Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings


Maulana Rockullah
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Aug 12, 2009
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Breaking GOOD NEWWJ! New Zealand cancels cricket tour just few hours before due to safety issues. :clap2::clap2::clap2:

Pakis on their forums opened many threads, frustrated and threatening NZ of attacks and Nukes! :crazy:

Below is a LEAKED phone convo which Maulana Rockullah :yo: tapped for fun. Enjoy :tea::crazy:


Imrand Khan: Heeeloooo... Mohtarma, Ass-wala-Cum! Pleej don't cancel cricket tour!
Jacinda: Sorry the safety of our players is priority!
Imrand Khan: Why cancel?
Jacinda: Forgot the attack on Sri Lanka players? Many injured and some people died.
Imrand Khan: But it's old news!
Jacinda: No, situation is even bad now! You are officially a terrorist country since 1947! You now support Taliban openly!
Imrand Khan: We are dying of HUNGER! Tour cancel mat karo puhleeej. Alla ke waste!
Jacinda: You have enough money to pay for millions of Terrorists and do terrorism all over the world! You killed 3, 000,000 Muslim Bangladeshis, 100,000 Kashmiris, 20,000 Baloch, 10,000 Pashtun, 10,000 Afgans... do I tell you more? You even killed 25,000 Palestinians by sending your army in Black September operation. What kind of Muslims are you who killed the MOST Muslims??? :shock: :shock: :shock:

Imrand Khan: But we trained freedom fighters!
Jacinda: TTP is also Freedom Fighter?
Imrand Khan: No they are bad terrorists, butchering our soldiers like :pig: daily!
Jacinda: Ab Jali na? Jali na? You deserve it!
Imrand Khan: Accha suno...Mohtarma, tour cancel mat karo... pleeeej!
Jacinda: .......
Imrand Khan:
I am so handsome...tour cancel mat karo... pleeeej!
Jacinda: Now please stop irritating me, you are talking to a PM of a country! :crazy:
Jacinda: How irritating are you as PM of Pakistan!!!
Abe BHIKHRI... Urdu mei bolun kya re? Bhag bsdk Terrorist!
Imrand Khan: Tour cancel mat karo... pleeeej! I BEG you like a BEGGAR! I lick your feet and clean your toilet! 😟

Jacinda: Phone rakh BC... <phone cut>

Imrand Khan: Hello?
Imrand Khan: Hello? Sala kangalie mei aata geela! Koi izzt nahi hai Pakistan ki! Biden to baat he nahi karta! :crying::crying::crying:

PS: BC... It's a COPYRIGHT and not a internet copy paste! Chori mat karna! :namaste:
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