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Section 1. Part 1 (Conspiracy Theories and their Rebuttals)

Conspiracy theories have been quite rampant in the Muslim society throughout the past few decades. These theories form the basis of a Utopian world where the Muslims are surrounded by the nefarious activities and insidious plots of the so called anti Islamic forces such as:

* Masonic (Freemasons)
* Zionists (mainly after the fallout of Israeli Occupation of Palestine),
* The “cruel and tyrannical” (As Pakistani class 6 Social Studies school textbook describes them) The Hindus
* The mysterious “Hindu Zionists”
* Last but not the least Uncle Sam (USA).

These theories portray Muslims as protagonists who are given a special prerogative to enforce their rule across the whole planet. Religion has been an important element of these theories and it has been widely exploited by politicians, army officers, religious scholars, media representatives and “Security Analysts” to justify their opinions. Most of these theories, especially those related to Jews, have been heavily plagiarised from the works of Christians, Russians and other European countries during their persecution of Jews in the early 20th century.

Theory 1.

One such theory is quite popular in Pakistan (an Islamic Country). Apart from the Israeli Palestinian conflict this theory, among others, is used to promote a negative image of Israel among the Pakistani people and justifies Israel’s complicity in destabilizing their country.

The gist of this theory is that during Israel’s independence in 1948, its first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion expressed severe reservations against the newly formed land of pure known as Pakistan. In its independence speech Mr. Ben Gurion then urged the people of Israel to form an alliance with the Hindus in India in order to covertly destabilize Pakistan through propaganda campaigns, secret conspiracy plots and militant proxies. In its 62 years of turbulent history, Pakistani rulers have used such theories to blame and to justify the complicity of “foreign elements” in every crisis the country has faced. This goes on from food, water and electricity shortages to economic/political instability, terrorism and sectarian violence.

The text of this theory as claimed by elements in Pakistan (such as Zaid hamid & Dr Shireen Mazari) goes like this:

In 1948 during Israel’s independence speech – David Ben Gurion said:

“The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. “This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan. “Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan. “It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.”

David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister, as printed in the Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 1967 edition.

This is not simply a diplomatic statement; it is a pure declaration of war especially when he says “To form bases in India to crush Pakistan”. Also the timing of this is quite significant which is during Israel’s independence. Remember that an independence speech is quite influential towards forming the ideology and constitution of any particular country. (Unlike Pakistan where there is no agreement among its people on what its founder Jinnah actually said during 1947’s Independence speech)

If this a clear ‘Zionist’ Declaration of War and an ideological propaganda (as claimed by Pakistan) then why did Pakistan never take any actions on the following lines during its 62 years history:

* Pakistan’s Foreign Office has never diplomatically responded against this highly offensive statement of David Ben Gurion?
* It never raised this issue in UN Security Council meetings or during the Organizational of Islamic conference (Aka OHHH I SEE) meetings.
* It never shared this critical security threat with its “Sleeping Partner” known as the “PRC” China.
* It didn’t raise this issue with its major “Cold War” exploiter once known as the Mujahedeen backer (USA).
* It never shared this ‘common security threat’ with its restive Zionist Phobic neighbor called “Khomeini’s Iran”
* Pakistan’s military dictators quietly accepted Israeli weapons during “1980s Afghan Jihad” and Israeli humanitarian aid (through third parties of course) during the 2005 disastrous earthquake despite the above quoted declaration of war by ‘Zionists’.

The questions above are quite easy to answer but before pondering over on this, let’s investigate on the authenticity of Mr. Ben Gurion’s statement? Let’s find out whether this offensive quote above really belongs to David Ben Gurion or if this is a skilful propaganda campaign of Pakistan army and religious scholars through their media representatives such as “Defense Analyst” Zaid Hamid or cantankerous “Dr” Shireen Mazari. Even before investigating this, I would like to share a very interesting directive that is given to the Muslims in their most sacred book Quran. In chapter 17 verse 36 of this book, they are clearly commanded by their God to verify every piece of information before accepting. Below is a comprehensive description of this verse by Ghulam Ahmed Pervez (Once an employee of central Government and counselor of Pakistan’s founder Jinnah).

“You should not take a stand (regarding anything) where you have no personal knowledge (Use all means of inquiry and then come to a conclusion – Allah has given you all the faculties for this purpose.) Mind it, the ear and the eye and the heart – all of them shall have to answer in regard to the question whether personal inquiry was made about the concerned matter” Quran Chapter 17, verse 36.

Sadly the gullible believers of conspiracy theories have failed miserably to apply these important messages of Quran and instead wasted their time on issues like “Four Marriages”, “Jihad” and segregation of women through “Shuttle cock” Burqa.


The independence speech of Israel’s first prime minster can be found on http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/Peace Pro...claration of Establishment of State of Israel : Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The Original Recording: http://www.knesset.gov.il/docs/eng/megilat_eng.htm :

Israel’s Legislative Body

http://info.jpost.com/1998/Supplements/Jubilee/2.html : The Jerusalem Post (Leading Israeli Newspaper)

After reading the text of all these speeches and after carrying out a comprehensive research on all other speeches by all successive Israeli leaders since its illegal Palestinian occupation, it is hard to believe that David Ben Gurion or any other Israeli leader has ever made any such statement against Pakistan. There is no evidence of such statement even by any influential Israeli Analyst or think tank such as International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism.

The quote above or any such statement even remotely related to Pakistan cannot be verified by any Israeli supported (newspaper archives, editorials or articles) or by any Israeli military, government and civil society websites. It is not even mentioned or ever used against Israel even by the media networks of Arabs and the Palestinians such as Al Manar TV and Al Aqsa TV.

From my own independent research, I found out that Jacob Wallace, an expert on Israeli affairs and senior fellow at the Council on foreign Relations (A well known American think-tank), has never heard any such statement. Moreover, Pakistani analyst on Terrorism, Imtiaz Gul also doubts the validity of this statement. Some scholars I spoke with at the Quaid e Azam University Islamabad found it unusual why no one has ever heard of this highly offensive, public address.

If I closely examine the above quote then I notice a mysterious reference at the end that goes like this “Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 1967”

Now Jewish Chronicle is a London based newspaper that was founded in 1841 and is the oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper in the world.

Here is the website: http://www.thejc.com/

Now lets verify the above quote from its 167 years archives: http://archive.thejc.com/search/fra...,161&Arch=&SubsNo=48,101,229,24,61,121,19,168

The above quote does not exist in the archives, which shows that it is a propaganda tactic of Pakistani establishment, Some Army elements, Nationalists, Religious scholars, Politicians etc.

The most unusual thing here is the published date of the newspaper: “9 August 1967”. Whoever invented this quote had miserably failed to realize that this Jewish chronicle magazine was not even published on this date. In fact, this magazine has always been published on Fridays throughout its history and according to the Gregorian calendar, “9 August 1967” happens to be on Wednesday.

