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Mar 7, 2009
Hey there guys,

This is a thread which I've been wanting to post for quite sometime now...

We guys use propaganda in a very big way to further our own causes and to instil a sense of pride in our countrymen. A lot of times this works. But, it does have some undesired consequences too.

Some of the propaganda videos which we make, though they appeal to our own countrymen may be funny to the opposition. Also, they may be factually inaccurate at times and can cause quite a flurry of laughs (though unintended).

This thread is our way to immortalise these videos and preserve them for posterity... :D:D:D

Please post Funny Indian Videos here...

Please do not feel offended by this thread. It is just an attempt at light-hearted humour. It is always better if we learn to laugh at ourselves...

Our Pakistani friends, I'm sure, will be very active in posting here whatever they feel was funny about Indian propaganda...


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