Hacker attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure information systems originate from Russia - SBU chief


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Nov 19, 2017

The SBU Security Service of Ukraine has established that the latest hacker attacks on government and infrastructural information systems in the fall of 2017 originated from Russia, SBU chief Vasyl Hrytsak has said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine, Hrytsak mentioned a massive phishing email attack this autumn on official e-mail addresses of central government agencies that contained malicious software to steal vulnerable information.

"The SBU agents have established that after the malicious program was opened, a mechanism for complete remote management of an infected computer was initiated. In particular, we found out that after infecting, the client part of the DarkTrack hacking software got connected with server equipment with Russian IP addresses. Virtually, Kremlin-controlled Russian hackers could have had an opportunity to covertly and remotely administer Ukrainian web resources and tap them to get information," Hrytsak said.

The SBU also recorded cyber attacks organized by the special services of the Russian Federation with the use of two varieties of the PSCrypt-type virus.

Hackers sent out files to regional facilities of critical infrastructure with ransomware that encrypts information systems.

"Ransomware got activated after the launch of the application, it encrypted the contents of hard drives and placed an announcement on the desktop about the need to pay for decryption through anonymous electronic accounts, and in most cases these phishing emails came through Russian mail servers," he said.

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