I contacted the Jewish Chronicle in London, UK and according to them there is no record of the Jewish Chronicle publishing any such speech by David Ben Gurion. The person I spoke with in their marketing department even told me that although the London based version is the most widely circulated and there are some regional version with very limited circulation that are published in some US states,

All of them have always been published on Fridays and none could have published a story so big without them finding out.

(Please refer to these links for dates confirmation http://www.thejc.com/about and http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/?year=1967&country=1)

This shows how much false propaganda against certain nations exists in Pakistan. But Pakistan is not the only country where the ruling establishment depends on conspiracy theories to serve their interests. Similar examples can be found in:

* India (Propaganda predominantly against Muslims and Pakistan). Such as from extreme right wing Hindu nationalists such as Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS.) http://www.education.nic.in/cabe/textbooks.pdf
* Israel (false theories related to the Settlements and conflicts issues where Israel has violated Geneva Convention by shifting its population to occupied areas). Also Israeli Textbooks justify every Israeli war and holds Arabs responsible. In some state school textbooks, derogatory adjectives are used to disrespect Arabs. http://www.ecomtrade.co.il/eMall/shops/1559/imgbank/Israeli Report - September 2000.pdf
* America (mainly during Cold War to demonize Communism and Saddam’s Al-Qaida nexus or Iraq Nuclear fallacy)
* China (mainly to demonize democratic & Pro Human Rights institutions). Any organization that criticizes any element of the ruling communist party becomes a victim of communist propagandists.

However Pakistan is one of those few countries where conspiracy theories play a pivotal role in every institution and they target three countries, India, Israel & the US. These theories are widespread in Pakistan where the militant sympathizers, Anti Westerners and Anti Non Muslims use them to create fear and to legitimize the establishment of a theocratic Islamic caliphate and/or military oligarchy. The corrupt politicians also rely on these theories in order to avoid any corruption charges and concerns on their accountability.

Take the Indus water treaty between India and Pakistan. This was signed between the two nations in 1960 and according to this the country that first completes its project on a river will get the complete rights of that river. According to a research by CRSS Islamabad, Indians due to their better planning and effective water management policies have developed link canals, Dams and hydroelectric projects on the rivers allocated to them through this treaty such as Ravi, Beas and Sutlej. Today due to better water storage facilities, India’s storage to water flow ratio is 52% as compared to Pakistan’s 11%. This means that Pakistan allows most of the water to escape into the sea every year which results in impacting its dam’s storage capacity. This is mainly because Pakistani Politicians, Military dictators, Water Planning commissions and implementing bodies have never spent their time to seriously plan and to sort out these grave issues for the poor public and Instead they were either busy filling their bank accounts abroad (mainly in UK and Switzerland) or buying expensive weapons & arming proxy militias to attack neighbouring countries such as arming Afghan Warlords & Taliban to attack Afghanistan and Jash ie Mohammad, Lashkar e Taiba , Harkutul Ansar and Hizbul Mujahedeen for India.

Throughout history, whenever these dictators, politicians and scholars have faced public and media criticism regarding their accountabilities, most of them had ready-made conspiracy theories that extricated them from the outcry of the public and instead shifted the blame directly on “Foreign Elements”. The cherry on the cake is that the public also listens to conspiracy theories of these politicians because they contain religious elements and it is considered taboo and blasphemous to speak against religion or religious leaders, mostly punishable by death. Many also even include their local political or religious rivals as antagonists in their theories such as in the case of Political parties.

Recent examples of Pakistani political parties labelling their opponents either Zionists, Indians, Jewish Lobbyists or Americans are:

* PPP Minister Baber Awan recently utilized the strategy of “Qadiani lobby” conspiracy to evade against the corruption charges. Baber knew that by naming Qadianis, he would get some support as Qadianis are popularly assumed to be an anti Muslim force working to malign the Muslim leaders on behalf on none other than Jews


* PPP MNA recently called some journalists as Israeli agents because they were sensationalizing the corruption issues of their leader Asif Ali Zardari.


* Maulana Fazlur rehman’s JUI party calls a pro Taliban Journalist Ansar Abbasi a Jewish agent just because he exposed their support of President Musharraf and illegal land allotment.


* Musharraf and his dictatorship supporters termed the lawyers movement as a foreign sponsored Zionist force to destabilize Pakistan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX036XcJNYw
* Pakistan’s Tehreek e Insaaf Party Leader Imran Khan recently called prominent scientist Pervez Hoodboy as an American Agent (Security Advisor).


http://iaoj.wordpress.com/2009/05/10/pervez-hoodhbhoy-attacked-by-taliban-khan-imran-khan/ (Hoodboy Answer to Imran)

There are many examples of this conspiracy theory culture in Pakistan and most players effectively play the Jewish card pretty well.


Pakistan Water Crisis Report (http://www.crss.pk/wpager09.php) Please find under June 2009.

http://www.crss.pk/Res-Reports/Story of Jihadi Curriculum in Pakistan.pdf (Pakistani Textbook Anti Hindu)

http://www.thenews.com.pk/editorial_detail.asp?id=178540 (Shireen Mazari article in The News English using David Ben Gurion’s false quote)

Zaid Hamid’s False Claim on David Ben Gurion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xPPwnMTGkE

Israel’s aid during 2005 earthquake: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1129113922099&pagename=JPArticle/ShowFull

Theory 2

Secret Map by US military official Lt. Col Ralph Peters in 2006 to safeguard Israeli security interest and to balkanize Pakistan.

This map is quite frequently used by Zaid Hamid, pseudo journalist Ahmed Qureshi, “DR” Shireen Mazari (Recently sacked by Jung group newspaper for spreading zaid hamidi theories http://thenews.jang.com.pk/print3.asp?id=24368 ) and many other journalists to highlight the American, Indian and Israeli conspiracy in balkanizing Pakistan.

The map is below:


According to these conspiracy theorists, the above map is a part of a secret plan devised to achieve Israeli security, American energy interests in Baluchistan and Indian long time desire for the disintegration of Pakistan.

Here is the link of a so called security report from Zaid Hamids website that is using this map as the best source of evidence against the so called enemies of Islam.


This second link is to a video where he analyzes the map and highlights the Israeli security interest.


Also refer to this “DR”Shireen Mazari article where this map was again used as an evidence for Pakistan’s balkanization.



Ralph Peters is a retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel, novelist and respected expert on military and intelligence issues just like experts in Pakistan such as General Hamid Gul, Mirza Aslem Baig or Talat Masood.

http://www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.org/events/2005/09-21-ralph-peters.jsp (About Ralph Peters)

Let us see how this map is in favour of Israeli security interest.

Before this, let me ask Zaid Hamid, his followers, and other conspiracy theorists the following questions:

• Mr Zaid Hamid, et al, has anyone of you ever attended a math class in school?

• What grades did you obtain in your technical subjects at University?

• Do all of you have fake degrees just like the former minister for religious affairs in Pakistan (Amir Liaquat Husain)

Are all of you so blind in your misperceived patriotism and false pride that you have conveniently ignored a major section of this map by Ralph Peters?

Well my readers must be wondering why I am asking these questions

Hang on.

