link to Taliban hostage's murder

Leaked audio tape purportedly reveals phone conversation between Hamid Mir and a Taliban spokesman about hostage

Declan Walsh in Lahore
guardian.co.uk, Monday 17 May 2010 19.50 BST
Article history

The Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir. Photograph: Getty Images

Pakistan's pugnacious media world was plunged into controversy today when a leaked audio tape apparently linked its most popular television presenter with the execution of a Taliban hostage.

The tape purports to be a recording of a phone conversation between the journalist, Hamid Mir, and a Taliban spokesman about the fate of Khalid Khawaja, a former intelligence agent being held by the Taliban.

In the tape Mir describes Khawaja as a CIA collaborator, questions his Islamic credentials, and accuses him of playing a treacherous role in the 2007 Red Mosque siege in which more than 100 people, including the chief cleric, were killed. When the abductor asks the journalist whether Khawaja should be released, he urges him to further interrogate him.

Last month Khawaja's bullet-pocked body was found on a roadside in Waziristan with a warning note to other "American spies".

As debate about the tape swirled in media circles, Mir issued a strenuous denial saying the tape had been fabricated by his enemies in government to destroy his reputation and silence him.

"I never said these things to these people. This is a concocted tape," he told the Guardian. "They took my voice, sampled it and manufactured this conspiracy against me."

But several senior journalists said the tape sounded authentic and one called on the government to investigate further. "There are serious allegations to be answered," said Rashed Rahman, editor of the English-language Daily Times newspaper. "If this tape turns out to be genuine, it suggests a journalist instigated the murder of a kidnapee. A line must be drawn somewhere."

The Taliban added to the controversy by issuing a statement that denied the tape was real but, confusingly, threatened the state telephone company for having taped the conversation.

The acrid arguments have thrown Pakistan's normally tight-knit media community into a spin as some of the country's most contentious issues – militancy, politics and the role of the powerful, overwhelmingly rightwing media – have come into focus around the death of Khawaja, a controversial figure in his own right.

Khawaja, a former Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agent and chief co-ordinator of a human rights group, who claimed to have met Osama bin Laden, travelled to the tribal belt in March with Sultan Amir Tarar, another former ISI agent, and Asad Qureshi, a documentary filmmaker. Khawaja had promised the journalist an interview with Hakimullah Mehsud, the Taliban leader who was almost killed in a CIA drone strike in northwestern Pakistan in January.

However, the three men were kidnapped, and the Taliban demanded money and prisoners in return for their freedom.

On 24 April the Taliban issued a video showing a strained-looking Khawaja admitting to having worked for the CIA and betrayed the Red Mosque clerics.

A week later, after his execution, Mir wrote a detailed account of Khawaja's life. He recycled the allegations against the former ISI agent, attributing them to militant sources.

Mir has vowed to take his critics to court, but for now the controversy is playing out on the pages of the Pakistani press. Mir said the recording had been doctored by the Federal Investigation Agency, a security agency that has been frequently attacked by the Taliban.

But he said the slurs had been politically orchestrated by the Punjab governor, Salman Taseer, and Pakistan's ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, who, he said, had released the tape on a blog.

"This blog has a personal grudge against me and it is being operated from Washington by our ambassador, Husain Haqqani," he said.

Haqqani said: "We do not dignify conspiracy theories with comment." He denied any role in the tape recording.

Some Pakistani television channels have carried the allegations but others have avoided it. "

"For too long we have protected our own," said Rahman. "Now we have to speak out." Mir said he was instituting legal proceedings against the Daily Times.

Khalid Khawaja's wife declined to comment. "I don't want to say anything," she said. "This is a very, very dirty conspiracy and I don't want to indulge in it."


Senior Member
Aug 6, 2009
Country flag
It seems that Pakistan has never come up to the expectations of the Pak-US relationship seems nothing but an endless series of blames and allegations. The recently highlighted story of the American terrorist Faisal Shehzad is also a chapter from this book of accusations. No doubt, in spite of all loop-holes. People are taking this story as a new conspiracy against their country, cruel practices of the pakistani media that every Pakistani must show it's allegiance to propaganda against western world and India is being labeled as a RAW, MASSOD, CIA conspiracies. Hamid Mir had recently traveled to Afghanistan, SWAT, FATA and Waziristan to interview the terrorists. He had only shown a moderator's role in Media, instead of spreading and spewing hate Zionist agenda.


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Hamid Mir sends legal notice to Daily Times .

