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Mar 3, 2014
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Guys I am a bit busy, so pardon the lack of posting. In all reality I have little clue about UPSC prep other than the fact it is an extremely tough nut to crack. I believe for basics NCERT books are a good start. After that both Quora and general upsc prep sites on youtube like examrace have good bunch of prep books.

The other exams I can help in are GRE,GMAT and TOEFL. I feel Manhattan 5lbs book and the Magoosh 1000 words list is a great way to start. GRE tests your aptitude rather than an exhaustive list of topics so I feel prepping from one book is more than enough. Just practice the quant part thoroughly. GRE quant is not tough but requires practice to deal with the tricky questions. GMAT is a bit more tougher in the sense its verbal part is really hard if you are unprepared but the quant is similar to GRE.

As for TOEFL the speaking section is quite tough and the rest of the sections seem much easier in comparison. If you are prepping for GRE,GMAT and TOEFL try reading a few newspapers/article sites like Aeon,Nature,New York Times,Hindu etc.

I know they are liberal rags but trust me they do improve your verbal skills by a lot. Most importantly you will develop a clear cut thinking approach and comprehension skills which are the sine qua non of any Verbal part of competitive exams. Read them but do not trust or believe them.

For listening and speaking(required in TOEFL,I ELTS,UPSC,any reputable Sarkari naukri interviews) I urge people to listen to a few youtubers. They can be anyone but I prefer Jordan Peterson,Sargon of Akkad,Coach Redpill(Gonzalo Lira who is an Ivy league Dartmouth grad). Again focus on the way they speak and articulate their thoughts rather than what they speak. For a bit more Indian touch listen to Karan Thapar's old interviews.

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