Can anyone tell me what a “map key” is?

I can find the best definition of map key here:

“A map key is a list of words or phrases or colors — usually within a box in the corner of the map — that usually explains the symbols that that are found on the map itself. Also referred to as a “legend.” (http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_map_key)

This is the accepted definition of a map key. I doubt that the conspiracy theorists interpret the map of Ralph Peters through the key provided.

Below is the key extract from the above map.

Now what is this key telling us?

It’s indicating that in this map, those countries that are named in black are gaining territory and those in red are losing territory. There are also those countries shown in the map in grey that neither lose nor gain territory.

Now the most blatant error that Zaid Hamid and Co. are making here is to miss out a fundamental point about Israel’s name in Ralph Peters’ map (Remember red means losing territory)

Please see below the extract from the map showing Israel’s name in red which means the country is losing territory.

How come this map is in favour of Israel and how is it possible that this is anywhere successful in achieving Israeli security (by Zaid Hamid) when the map itself is showing Israel loosing significant territory to Jordon and Lebanon?

In other words how is Israel achieving its so called goal to balkanize Pakistan by simultaneously balkanizing itself?

This is typical of conspiracy theorists like Zaid Hamid and Shireen Mazari that they distort every piece of information and manipulate it to serve the interest of their paranoia. In this map they are only highlighting the balkanization of Pakistan, conveniently ignoring Israeli territorial loss

Full marks should be given to the gullible followers of the conspiracy theorists who can’t even analyse a simple map key and instead choose to blindly follow their baseless diatribe against this map.

Now let’s look at this article from Ralph Peters which came along with this map in the United States Monthly Military magazine in the year 2006.

http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/2006/06/1833899/ (Please read it)

In this article titled “How a better Middle East would look” Ralph Peters carried out an experiment by hypothetically changing the borders of certain countries in the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa to address the concerns of the oppressed people in these restive regions. Some of these concerns are:

* Baluchistan in Pakistan: the Baloch people have been deprived of their rights and fair share on local resources by the Pakistani Establishment. (http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=174643). Not to mention the killings of thousands in army operations, extra judicial killings, kidnappings and mass tortures by the security forces which have added to the Balouchi peoples’ misery.
* The Pasthun Durand line, which has divided the Pashtun tribes in two countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan), has been a source of unrest and hostility for decades.
* Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights: thousands of innocent Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli Security Forces through cluster bombs, chemical weapons, aerial bombardment and through brutal oppressive tactics like blocking the supply of electricity and water in the name of security concern by the Israeli forces. Many Israeli citizens have been a victim of suicide bombings and indiscriminate killings.
* Similar territorial issue’s in Iraqi region of Kurdistan which fought with Saddam regime on autonomy and has been a victim of a genocide called Al – Anfal campaign where Saddam Hussein’s regime massacred thousands of Kurds.

Ralph Peters map was merely just a recommendation based on his personal opinion rather than a clear directive of US Foreign Policy by Department of Defence or CENTCOM.

In fact the journal his article was published in has clearly stated its guidelines here:

http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/custserv/guidelines/ (Please read the “who we are” section)

According to their website “Armed Forces journal” is a military magazine where retired or current US military officers share their opinions, analysis and reviews on military policy, defence issues, technology, logistics and tactics. It is senseless to think that this journal dictates US foreign policy.

If it is assumed that Armed Forces Journal dictates American foreign policy then why the same journal has an article extremely critical of (War on Terror) Iraq war and the Blackwater security company (Now known as XE).

http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/2007/10/2865287/ (Iraq War)

http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/2009/01/3889281/ (Trail for Blackwater agents)

Also if conspiracy theorists label Ralph Peter’s map as a doctrine of US foreign policy then they contradict their most cherished claim that Israel and Jews rule America. This is because according to Peters’ map Israel is ceding its territories by withdrawing to pre 1967 borders

Interestingly, HAMAS, a political organization classified as “terrorists” by the US, demands the same territorial retreat from Israel as shown in the above hypothetical map. This demand is also accepted by Palestinian Liberation Organization’s chief Mahmoud Abbas and was also the recommendation of the UN Security Council resolution 242.

Please refer to these references for HAMAS’s stance and UN Resolution:



A similar article was recently released by a prominent Chinese based think-tank called China International Institute for Strategic Studies that caused massive uproar in the Indian media as the article advocated the balkanization of their country into different states based on several ethnicities.


However after mass hysteria in the media, the spokesperson of the Indian ministry of external affairs clarified to them that the article was representing only the personal opinion of an analyst rather than anything to do with the official Indo –Chinese bilateral relations.

Hence after carefully interpreting the Ralph peter’s map, we can safely reach the conclusion that the map was based on a hypothetical analysis, merely recommending that Pakistan, Israel and some other states give up territories in order to accommodate the demands of the oppressed people and to somehow bring peace in these restive regions.

If an opinion from an individual analyst, journalist or think tank is taken to represent the official policy of a country then how should one interpret former ISI’s chief General Hamid Gul statements in favour of balkanaizing India? Should this also be considered an official declaration by the Chief of Army Staff or the President of Pakistan?

Please refer to this many video of Hamid Gul legitimizing Indian balkanization


Also refer to this Hamid Gul’s article:


Theory 3

Indian Weapons in Swat:

This has been an important theory to support the hypothesis of Indian and Pakistani Taliban Nexus. Many newspapers in Pakistan (especially TheNation english and DailyMail) have published several stories claiming that Pakistan army has captured huge collection of Indian made weapons from swat and now it’s the civilian government’s responsibility to diplomatically take up this grievance with the U.S.

Recently Director General ISPR Athar Abbas conducted a press conference claiming having captured Indian weapons

The question is that how is the Pakistan Army reaching this conclusion that the weapons captured in swat were Indian made?

Is this evidence enough for Pakistan to justify the Indian complicity claim?

Why would India give its own, locally made weapons to these terrorists when it is well aware of the threat this will pose to its secret endeavour of destabilizing Pakistan?

The first rule for any covert operation is to make sure that that the operation remains clandestine. CIA has been an expert in covert operations and one good example of its successful operation was in 1980’s during afghan jihad when the mujahedeen who fought the Russians were supplied with Israeli weapons by the Americans.

Americans wanted to give the appearance that mujhadeen were using Russian made weapons. U.S Congressman Charlie Wilson together with Mossad agent Zvi Rafiah brokered a deal between the then Pakistani president Zia-ul-haq and Israeli government to help supply Russian made weapons that Israel had captured from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in Lebanon to Afghanistan.

So why would India supply its locally made weapons to insurgents in Pakistan? Why would it not use Chinese or Pakistani made weapons?

Below is the link of Ahmed Qureshi’s website with a picture that is found on forums, blogs and websites which promotes the above mentioned conspiracy theory.



The above picture is showing weapons purportedly captured by Pakistani army in Swat. According to Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Qureshi and other conspiracy theorists, the weapon in the picture is an Indian made gun called Vickers-Berthier, hence it proves that India is secretly supplying weapons to the Pakistani Taliban in order to destabilize Pakistan.