LAHORE: GEO News Islamabad Executive Editor Hamid Mir has sent legal notices to the publisher, editor and staff reporter of Daily Times, as well as the chief executive of TV channel Business Plus for publishing and telecasting "defamatory material against him".

Mir claimed that the story carried and telecast by the newspaper and the channel, respectively, was "based on malafide intentions and had lowered him in the estimation of general public as the enemy of the state".

Mir has demanded a written apology within 14 days and its publication in the newspaper and has asked the respondents to pay damages worth Rs 250 million in compensation, else legal action would be taken.

Mir's notice, sent through his lawyer said, "You have published a libellous report titled 'Hamid Mir's terrifying indiscretions' along with the transcript of an alleged communication in the newspaper Daily Times on 16 May 2010, falsely attributed to Mr Hamid Mir and an unidentified man. Our client vehemently denies the conversation made in the alleged communication as fabricated and concocted one."

"The said column and transcript was published in Daily Times in breach of professional conduct and without verifying the accuracy and authenticity of the source of information. The staff reporter also transgressed and wrongly associated Mr Mir with terrorist groups at his whim based upon unverified information from an anonymous source."

The notice further said, "The points of interest mentioned at the end of column were also aimed to cause hatred and dislike for Mr Mir in specific sections of the society. Further, the publication of editorial titled Shocking revelations in Daily Times on 17 May 2010, which wrongly propagated Mr Mir's indiscretion in Khalid Khawaja's murder..." staff report


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Puppet strings


The emergence of a taped conversation, allegedly between famous TV anchor and journalist, Hamid Mir, and a member of what is called the 'Punjabi Taliban,' has created great furor – especially within the journalistic community in Pakistan.

In the the conversation, a man recognised by some as Mir, makes derogatory remarks against the Ahmadiyya sect and insistently alludes that Khalid Khawaja – the controversial former ISI man who was kidnapped and murdered by an group that is believed to have ties to the Punjabi Taliban – was a CIA agent and close to the Ahmadiyya sect.

He blames Khawaja for the death of Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) cleric, Ghazi Rashid, who was killed in the military action against armed men holed up in the volatile mosque in 2007. He tells the Punjabi Taliban that it was on Khawaja's insistence that Ghazi continued to fight from within the besieged mosque, but was then abandoned by him.

Khawaja, who was supposedly in the custody of the Punjabi Taliban at the time of the conversation, was later found murdered by his captors who accused him of being a CIA agent and responsible for Ghazi's death. These are the two main points that the conversing journalist makes while talking to the Punjabi Taliban member in the leaked tape.

Leading members of the liberal intelligentsia have frequently been raising concern and alarms against certain prominent figures in the local print and electronic media, blaming them of overtly sympathising and at times glorifying the violent antics of assorted sectarian and Islamist organisations.

People like Hamid Mir, Dr. Shahid Masood, Aamir Liaqat and Ansar Abbasi (all belonging to a large media group in Pakistan), have come under intense scrutiny by their detractors for not only 'angling' their stories and rhetoric in favour of extremist organisations, but also constantly undermining the current democratic set-up in Islamabad.

Ironically though, whereas the liberal sections of the media have not gone beyond labeling these men as Taliban sympathisers, it is their opponents within the large net of pro-Taliban actors in the media and the intelligence agencies who are said to be behind leakages such as the taped conversation mentioned above.

According to well-known columnist and author, Ayesha Siddiqa, "the conversation should not surprise people as Hamid Mir has old links with the Islamists and the intelligence agencies." In an article she adds that there is not a single journalist, especially on the electronic media, who comments on national security and is not fed by the military or one of its many intelligence agencies.

Author of the acclaimed book, Military Inc., Siddiqa says that at present there are three opposing groups within the military and its agencies. One is pro-West, one is pro-Taliban, and the third is pro-China. All three are always at loggerheads. This also means that while each one of these groups has journalists planted in newspapers and TV channels, they use their plants to cancel out the reputation and influence of those belonging to the opposing groups.

But there is nothing new about this. The agencies have always had personnel on their payrolls operating as reporters, anchors, and 'analysts' ever since the Ayub Khan dictatorship in the 1960s. Respected journalist and author, late Zamir Niazi, in his book, The Web of Censorship, suggests that the agencies recruited a number of 'journalists' during the Ayub dictatorship, specifically to check leftist sentiments that were all the rage among journalists at the time.

