Future wars to be fought by machines : DRDO Chief


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Mar 13, 2010
Source--Future wars to be fought by machines : DRDO Chief | idrw.org

DRDO chief Vijay Kumar Saraswat, who is also
the scientific advisor to the Union government's
ministry of defence, said future warfare would be
on a remote level, without contact and minus
conventional weapons. He underlined the need to
develop systems like high-power lasers and
'guided' energy weapons.
Dr Vijay Kumar Saraswat was conferred a
doctorate in Science by the KL University during
its second convocation in Vaddes-waram village
of Guntur district on Monday.
Speaking on the occasion he said, the defence
scientists had made great strides in the
development of Micro electro mechanical
systems-based censor technologies, smart
materials, Network Centric Warfare, Nano-
materials/nano composites, nano fuels and nano
Dr Saraswat said that another incredible
achievement of DRDO was the indigenously
developed light combat aircraft Tejas.
Describing the development of the first nuclear
submarine, INS Arihant, as an engineering
'marvel', he pointed out that with its launch, India
had joined the exclusive club of similar six
The DRDO scientists are now working for the
development of scramjet-propelled aircraft
required for hypersonic flight, which could reach
New York from Delhi in an hour.
He said "Demand for skilled engineers and
technologists will increase in the coming years in
the country, with science and technology more
actively pursued." He suggested that the country
introduce schemes which would ensure more
fluid collaborations between scientists,
technologists and industry, academic institutions
and research and development laboratories.
Addressing the university students and faculty,
he said the mission of the DRDO is to design and
develop state-of-the-art defence systems and technologies required for the country.
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