Here is the text accompanying the above picture in Ahmed Qureshi’s website:

“A number of the Indian army standard issue Vickers-Berthier (VB) light machine gun, manufactured in India, have been found by the Pakistani military in the hands of the terrorists in Swat. This LMG has a 30-round box magazine and a bipod stand, and is sometimes mistaken for the Bren. Apart from India, it was only sold to a few Baltic and South American states”


The Vicker – Berthier is a machine gun manufactured by Vickers-Armstrongs Limited “a British engineering conglomerate”. It was adopted by the British Indian Army and its production line was established at the Ishapore Rifle Factory in India, and still remains in reserve use for the Indian army. (http://world.guns.ru/machine/mg82-e.htm)

But the real question is, is the above picture really showing a Vicker – Berthier?

The image below shows a Vicker-Berthier from a reliable Vickers Armstrongs website

Please refer to these links for references about Vicker – Berthier:

http://www.vickersmachinegun.org.uk/ (Click Links on the left-hand side and subsequently click “Light Machine Guns” under General Weapon information heading)


Clearly the original Vicker – Berthier as shown above differs in structure from the one shown on Ahmed Qureshi’s website. (Notice the difference between buttstocks).

The gun which Ahmed Qureshi falsely calls the Vicker is actually a Russian PK machine gun or another variant called PKM.

Below are two images of Russian PK Machine guns. The Second image is showing this gun loaded with 100-round belt in the attached box.


Please refer to these links for all the information related to PK Machine gun.

http://warfare.ru/?lang=&catid=276&linkid=2200 (From Russain Arms Database)



http://www.armscontrol.ru/atmtc/Arms_systems/Land/Small_Arms/smarms.htm (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology – Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies)

Now let’s expose this propaganda of Pakistani conspiracy theorists further.

Below is a picture of former Afghan Taleban commander (Soviet Afghan war veteran) Mullah Dadullah. He was killed by US forces in fighting in 2007.

Source=Video interview of Dadullah by as-Sahab in 2006

Notice the gun above. It’s the Russian PK machine gun that has been a standard weapon for the Taliban along with the infamous Russian AK – 47. There are also dozens of videos on YouTube of afghan Taliban fighters clearly showing them with Russian PK Machine guns. (Please type Dadullah in YouTube search box and watch the videos for confirmation)

Now let’s look at some of the weapons captured by the coalition forces in Afghanistan and analyse the weapons used in recent attacks by Afghan Taliban on the Afghan Government officials, American, British and NATO troops.

Refer to these links below and notice that all weapons were PK machine guns:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...rs-murdered-Afghanistan-Taliban-assassin.html (British Soldiers killed by Taliban Assassin)

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8055247.stm (Karzai’s Brother Attacked)


http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2008/06/26/monitor/entry4212617.shtml?tag=contentMain;contentBody (Taliban, Al Qaeda attacking British Troops)

http://www.arabnews.com/?page=4&section=0&article=67464&d=25&m=7&y=2005 (PK Machine guns Captured from Afghan Taliban)


(PK Machine guns Captured from Afghan Taliban)


(British Officer Attacked)

PK Machine gun is one of the most common weapons in Afghanistan which is not only used by the Afghan Taliban but used also by the Afghan police and their national army. These guns are available in large supply in Afghanistan mainly because the Russian army left behind large caches of Russian made weapons in after the war in 1980s. Another reason is the drug trade between the Russian gangs and Taliban where the gangs buy cheaper drugs from Afghanistan and pay for it with guns instead of money. Please refer to a report on drug for guns trade with Taliban in the link below:


This is exactly reminiscent of how the diamond for guns trade works to finance the African warlords in Africa.

Now for the final nail in the coffin of this conspiracy theory:

The Russian PK machine gun, which Ahmed Qureshi and Zaid Hamid claim is an Indian made Vicker, was captured by Israel from a Palestinian owned freighter in 2002. Here is the link


Now even if we grant the crazy claim of Qureshi and Hamid that these weapons are indeed Indian made Vickers (as ridiculous as this is) we are faced with this puzzle: if Indian made weapons, Vickers, are found in the hands of Taliban which hence incriminates India of involvement in Pakistan, then by the same logic India is also supporting the Muslim, Palestinian militia against Israel and the Afghan Taliban, both of whom Pakistan glorifies as freedom fighters.

But this does not sound so ludicrously insane since Ahmed Qureshi’s sources are none other than the ever so reliable Brass Tacks which is ostensibly a security think tank founded by the “omnipotent and omnipresent” Zaid Hamid. Sources obtained by Zaid Hamid are as reliable as the sources that claim seeing the Loch Ness monster.

Here is the video link where he is telling us about his sources of information.


This is hilarious comedy material. He claims he has spies all over the world feeding him information through thousands of emails daily. Seriously, are we just supposed to take his word on this? He sounds like a megalomaniac freak.

Theory 4

American Government website supports terror in Pakistan.

There is another theory in Pakistan used by conspiracy theorists to describe Baluch insurgency as an American and Israeli agenda

The claim of this theory is as follows:

Americans support terror in Baluchistan because the American citizenship form lists Baluchistan as a separate entity in the address drop down box so therefore this indicates that Americans want balkanization of Pakistan.

For some readers this may be quite ridiculous but then again we can expect any absurdity from the proponents of such theories. As a starting point let us apply the rule we applied to analyse the other three refuted theories, that is, apply the message in the Quranic verse 36, Chapter 17 (To Verify).

This picture below is usually found on conspiracy theories websites; it is widely used to give substance to what is called the immigration form theory.


Below are WebPages including the one of Zaid Hamid’s puppet known as Ahmed Qureshi.

http://teeth.com.pk/blog/2009/08/19/us-immigration-form-lists-baluchistan-as-country-of-citizenship (Blog by Awab Alvi)


Notice the word Baluchistan (Pakistan) above in the picture under the “Change of Address” online form.

Now let’s see the original website of US immigration services and compare this with the above so called separate Baluchistan version.

Here is the link to the immigration website. Please follow the steps below the link for verification as there is no direct working link to this online form. Also note that conspiracy theorists have provided a dead link for verification on their blogs.


(Scroll all the way down and click Change your address online. Next repeat the scroll down process and click I accept these terms and conditions. Click on No, this change of address is not for a US Citizen. Now check the country of drop down box under customer information and it is absolutely clear that there is no such thing as claimed by the conspiracy theorists. In fact, the odd thing is the colour of header in the webpage is quite different as the original has white header as compare to the fake that is shown above in blue.

Thoery 5

India has dozens of embassies in Afghanistan which it uses to support Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) (based in Israel according to Zaid Hamid) for internal unrest in Pakistan.

Another widely accepted theory in Pakistan.