Then during the Z.A. Bhutto regime, Niazi hints that the populist government and the conservative 'establishment' fought a battle of ideas through paid journalists. But the phenomenon of agency-backed journalists upholding the military establishment's agenda and ideology in the press really came to the fore during the Ziaul Haq dictatorship in the 1980s.

As left-leaning journalists were forced to exit newspapers during the Zia dictatorship, the corridors of these newspaper offices were suddenly stormed by large groups of pro-establishment personnel, mainly consisting of anti-Bhutto journalists and pro-Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) men.

With the role of the ISI and other intelligence agencies expanding due to Pakistan's direct involvement in the so-called 'anti-Soviet Afghan jihad,' many of these journalists were brought under the wings of various agencies, triggering a trend that still disfigures prominent sections of mainstream Pakistani media. What's more, between early and late 1980s, the agencies were also able to plant men in the administration and finance departments of various mainstream media groups.

I got first-hand experience of this in 1993 when I joined a newspaper of a large media group; my appointment letter was constantly delayed, in spite of the editor asking the head of finance to release it. The head then bypassed the editor and went straight to the publisher, claiming that I should not be hired because I was a 'communist' who'd had links with the KGB (as a student) in the 1980s! As it turned out, this man was an active member of the JI, and also said to be close to a pro-jihad agency.

Crowded at the top

By the 1990s, most media groups had become a startling reflection of the tense sectarian, ethnic and ideologically fractured society that Zia's disastrous regime and policies had left behind.

The media group I was a part of (for 10 years), was teeming with various lobbies, fighting out a cold war against one another. There were the usual high-profile agency-backed journalists who (as Siddiqa rightly suggests) were/are the ones who always manage to get the best scoops; then there was a large pro-JI lobby (whose mission, it seemed, revolved entirely around getting those they deemed to be 'leftist' or 'liberal' chucked out from the organisation); there was also a pro-MQM lobby who made sure that MQM received as much positive press as possible; and a 'liberal' lobby made up of assorted progressives. But more worryingly, the 1990s also saw the entry of 'journalists' planted or having sympathies with radical Sunni sectarian organisations such as the Sipah Sahaba.

As the agencies again became active, this time to sideline any democratically elected government that they saw as a danger to their on-going post-Zia maneuvers in the field of jihad (in Pakistan, Kashmir, and Afghanistan), a number of fresh recruits were instilled in newspapers, so much so, that opposing agencies (all with right-wing Islamist agendas, but differing on sectarian and policy grounds), now began drafting 'journalists' to put forward their particular version of pro-jihad ideology and interests. The result was infighting in the country's intelligence gathering and security apparatus as one agency tried to undermine the other in their quest for more funds and political influence.

An attack in 1992 on a prominent journalist (famous for scoring a number of scoops and presently a famous TV anchor) was a stark reflection of this. The journalist, whom many believed was being fed stories by an agency, was claimed to have been attacked by the supporters of an opposing agency.

Such was the talk at the time, heralding the laying down of a whole new ball game in the intrigue-filled world of mainstream journalism in Pakistan. And this new ball game really got going when (during the Musharraf dictatorship) private TV channels were allowed to mushroom. This is the phenomenon that many within the media blame for triggering the on-going 'anti-democracy' and 'pro-Taliban' narrative one comes across on almost all major TV news channels. Opposing agency men were said to have come together during the Musharraf dictatorship to counter (through their 'media contacts') agency people who were supporting Musharraf's (albeit half-baked) operation against extremist organisations.

Some political commentators point at the electronic media's role during the Lal Masjid operation and the Lawyers' Movement as examples in this respect. They believe whereas some TV anchors and reporters blindly lapped up 'exaggerated figures' and scenarios that they were fed to them by agency men opposing the pro-Musharraf organs, the game got even bigger when the same anti-Musharraf agencies 'facilitated' some political parties to invest heavily in the Lawyers' Movement.

Though almost all mainstream parties took part in the landmark movement, however, the PPP and some small leftist parties blamed the PMLN and JI of mutating the movement's orientation towards the rightist sides of the ideological divide, especially when pictures of activists carrying pro-Taliban and pro-Osama placards at the lawyers' rallies started appearing in (mainly English) newspapers.

Observers believe that if the journalists belonging to the so-called pro-Musharraf factions of the agencies felt themselves being bogged down by those with alleged links to the more pro-jihad factions, the pro-Musharraf strains in the agencies put men like Zaid Hamid on TV – a manufactured pro-Musharraf demagogue originally placed to distract the people from events such as the Lawyers Movement.

Whose line is it, anyway?

