Google launched the Bard neural network, ChatGPT competitor.


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Mar 21, 2022
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Google developed the Bard chat bot, a direct competitor to the ChatGPT chat bot, which has become incredibly popular. Let's briefly explain what it is. Chatbot Bard and ChatGPT is essentially a regular chat in the messenger. In it, you can ask any questions and receive answers to them in text form. The ChatGPT neural network is a project of the OpenAI team, answering user questions, the ChatGPT neural network is based on its information base. ChatGPT answers can be confused with the answers of a real person, the neural network can write poems, articles, essays, pieces of program code, and so on are already being written with it. The emergence of these networks has been compared to the discovery of electricity, and it has been suggested that these neural networks may soon put some people out of work. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the Bard chatbot is an experimental AI conversational service based on the LaMDA platform. For detailed responses to queries, Google's Bard neural network will use information from the Internet.


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