India has 1 embassy in Kabul and 4 consulates at Heart, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Mazar – e- Sharif. Please refer to these government and independent sources for verification. The third link would provide details of (Websites, FAX numbers, Tel Numbers) for these consulates.



http://meaindia.nic.in/ (Click on Welcome, then “Missions & posts” on left and then select Afghanistan)

Note that Pakistan also has the same number of diplomatic missions in Afghanistan as India. 1 embassy in Kabul and 4 consulates at Heart, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Mazar – e- Sharif


The questions that come my mind are below:

Where in Afghanistan are these ‘dozens’ of Indian Embassies?

Why has Islamabad not handed over any evidence in relation to this to the UN? (India did so in the case of Jamat Dawa)

Why has this ‘common security’ threat never been shared with China? (Remember the Chinese Indian rivalry)

Where in Israel is this “Headquarter”of BLA? Is it in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or…?

What other evidence is there that BLA’s headquarters are in Israel other than the bizarre delusions of Zaid Hamid?

Why the army is silent on these issues and has instead expressed serious concerns on issues like the Kerry Lugar bill?

In any case, it is up to the Afghani people to decide who they welcome in their country.

According to Council on Foreign Relations, since 2001, India has offered $1.2 billion for Afghanistan’s reconstruction, making it the biggest regional donor to the country, while it has also poured in massive infrastructure investments including hospitals, schools, and dams. Pakistan’s aid is negligible compared to India even in relative terms. Although India also has political and strategic objectives in Afghanistan but it chose to use economic means as opposed to using an insurgency like Pakistan does. The choice is for the Afghani people to make, they can either choose hospitals, schools, roads, and dams or let mullahs run free and take them back to the dark ages.




Theory 6

Americans have not yet declared (BLA) Baluchistan liberation army a terrorist organization so therefore this proves American hand behind BLA.

http://www.ahmedquraishi.com/article_detail.php?id=777 (Ahmed Qureshi on BLA)

Well the question is why would America officially have to declare a particular organization for it to be labeled a terrorist organization?

Why has Pakistan’s army’s best friend China, not declared al-Qaida a terrorist organization?

Why has Pakistan itself being the one fighting this war on terror not yet declared al-Qaida as a terrorist organization?

Why has not china declared BLA a terrorist organization (Forget America)?

Why Pakistan has not declared Hezbollah or Hamas as terrorists?

Why has Saudi Arabia not declared East Turkestan Islamic Movement as a terrorist organization?

Note: Please note that East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is a militant organization fighting for the rights of brutally oppressed Muslim Uyghur population by China.

Can we then automatically derive support of a terrorist group where there is a lack of declaration of a terrorist by a country?

This is not how it works. U.S.A would declare an organization terrorist when it poses a threat to its national security; similarly China hasn’t declared Al-Qaeda a terrorist organization because there have been no al-Qaida attacks on its soil and the Chinese have not found any substantial evidence to form any nexus between ETIM and Al-Qaida.

Theory 7

China along with Pakistan has been a target of continuous Zionist Plots.

Conspiracy theorists romance with China.

(Zaid Hamid’s think – tank so called security report)



Conspiracy theorists in Pakistan have deliberately avoided discussing two aspects of China’s policies that are sure to uncover the falsehood of their theories. They are:

1. China’s role in treatment of its indigenous Muslim population and of other Muslims all over the world (DARFUR).

2. Beijing’s rather liberal relations with Israel.

Perhaps due to self censorship, China – Israel relations are never mentioned, if at all, because that may cause Pakistan’s general population to protest against Sino Pakistan relations, which are all the more valuable because of Sino-Indian rivalry and China’s non democratic style of governance.

China, unlike Pakistan and most Islamic countries, recognized Israel in 1992. Moreover Israel is the second largest arms supplier to China after Russia; and China is Israel’s largest Asian trading partner with the trade expected to be USD $10 billion by 2010.

According to a report in the New York Times “China has sought Israel’s expertise in solar energy, manufacturing robotics, irrigation, construction, agricultural, water management and desalination technologies”. Both countries have strong bilateral relations and recently marked 17 years of good relations:

But in Pakistan, the media is more focused on Indo – Israel relations and that is often a bone of contention between India and Pakistan.

China’s record on human rights and freedom of press is quite notorious and it is also too oppressive to its Muslim population. For example Uyghurs, the ethnic term for the mostly Muslim population in the Chinese province Xinjiang, face religious persecution and discrimination at the hands of the Chinese government. The government controls the management of all mosques and only allows its own ‘approved’ version of the Quran to be used. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to attend mosques.

But religious elements and Pakistani Nationalists fail to mention any of this since their goal is not to disseminate factual information but to spread propaganda. The Jamat Islami of Pakistan recently signed a death warrant for Muslims in China when it signed an MoU with the Chinese government supporting its actions in Xinjiang Province; it is contradictory to sign an agreement with a country that discriminates against its Muslim population, and at the same time accuse Israel and India for the same kind of mistreatment. It is hard for people like Zaid Hamid to highlight the miserable condition of the Uyghurs when China is the main weapons supplier of Pakistan and equally as hard when China can so easily be used in propaganda against India since both the former and latter have a history of rivalry. Whatever national interests Pakistani establishment thinks it is serving by promoting its conspiracy theories are doomed to failure since China will always keep its own national interests ahead of everything else.

Furthermore, China’s economic policies have been subject to much criticism in Africa for being exploitative. In the case of Darfur in Sudan, arguably the most brutal conflict in Africa today, Chinese involvement has been under fire from international institutions. With this record on human rights it is disappointing to see Zaid Hamid praising China as a partner of Pakistan. What is even more interesting is that Sudan’s population is mostly Muslim; but as we have already seen this is not the only case where Zaid Hamid has overlooked the hardships of foreign Muslims. He has also claimed that China is Pakistan’s partner against the ‘Zionists’ which sounds absurd as China and Israel have strong bilateral ties.


http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=163116 (Qazi Hussain China)





http://www.atimes.com/atimes/China/DL04Ad01.html (Israel China Relations)


Theory 8

Chanakya Ideology (According to Zaid Hamid, India should never be trusted because of their belief in Chanakya)

Under the ancient powerful Maurya Empire, Chanakya (Kautilya) a military strategist was the first Prime Minister. He was a great philosopher and a pioneer in the field of economics and political science.

According to Shaikh Azizur Rahman’s article “India defence looks to ancient text” Indian scientists recommended Indian defence to apply the modus operandi of Chanakya as described in the book Arthashastra, written more than 2,300 years ago. These include secrets of effective stealth warfare such as how to keep a soldier fighting for a month.

However, Zaid Hamid falsely asserts that we should never befriend India because Indian foreign diplomatic policy is dominated by Chanakya and they believe in the Chanakya Ideology which, according to him, is a Janus faced ideology telling its followers to act superficially in the best interests of enemies (Pakistan) but at the same time sawing away at it’s roots. Though Chanakya’s ideas may seem harsh, historians have no proof of the characteristics Zaid Hamid attributes to this particular ideologist.