Whereas today when the agencies (with the pragmatic support of bosses of some large media outlets) have successfully sidelined whatever there is left of any liberal, secular or leftist thought in the mainstream electronic media, it seems the channels are now overflowing with right-wing media men, many with clear links in the agencies.

But it's not been a unanimous takeover. Simply because of the mentioned infighting between various groups within the agencies. For example, on surface, it should sound strange and contradictory if one right-wing media personality attacks another, as was the case when Zaid Hamid publicly accused Hamid Mir of being a CIA agent.

But this can easily be explained if one dwells deeper into the increasingly overlapping and complex maneuvers of the agencies. As a fellow columnist recently noted, in a matter of merely a month, two leading media personalities have been exposed in the most dramatic manner. He claimed that Zaid Hamid had dubious relations with a particular faction of the agencies, but was brought down when another faction decided to strike by bringing into play Zaid's controversial past with a cult-like Islamic group which some puritanical Islamic organisations consider was blasphemous in its beliefs.

Another fellow journalist thinks that the 'Mir tapes' were leaked by a different faction of the ISI or IB. A faction perhaps opposed to the faction that Mir is alleged to have had links with.

The most interesting thing is that whereas attempts by the liberal media personnel to castigate right-wing and contentious TV personalities have not gone beyond protest columns and editorials, it has been such personalities' fellow rightist journeymen who have been out to orchestrate their downfall.

Zaid Hamid called Hamid Mir a CIA agent, but it was Zaid who got his animated TV slots canceled when a sectarian Sunni organisation threatened to attack the channels that so enthusiastically ran the hate-monger's much watched shows. On the other hand, Mir laughed off Zaid's accusations but not before (unwittingly or otherwise) providing a platform on his own show for some politicians to make a meal out of another rightist TV anchor, Shahid Masood, only to supposedly have his own conversation with the Punjabi Taliban 'leaked.'

Much more is being 'leaked' (more frequently than ever) to various websites. Recently, a website also put up a list of the outstanding dues that major media groups still owe in taxes to the government. Also under scrutiny are the ideological orientations and 'links' of journalists such as Ansar Abbasi, Shaheen Sehbai, and Amer Mateen.

Hamid Mir has denounced the taped conversation as fake. So has the media group he works for. But surprisingly, instead of investigating the level of involvement some journalists clearly have with extremist groups and intelligence agencies, all the organs of the said media organisation have gone into overdrive in attacking some of their contemporary media outlets, the government, and 'liberal journalists' of instigating a 'conspiracy against free media.'

It is true that many of this media group's 'attackers' have no respect for a free media. But by suggesting that the free-for-all mudslinging and dangerous angling that some of its anchors openly exhibit is akin to the group's love of democracy and freedom of the media is really a self-defeating delusion, if not a big black joke.


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Audio tape implicates Hamid Mir: Khawaja's son

LAHORE: Osama Khalid, son of former Inter-Services Intelligence official Khalid Khawaja, has confirmed that the audiotape of the telephonic conversation between TV anchor Hamid Mir and Usman – the earlier unidentified Taliban militant – is original, as his family used to talk to him during negotiations for his father's release, a private TV channel reported on Tuesday. Speaking in a current affairs programme on a private TV channel, Osama said the 'Asian Tigers', a little known Taliban-linked group, was an agent of the Indian intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). "Because no Muslim can do it (murder another Muslim)," he said. Osama said the personality and services of his father, Khalid Khawaja, were known to the entire nation. He claimed that Hamid Mir had hatched a conspiracy to murder his father after receiving money from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). "This audiotape is enough proof to show Hamid Mir's role in the murder (of his father)," he added. He also appealed to the Supreme Court to take suo motu action and conduct a judicial inquiry into the audiotape issue. He said that the family had decided to take action against the TV anchor. Osama also confirmed that his younger brother was working for the al Qaeda. daily times monitor


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Taliban threaten to kill Osama over action against Hamid Mir

* Group threatens Osama with same fate as his father if any action taken against talk show host
* Son of former ISI official says he can confirm Mir, Osman Punjabi murdered his father

Daily Times Monitor

LAHORE: Osama Khalid, the son of former Inter-Services Intelligence officer Khalid Khawaja, has claimed that the Asian Tigers have indirectly threatened to do the same to him as they did to his father if any action is taken against Hamid Mir, a private TV channel reported on Thursday.

According to the channel, a foreign reporter contacted Osama who informed him that he had received a mail from the terrorist group, in which they were threatening Osama with a similar fate to that of his father if any action was taken against the talk show host.

