First Indian woman to ski to South Pole


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Jun 29, 2009
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The Hindu : Front Page : Delhiite is first Indian woman to ski to South Pole

MELBOURNE: Reena Kaushal on Thursday became the first Indian woman to ski to the South Pole.

Ms. Kaushal, 38, settled in Delhi, made the historic ski-run as part of an eight-woman Commonwealth team that crossed a 900 km Antarctic ice trek to reach the South Pole to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Commonwealth.

Skiing eight to 10 hours a day, Ms. Kaushal and her teammates from seven other countries covered the frozen southern continent to the pole in about 40 days. Each skier towed a sledge with food and gear weighing some 80 kg.

‘Reaching destiny’

The skiers, Ms. Kaushal said in a statement online, braved blinding blizzards and jet speed winds blowing in excess of 130 km an hour, hidden crevasses and temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius to reach their “destiny.”

“Seven women at the bottom of the planet with the biggest smiles on our faces right now. It feels great to be here,” Ms. Aston said.

During its 40-day ordeal, the team skied past the polar ice cap’s mountain passes and fields, experiencing daylight for 24 hours.

Besides India, the expedition comprised women from Brunei, Cyprus, Ghana, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore and Britain. — PTI

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