An instance of his assertion of this ideology is when a book praising Jinnah (Jinnah: India -Partition -Independence) was written by a BJP finance minister, Jaswant Singh. In it he claimed that Nehru was responsible for the partition between India and Pakistan and openly praised Jinnah. As a result, Mr. Jaswant Singh was expelled from the party since he did not represent the views of the party. This was a welcome step for Pakistanis and a step forward for Indo Pak friendly relations. However, Mr. Zaid Hamid proclaimed that this was a disguised attempt to gain Pakistan’s trust under the Chanakya ideology and that under this guise; the Indians will always seek to harm Pakistan’s interests. Now since there is no concrete proof of this, and Zaid Hamid certainly is no historian himself… is it possible that he has a couple of ‘agents’ who report to him live from that era as well??

If India applies the Chanakya Ideoloy in its Military Warfare, do Pakistanis not also hail Mohammad Bin Qasim and Khalid Bin Waleed for their strategies? If our praise is justified, then so is their strategy.

Now since there can be no peace between India and Pakistan if we are to presume Zaid’s theory as correct, then there is only one other way left for us: Ghazwa-e-Hind. Zaid Hamid believes that in order to restore peace to our land, it is important to have control over our neighbouring lands. He further believes that it has been foretold by the Prophet (PBUH) in his sayings that there will come a time when the Pakistan Army will conquer its enemies.

The real reason for using this theory of Chanakaya ideology is to legitimize the theory of Ghazwe Hind. In other words the strategy of Zaid Hamid is to make his followers believe that peace with India cannot be achieved at any cost (based on his interpretation of Chanakya ideology and its role in Indian foreign policy) and the only way left is Ghazw e Hind.

Getting information on Chankya’s life from Zaid Hamid, given his hostile views on India and non Muslims, is like asking Bal Thackhery (Hindu Extremist Anti Pakistani) about Mohammed Ali Jinnah (Pakistan’s Founder.



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Feb 23, 2009
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Section 2. Objectives of Conspiracy Theories.

Objective 1.

To denigrate Baluchistan’s resistance movements and to present a picture where the blame of all Baluch sufferings go to foreign elements even though the real culprits are the Punjabi elite and the Pakistan army for their military operations in that region.

Conspiracy theories facilitate Pakistan’s establishment and Army to overshadow the following issues on Baluchistan:

* Musharraf’s Trial (After Murder of Akbar Bugti)
* Baloch Gas Royalty payments (estimated to be in billions of rupees since 1950s)
* Baloch Missing persons Issue
* Provincial Autonomy

Thus with the help of false theories, Pakistani Rulers have been successful in diverting public attention more towards the so called Israeli/American agenda in Baluchistan as compared to the real issues.

Objective 2.

To undermine any effort to form a civilian and democratic government so the only choice left is army rule

The strategy employed here to achieve this objective by the army and its media agents is to present a picture in the Pakistani public that the army is doing all it can to take actions against certain contentious issues in Pakistan but it’s the civilian government that is acting as an impediment in its quest.

For example: Refer to this brief video where ISPR (ISI’s Public Relations) is giving this statement in the press conference that the Pakistan army has captured Indian weapons in Swat and all necessary proof regarding India’s complicity has been send to the civilian government (Foreign Office) and now it’s the government’s job to take this with India.


In other words the ISPR that represents Pakistan army is giving this impression that the military has fully done its job of collecting evidence against India and now it’s the turn of the civilian government to raise this issue with India.

Statements like these then are heavily exploited by army’s media agents (Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Qureshi in particular) to further justify their claim that the present civilian government is not taking these issues with India and hence is working with the CIA and RAW and the only way to bring stability in Pakistan and to fight Indian interference is to willingly accept an army rule.

Similar strategy is manifested on the issue of drone attacks in Pakistan (Widely condemned by the majority of population) and is used not only by the army sponsored media agents but also by the opposition political parties to exploit public support against their rivals.

Officially, both Pakistan army and civilian government maintain that they are not complicit in drone attacks and there is neither any secret agreement between them and the US. But numerous reports have indicated that both the government and the army are involved in not only allowing the US to use the Shamsi airfield in Baluchistan but also to provide them with necessary intelligence in relation to the locations of the targets.



Again Pakistan’s conspiracy theorists frequently spread theories that only Pakistan’s civilian government (Not Military) is complicit in “drone attacks permission”. This helps the Pakistani army to direct more public opprobrium towards civilian government

The dichotomy over here is, that the same army expressed its criticism on Kerry Lugar bill (an aid agreement by U.S. directing more aid towards civilians rather then Military) and choose to stay dead silent on drone attacks.

Recently Pakistan army expressed its “serious concerns” on Kerry Lugar bill by holding 122 Corps Commanders Conference at General Headquarters.


On similar lines, why Pakistan army is not in a position to hold an emergency meeting (at least) to protest against Drones?

Objective 3.

Why a conspiracy theory created to portray Pakistani Taliban as “Foreign Agents”?

This is because: To defend the image of pro Pakistan Militants or Jihadists and Pakistan Army.

Pakistan formed the Afghan Taliban after U.S. conveniently left Afghanistan in dilapidated condition. In order to protect its regional rivalry with India (that was supporting Northern Alliance), Pakistan has supported the Taliban since the beginning to influence Afghanistan’s domestic and foreign policies. While the Taliban continued to pummel Afghani women and children as well as men, the women elite of Pakistan continued to party away late into the nights with their partners… life was lavish. Most of the masses in Pakistan had no idea about the existence of Taliban and their brutal tactics which was to spill onto their lives a few years later.

However, things dramatically changed after 9/11 with U.S.’s War on Terror. Pakistan was forced to rethink its policy towards the Taliban due to American pressure and strategic reasons, and a general consensus against them was formed the world over. The Taliban were brought to the forefront and their dirty deeds were exposed through the internet and the media.

At the same time, under Musharraf, Pakistani media became relatively free which led to the scrutiny of Pakistan’s relations with the Taliban. Images of public beatings of women, killings and executions in soccer grounds were all over TV channels. This contributed towards forming a negative image of the Taliban among the Pakistani people. (Except the conservatives, extremists and political parties such as Jamait e Islami)

Specifically after the TV Boom in Pakistan which also happened simultaneously, the new free media and the newly hosted Talk Shows exposed the role of the Military in the formation of the Taliban or militants through prominent politicians who came up and spoke out. Military rule came under fire as Pakistan’s history of exploitative politics and ISI’s role in it came to light through critics in talk shows and electronic media.

Thus a negative perception of the military was also created.

By 2007 Pakistan came under the strain of excessive bombings by a newly formed group known as Pakistani Taliban. This group was formed on the same ideological lines as the Afghan Taliban i.e. to enforce puritanical Sharia in Pakistan and to fight against any occupying forces. However, it differs operationally from Afghan Taliban as the latter is fighting in Afghanistan against U.S. and NATO forces and the former is in war against Pakistan who is supporting the occupying forces. They are both controlled by Al-Qaida and are mostly collaborate together. The graph below shows the relationship between these three players (Afghan Taliban, Pakistan Taliban & Al Qaeda) and how they are destabilizing Pakistan and Afghanistan.

source: captainsjournal.com

Soon after the suicide bombings in 2007, TTP (Pakistani Taliban) openly started to claim responsibility for the attacks and got significant coverage by the electronic media. In these circumstances it became increasingly difficult for the extremists and the conspiracy theorists to openly defend the Islamist militant organizations and to simultaneously have the Afghan Taliban and Kashmiri militants as a regional lever for control. Since the Pakistani Taliban were openly claiming on television to have carried out suicide bombings in Pakistan in the name of Jihad, ISI and its Islamist allies became increasingly worried as this was tainting the image of “mujahids” (Islamic Fighters), Jihad (a motivational weapon of Army) and spreading the perception that the militants were retaliating against Pakistan because of the indiscriminate bombings by the Pakistani army in tribal areas.

