First Modernized G.222 Aircraft Delivered to Afghanistan


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Jun 29, 2009
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First Modernized G.222 Aircraft Delivered to Afghanistan | Air Force News at DefenceTalk

CAPODICHINO (NAPLES), Italy: Alenia North America, a subsidiary of Alenia Aeronautica and part of the Finmeccanica Group, delivered the first modernized and refurbished G.222/C-27 aircraft to the United States Air Force this week. The delivery ceremony took place today at Alenia’s Capodichino facility outside of Naples, Italy, where the refurbishment and modernization line is located. This is the first of 18 G.222/C-27 aircraft under contract with the United States Air Force for incorporation into the Afghan National Army Air Corps (ANAAC).

Giovanni Bertolone, Alenia Aeronautica’s CEO, has commented: “The delivery of the first reconditioned G.222, within the envisaged time and budget, one year after the contract award, proves once more Alenia Aeronautica’s and Alenia North America’s capability to provide products meeting specific U.S. Government requirements. The characteristics of operational effectiveness and capacity of action of the G.222, further developed in the C-27J, will show themselves in the complex scenario where the aircraft will have to operate, contributing to the security and stability of the territory.”

“We are proud of the G.222’s history of service, and honoured that it will continue to serve in such a capacity,” said Giuseppe Giordo, President and CEO of Alenia North America. “As the backbone of the re-constituted ANAAC, the G.222 will fill a much needed role of enabling the Afghan government to provide relief and support to the Afghan people quickly to all regions of the country, even those previously unreachable.”

The aircraft was delivered on time and on budget within one year of contract award. The remaining 17 aircraft, 11 of which are currently undergoing re-modernization and refurbishment work at Capodichino, are scheduled to be delivered before the end of 2011. Following delivery of the aircraft, training for U.S. Air Advisors will begin. The aircraft will then be transferred by the Combined Air Power Transition Force in Kabul for incorporation into the Afghan National Army Air Corps (ANAAC).

Proven as a dependable and robust aircraft, capable of taking off in almost any operating condition, the G.222 is known for its service around the world in numerous missions, operating in diverse capacities; including humanitarian and peace keeping operations, firefighting, medical evacuation, troop transport and logistical support. These G.222, as the backbone of the newly re-constructed ANAAC, will continue to serve democracy worldwide.

The G.222 is currently in operation with the Nigerian Air Force, the Royal Thai Air Force, the Ejercito Argentino, the U.S. State Department, and the Italian Air Force (version VS, electronic warfare).

Alenia North America is a subsidiary of Alenia Aeronautica and part of the Finmeccanica Group. Its mission is to further expand the industrial and commercial presence of the Alenia Group in North America. Alenia North America is also a shareholder in several joint venture companies located in the United States. Global Aeronautica, a joint venture with The Boeing Company, located in North Charleston, South Carolina, performs significant integration and sub-assembly work for the Boeing 787 program. Global Military Aircraft Systems (GMAS), a joint venture with L-3 Communications Integrated Systems, is a center of excellence to support the C-27J in North America.

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