Can confirm: Separately, while appearing on a private TV channel, Osama said that he has "firm belief" that talk show host Hamid Mir and Osman Punjabi, a militant associated with the Taliban, were the real murderers of his father.

He said he would present all the records of the telephonic conversations that he had held with Osman Punjabi before the court, as he has enough (telephonic) records to support his case, adding that he believed he would get justice from the judiciary regarding the murder of his father. It is worth mentioning that a little-known Asian Tigers militant group murdered the former ISI officer on April 23.

Osama said he had already confirmed that the unidentified militant in the audiotape talking to Hamid Mir was Osman Punjabi, who used his alias Muhammad Omar while talking to various people. "(But) he (Osman) always talked to me with his original name," Osama said.

The Daily Times published and Business Plus aired news and the complete transcript of the telephonic conversation between Hamid Mir and the Taliban militant. Three major intelligence agencies later confirmed the authenticity of the audiotape, available on various websites. However, the talk show host has described the taped conversation as "doctored".

Osama said that he would register a case after collecting further evidences in the murder of his father, adding that he would prove before the court that the audiotape was accurate. Besides the holding of a judicial inquiry, he also appealed to Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take suo motu notice of the matter.

Speaking in the same programme, Daily Times Editor Rashed Rahman said his paper had published the news and the transcript after a detailed discussion. He said that if his paper had not decided to publish the tapped conversation, it could have easily been published on any other media outlet, as the audiotape was easily available on the Internet. He pointed out that the Daily Times published the transcript of the audiotape in the larger interest of the general public, the media and Hamid Mir. "Now the situation has changed and some important quarters have confirmed that the tape is original," he said.

Participating in the debate, senior journalist Talat Hussain said any other media outlet could have published the taped conversation between Hamid Mir and the militant if Daily Times had decided to not report on such an important piece of news. "One thing is clear, the audiotape contains an extremely sensitive content and apparently it seems authentic," he said, adding that one could easily point out several flaws in the explanation provided by Hamid Mir on the issue. "Technically, it is indispensable to prove the authenticity of the audiotape and prove whether it was valid or fake. A person has lost his life due to the audiotape, and the contents of the tape leave no doubts for Osama Khalid when he connects its content with the incident of his father's murder," Talat said.

Also appearing on the programme, Muhammad Arshad, a freelance journalist, said he had informed the late Khalid Khawaja's family of the former ISI official's fate a day before his murder. "I suggested to Osama Khalid that if he wanted to save his father's life, he should contact Maulana Abdul Aziz. A press conference by Abdul Aziz could have saved Khawaja's life."


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Khwaja's family to register murder case against Hamid Mir

The family of slain former ISI official Khalid Khwaja, who was kidnapped and killed by militants in Pakistan's tribal belt, has said it will get a murder case registered against popular television anchor Hamid Mir.
Mir has been at the centre of a controversy since a purported telephone conversation between him and a Taliban operative was posted on several websites.
The Daily Times newspaper, which first reported on the tape, has said that information passed on by Mir to the Taliban "could have led to the execution" of Khwaja.
Osama Khalid, the son of the slain former Inter-Services Intelligence official said: "We are going to the police and the Supreme Court in a few days to get a case registered against Mir as he was instrumental in the murder of my father by the Punjabi Taliban."
He added: "The person who was conversing with Mir on phone about my father was Usman Punjabi alias Umer. I recognise his voice as he (Usman) had spoken to me on five or six occasions when my father was being held by the militants.
A hitherto unheard of group called the Asian Tigers claimed responsibility for the abduction and killing of Khwaja. It said Khwaja was killed as he had admitted to working as a spy for the US and the Pakistani military establishment.
Reports have suggested that Usman Punjabi is the head of the Asian Tigers.
In the recording, Mir is heard accusing Khwaja of being a double agent working for the CIA and of having played a "dirty" role in the 2007 military operation against radical elements holed up in the Lal Masjid in Islamabad.
"I have with me the call record (of the conversation between Mir and Usman Punjabi). The call was made on April 19 and the video of my father's confessional statement was released to the media on April 23. That is enough evidence to lay hands on this so-called journalist for his role in the killing of my father," Osama said.
Khwaja was kidnapped with another ISI official Sultan Amir Tarar alias Col Imam and British journalist of Pakistani origin Asad Qureishi on March 26 while en route to Waziristan ostensibly to make a documentary on Taliban.
Khwaja was shot dead on April 30 while the two other men are still in the custody of the Asian Tigers.
Osama further said: "The mistake my father committed was that he had told Mir that he was heading to Waziristan on a peace mission. Mir disclosed this to his friends there.
"The whole family is in shock as to how Mir could do this to my father," he said.
Osama urged Pakistan's Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to order a judicial inquiry to "find out the truth".