In addition to this, the Lawyers Movement added fuel to the fire and acted as a catalyst in forming a negative image of the military. The Military however had to come up with a plan which was politically safe in the short run and which also served their interests in the long run.

To counter all this, Pakistan army, Islamists, and allied conspiracy theorists devised a plan to launch a conspiracy theory that would easily blame all the attacks in Pakistan on India, Israel and the U.S. Hence TTP and any other affiliated militant group that was attacking Pakistan was then tagged by these conspiracy theorists as Indian or American agents working in disguise as Taliban to malign the reputation of the “Taliban” and jihad in particular.

The Pakistan Army did not stop here however. They launched a proponent agent in the public: someone who would act as a defender as well as a promoter. Right about that time, and apparently without any associations to the army, Zaid Hamid appeared on the horizon and took two stances that the army was in dire need of. In order to rally support for his perspective, he gave his ideas a religious aspect insofar as glorification of the army was concerned. Briefly mentioned, his views are firstly that the army is sacred and can do no wrong, secondly, that our army is destined to overpower the whole world, and lastly, Ghazwa-e-hind i.e. we have to defeat India and we are religiously destined to do so one day.

Objective 4.

To boost the morale of the armed forces and the general population when the army sees a need for any military operation or intervention.

Before any Military operation, it is a tendency of the army to label its adversaries as Indians or Zionist agents. This is because the army is predominantly trained and indoctrinated to fight against the Hindus (“infidels Indians”).

A common exploitative tactic is to give a conflict a religious context e.g. by presenting the ‘enemy’ as enemies of Islam. Before the 1971 operation for East Pakistan (operation searchlight) Bengalese were targeted by issuances of fatwas for their ‘infidel activities’, thus painting the Bengalese as unfaithful and conspirators against Islam. This ideological manipulation influences the public sentiment by projecting a unislamic and imperialist image of foreign country/peoples. Prejudiced and censored history also makes the public vulnerable, making it easy to get their support for a military operation. The 1992 operation against MQM is a textbook case. Members of the MQM were portrayed as traitors who were secretly plotting to create a separate state with the help of the Indians. Similar strategy is employed in Swat and Waziristan operations where with the help of conspiracy theorists such as Zaid Hamid, the army is successful in gaining public support and motivation for troops.



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What circumtances assist conspiracy culture in Pakistan.

Conspiracy theories are common all over Pakistan and they specifically target the youth of Pakistan that accounts for a substantial percentage of Pakistani population. According to Dawn News (Fifty-seven per cent of Pakistan’s population is between 15 and 64, and 41 per cent are under 15. Only four per cent are over 65. Pakistan is now experiencing its largest ever youth bulge) United Nations Report.


According to the New York Times news paper, in a survey report, commissioned by the British Council and conducted by the Nielsen research company, Pakistani youth is pessimistic about its future and is severely impacted by the austere economic conditions and political chaos in the country. The survey revealed that majority of those interviewed were deeply depressed, demoralised and a part of highly frustrated young generation; a generation which feels abandoned by its government. While most people do not trust their government, they do however; attach loyalty to the military and religious institutions. Three-quarters of those interviewed identified themselves primarily as Muslim, with just one out of seven identifying themselves as Pakistanis. Moreover, the same study reveals that the despair among them is rooted in the unhealthy state of their lives: only one-fifth of those interviewed had permanent full-time jobs. While half of them said they did not have sufficient skills to even enter the workplace. Moreover, one out of four could not read or write- ‘a legacy of the country’s abysmal public education system, in which less than 40 percent of children are enrolled in schools- far below the South Asian average of 58 percent’ (New York Times Newspaper).

http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/22/world/asia/22pstan.html?_r=2 (Please refer to the survey here)

This already despondent youth finds considerable respite in religious groups and other radical groups which give a sense of belonging, a shared feeling of helplessness – the realization that the same problems are shared by those within these groups– and in in the case of madrassas some form of education, food and boarding is also provided.

In a society with a low literacy rate, a bulk of the population does not value research or articles and are mostly guided blindly, like sheep, by conspiracy theorists such as Zaid Hamid and other such radicalists who provide a ‘feel-good’ element to the youth by presenting a false concoction of conspiracy theories where the blame is poured over other societies such as the Jews or America. .

According to Farooq Sulehria’s article titled “Conspiracy theories”, Pakistanis readily buy conspiracy theories because the masses here feel disempowered.

The best example he has given is: “Conspiracy theories, by oversimplifying complex political questions, save you mental labour. Why strain one’s nerves to understand Marx’s dull essays on economy to understand the current financial meltdown when we know ”Jewish bankers” have engineered this crisis?”

Under such circumstances, it is understandable that majority of the population would not strain their already stressed nerves over dull essays and articles with an open mind and make a daunting effort for independent research when they can simply listen to the theories and lectures provided by Zaid Hamid and the likes.

Besides, it’s human nature not to oppose the masses. To oppose means to take a stand, to have the guts to say ‘No’ and that surely requires something more than education. It requires courage, wit, intelligence and an enlightened mind.

http://www.thenews.com.pk/editorial_detail.asp?id=210415 (Refer to Farooq’s article for the quotes)



Feb 22, 2009
While others may wonder how even educated people can fall for such weird conspiracy theories, I know from personal experience that even the educated sections of Pakistani society are taken in by them to varying degrees.

Pakistan is afflicted with all the conspiracy theories that are common in much of the Muslim world. They have added on a whole lot more.


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Speaking of conspiracy theorists in pakistan.This particular letter in dawn fits the bill where writer is claiming that british consulate employs indians in UAE ,who are only stealing pakistani passports.read the letter its full of nuggets...

Lost passport

I SUBMITTED my passport, bearing No. NQ 4103311, for a UK visa to Gerry’s visa application centre in G-9, Islamabad.

I needed the visa to attend a joint programme of the Environmental Change Institute of Oxford University and Leadership in Environment and Development International in October.

My passport has been missing since then. I sent an email to the Abu Dhabi contact of the UK High Commission (AbuDhabi.DutyECO@fco. gov.uk) in December and they confirmed through email on Dec 20 that my passport was being processed and I would get it back soon. Nothing, however, was received at my end and I again sent an inquiry to the UK High Commission, Abu Dhabi, in January.

In return, I got email from Mr John Galbraith, Entry Clearance Officer, Abu Dhabi Regional Hub, UK Border Agency International Group, British Embassy, Abu Dhabi, confirming that my passport was lost in the process.

This easily said sentence has multiple adverse impacts and sides.

This indicates a loophole in the system of the UK Border Agency, a discriminatory treatment with Pakistanis, depriving them of opportunities of international significance.

Although I am not sure as to how much the discriminators will respond to this letter, I am sure that there is little interest at the UK Border Agency and British High Commissions and Embassies to search for lost or stolen passports like mine, yet I am making an effort to spread the word against it, as my passport has a valid US visa and can be used for any purpose.

There is a rumour that UK Border Agency has employed Indians in Abu Dhabi for the processing of passports and they are stealing passports of Pakistanis that have value, have valid visas and their stealing can deprive Pakistanis like me of an opportunity to attend international meetings and can deprive us of an opportunity to represent Pakistan at international forums.

I would appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the President of Pakistan, the Foreign Minister, the Ambassador of Pakistan to the United Kingdom to intervene and take up the situation with the UK Border Agency as to why there is this discrimination with Pakistan and Pakistanis.



Feb 22, 2009
The Pakistani mindset has a particular victim mentality combined with a strange sense of entitlement and machismo.

The combination makes them believe any conspiracy theory, however far fetched.


Tihar Jail
Oct 2, 2009
Conspiracy theories galore

By Ayesha Siddiqa
Friday, 26 Feb, 2010

I COULDN’T believe my ears when responsible quarters informed me of an American-Blackwater conspiracy to isolate Pakistan.

According to this heinous plan the objective will be achieved by infiltrating the media, specifically through placing people in responsible positions in the print and electronic media. These plants will then be made responsible for freaking out ordinary people.

While some Blackwater agents are said to be responsible for making people paranoid about a secret plan to destroy Pakistan and take away its ‘crown jewels’ — its nuclear weapons — others have been given the task of exciting the populace with the idea of fighting some kind of holy war against neighbouring states and more.

This is called psy-ops, the art of instilling fear in the hearts of citizens and making them lose touch with reality and faith in their own capabilities. The biggest tool of course is the rumour mill, which is constantly in action churning out half-lies and half-truths. Anyone who cannot be bought off by the company is immediately termed a foreign agent. Such tricks are also useful in hiding the fact that it is in reality these people, who are working to isolate Pakistan, that are on Blackwater’s payroll.

There is evidence of using psy-ops in the past against ordinary folks and making them believe in some outside force conspiring to destroy them. The Germans before the Second World War are a prime example. The entire nation had lost touch with reality to a point that they stopped using rational thinking to assess the behaviour of their own leaders and held a certain kind of people responsible for the malaise they suffered from.

Resultantly, there was the famous witch-hunt through which the Jews, the ‘gypsies’, the physically disabled, homosexuals and non-conformist intellectuals were killed or forced to leave. Very soon, the Nazi military machine managed to get rid of people who would have proved to be an asset for the Third Reich.

Apparently, one of the secondary objectives of the conspirators is to create an environment which kills creative minds and pushes them to leave, hence the brain drain. It didn’t occur to ordinary Germans that their leaders, who were responsible for the First World War as well, were caught ‘with their pants down’ in the process of using military power against the rest of the world, and as such were equally responsible for the tragic state of affairs. In fact, the real conspiracy was to take away the rational faculty of the ordinary citizen.

In Pakistan today ordinary persons are being fed fear and paranoia so that they cannot think about the mistakes made by their own leadership. This is not to suggest that other nations do not make questionable plans but the fact is that painting the world in shades of black and white is in itself a conspiracy against the people.

For instance, the story about the historic American let-down does not mention that our own leadership was equally responsible for serving the interests of foreign states in return for both ‘cash and kind’. Publicly asking Hillary Clinton questions regarding the control of the ISI, for example, is nothing but superimposing the idea of the Pakistani nation’s EQ (emotional quotient). So Washington — rather than Islamabad — decides everything in Pakistan.

I haven’t been informed as yet but I suspect that there is even a larger conspiracy afoot to impair the minds of Muslims all over the world. This is done through instilling the fear of some ‘foreign hand’ behind everything that happens in their countries. Spreading such rumours gradually weakens and ultimately deadens their capacity to think of themselves as people who can control their destinies.

According to this plan, the answer for everything bad or unpleasant lies outside. The bulk of the mentally de-capacitated citizenry then gradually looks up to a certain set of leaders as ‘knights in shining armour’ who will protect them and the state.

The absence of systems in what is called the Muslim world is an eye-opener. The conspiracy deepens since people are also made to believe that their lives will only improve through installing a certain kind of programme on their national hard drive.

The writer is an independent strategic and political analyst.

[email protected]


United States of Hindu Empire
May 29, 2009
You can find same mentality in many new BD generation as well. More they are unable to quench equal opportunities and find platforms to launch into fast changing world more they are becoming vulnerable to such conspiracy theories due to their attachment with religion. Conspiracy theories are disseminated into masses by regimes in power. These theories are more abundant in nation those who have been fail to grow as competitive with rest of the world. So more you are fail as a nation more your are bombarded with such theories. Like a poor nation will be a hard core socialist and as more riches she will earn more she will become capitalist.

However i must tell you that educated class understand these theories but are comprehensively bullied by theses stereotypes. They are in majority and can catch and bully so called moderate in their community gatherings. You know what i mean.
They can check and balance you at no where but at the gatherings. Its better to be quite then ostracise.(I am saying with conviction and my personal experience)
Furthermore if you are my enemy and there was never a time when we both were in a normal relationship then i will never like to understand your point of view even if it will sounds rational, for sake of animosity.

To my understanding we all are just whining and unnecessarily confronting(alarming them to become more sharp for the next time, see what happened during recent bilateral talks and balochistan dossier issue) with them to teach wisdom and bursting these theories. Even if these theories are invincible we would have no salvation but to counter their influence of any kind to serve our own interest and keep our way of life protected.

Rather advising,making them at par, at league with us, prompting them to compete by uncalled confrontations and wasting our energy bursting their bubbles one must use their vulnerability or show restrain and isolation. Things can be learned from China and US no doubt.

They were born with less advantage then you, at any time in near future they will not be able to be at par with you specially in defence capabilities cause of your size. What we have achieved till date by wasting time advising them wisdom is nothing but a hostile nation more aggressive and potential to nuke us with whim.
I think we are overwhelmingly intelligence but confused, why our peace of mind is dependent on their would be rationality; feed by us is my concern.
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Apr 20, 2010
Speaking of conspiracy theorists in pakistan.This particular letter in dawn fits the bill where writer is claiming that british consulate employs indians in UAE ,who are only stealing pakistani passports.read the letter its full of nuggets...

Lost passport
This one cracked me up. Are you sure you didn't take it from the jokes section of the dawn? If any of you have been to PDF (a forum) .. you will die of laughter with the kind of rumours they believe in. Its good for entertainment but too much of it will dumb down your intelligence, so beware!


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Feb 23, 2009
Add one more to the sh*t list:

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