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Anchors, spooks and jihadis

When you make a name and a (very good) living from the spoken word, it's hard to make the case that a recording of your voice is a forgery. This is the dilemma Hamid Mir, the popular anchor of the TV chat show Capital Talk, is facing today.
Having heard the leaked conversation between a person who sounds uncannily like the TV personality, and another who is apparently very close to the terrorists then holding Khalid Khwaja, I will take a lot of convincing that it is a fake. However, in this day of technological marvels, anything is possible. As this newspaper suggests in a recent editorial, it would be a simple task to check the tape for authenticity.

So where do we go from here?

Hamid Mir's connections with Islamic militants are hardly a secret. Indeed, he first made a name for himself by interviewing Osama bin Laden, and writing a book on the Al Qaeda leader.

Clearly, it is a journalist's job to develop contacts among all manner of people, including criminals. However, to talk to terrorists to get a story is one thing; to virtually tell them what to ask somebody they are holding is to transgress all limits of journalistic licence.

The fact that Mir is still at liberty, issuing legal notices and proclaiming his innocence to the world, is a comment on just how powerful the electronic media has grown. Predictably, he has called this entire episode a conspiracy to silence him and the media group he works for. According to him, it is the group's opposition to this government and President Asif Zardari that has made it a target.

It is true that the newspapers and TV channel in this media stable have waged an unrelenting campaign against the PPP-led coalition. Other anchors have gone to the extent of forecasting when the government will fall. For me, even more odious than the political mudslinging is Mir's allegedly taped fulminations against the Ahmadi sect. In this prejudice, he echoes his colleague Aamir Liaquat, the religious chat show host who has now moved to a rival TV channel.

Another refrain in the taped conversation is the allegation that Khalid Khwaja, the ex-ISI operative, is actually a CIA agent, and should therefore be further 'questioned' by his kidnappers. Confusingly, Osama Khalid, the murdered man's son, has demanded action against Hamid Mir, branding him a 'CIA agent'. It would appear that there is civil strife among agents of the American agency in Pakistan.

For such people to wield so much power over the airwaves should give us pause for thought. It is an open secret that many journalists in Pakistan are on the payroll of various intelligence outfits. This became most obvious during the acrimonious public debate over the Kerry-Lugar Act last year when all hell broke loose over our TV channels.

It was no secret that our army high command had been annoyed by the legislation's bid to strengthen democratic institutions, and to prevent future coups. The quick activation of the media brigade in support of the military's position exposed their ties and their loyalties. Nor is the army's distaste for this government concealed; and its reflection in TV chat shows is hardly a coincidence.

There was a recently blogged article on this newspaper's website that suggested a rivalry between agencies that spilled into the media, citing this as a cause for the leaked tape. This makes eminent sense, and again underlines the need for bringing these intelligence agencies under control. However, this will not happen by just issuing a notification placing the ISI under the interior ministry as Rehman Malik tried to do in the early days of this government.

The role our intelligence agencies — and especially the ISI — have played in Pakistan's politics is a matter of public record. From rigged elections to the disappearance of scores of citizens, much has been laid at the doors of our spooks. Such is their reputation for unsavoury deeds that even when they have nothing to do with some incident, they are considered guilty. For precisely this reason, it is in their interest to be less secretive.

Their use of journalists as pawns in their murky games erodes the media's credibility. On the other hand, public memory is notoriously short, especially when an anchor's slanted views coincide with the audience's.

Thus, when certain anchors support the Taliban or denounce the Ahmadis, they can always be sure that many viewers will applaud them. Clearly, it is for media groups to control what is being said on their channels: after all, there is a responsibility higher than the search for ratings and advertising revenues.

Unfortunately, as our TV channels have mushroomed, there has been little effort to regulate their content. I am not talking about political censorship here. But surely we must draw the line somewhere: TV anchors should not be allowed to justify terrorism in the name of religion. Many of us have fought hard over the years in the cause of a free media. What we did not fight for is the licence to brainwash the public for an evil cause.

While Khalid Khwaja had a murky past as a supporter of the very militants who killed him nobody deserves the end he met. If a healthy debate about the role and power of our media emerges from this sorry episode, his death will not have been entirely in vain.

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