Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings


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Mar 10, 2022
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behold.. the gems just keep coming:

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday directed authorities concerned for robust renewable energy management to cut the country’s $27 billion oil import bill and improve the country’s existing electricity distribution system.
so, how does this work? the PM suddenly dreams that renewable energy is important and he waves a magic
wand to "direct authorities" and its all suddenly done?

“Ultimately, we have to move to renewable energy. The oil import worth billions of dollars can be controlled by using alternative resources like solar, wind and hydel. Make cold calculations and I believe, you will be the winner in the long term,” the prime minister said while addressing a meeting held to review the power sector’s performance.
well, no shit, sherlock, who woulda thunk it?

The prime minister said utilising renewable energy resources would also ensure riddance from the crude oil tanker mafia acting as parasites and eating up the national money.
so the police, the army, the isi, the mullahs no one can rid you of mafias. because they are the mafia.

He pointed out that the country currently imports oil worth $27 billion to meet its power and transportation needs, a figure that could be significantly reduced by transitioning to alternative energy sources.

Talking about the ongoing drive against power theft, he lauded the performance of the Punjab government and expressed the hope that other provinces would also follow suit to overcome the challenge.

The prime minister said: “Strengthening the country’s power transmission system requires utmost efforts and investment otherwise the power production and investments in the sector would go down the drain unless the flaws in the transmission network are removed.”
He asked the energy ministry to engage world-class consultants to suggest ways forward to the government to boost up the country’s power transmission system.
more government positions for the kids of retired generals who are now "world class consultants".

In a separate meeting, the prime minister directed officials concerned to take drastic measures including shifting of imported coal-run plants, improvement in power supply system, setting up cost effective and renewable energy plants and functioning of solar projects to reduce cost of electricity per unit thus benefiting the ordinary people.
thats it. so simple no? just call up an official and direct him to take drastic measure and ask him set up cost effective and renewable energy plants and that's it. why dint other lesser mortals think of this before?

Shift to local coal He directed for shifting of the imported coal-run power plants to local coal besides improving the power supply system.
pray, why wasnt this the plan from the beginning? dint the learned moulanas know that local coal would be cheaper? or , wait, can the new power plants only work with certain grade of coal?

“In future, only clean, cost effective and renewable power plants should be set up in the country,” the prime minister said.
sir, yes sir.
The meeting was apprised of 600MW solar power project and the prime minister directed for expediting work on the foreign investment in this regard.
translation: get more money from foreigners.

The prime minister directed that the auction process of those power plants of Power Generation Companies (Gencos) that were lying dysfunctional and defective should be accelerated.

The meeting was briefed about the existing power generation capability, supply system and the government’s steps and proposals.

The meeting was also apprised of the future power demand and supply in the country.
sometimes I feel this "meeting" is a mysterious being itself that has a distinguished personality.

The meeting was informed that by shifting the coal-run power plants from imported fuel to local coal would not only save precious foreign exchange but would also make it possible to reduce power price by Rs2 per unit for consumers.
fascinating. such simple solutions the PM has brought to something thats always complex to us lesser mortals.

The prime minister directed for swift implementation of all measures within the stipulated timeframe.
<wipes away tears of respect> why cant we Indians get such visionary and hardworking leaders? why cant the managers at my work just direct all us employees to finish all work in stipulated time frame? without such a direction, we have all been like vagabonds.. just drifting around the space time continuum without any direction


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Jul 18, 2011
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There are no Pakistani flagged Suezmaz tankers or VLCCs.

In the event of a War, our crude imports will continue as Merchant fleet will be put under operational authority of the Indian Navy. Pakis on the other hand would be starved of crude (that is if they can afford it in the first place lol). @binayak95
Just mine the harbour and approach channels and watch their navy shrivel and die like erectile dysfunction syndrome.

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May 5, 2022
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Why is Sourav Jha menstruating and throwing fits about withdrawal from Siachen ? Any GOI move lately..?

All I can think of is April 13 marked 40 years of Operation Meghdoot.. and Ajai Chukla and a few Foreign gand*s like Christopher Clary suggested withdrawal from Siachen..



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Oct 14, 2020
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How Mudi Ji and his demonetisation destroyed Pakistan's economy. Just look at their per capita income figure from 2017. No wonder Suars have Modi's name on their lips nowadays more than they have Ola's.

Hilarious to know that pakis have barely been able to double GDP per capita in more than 40 years. Truly a meme nation that survived on uncle sam crumbs. India too was a meme nation under congiturds but still we got 10x in 40 years which is shitty.


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Dec 22, 2015
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One thing I will say is supporting Israel against Hamas is fine. But if Israel escalates the situation with Iran things will not be good for us. I already think we need to bring Oman in IMEC, although UAE is the one with the diplomatic muscle in the middle east. Duqum can be a backup in case of a future ME flare-up.


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Sep 8, 2019
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Biggest achievement for Paxtan, wooowwwow graaape!!!
11 NaPaki Poonjabee ISI terrorists of turdick Incestry were dragged, gutted & summarily executed by Baloch freedom fighters & this pest decides that "Indian man facing racism in Isreal" is the hot topic.

Imagine that.

Even that Brit pakckee retard who is the favourite bangtoy of all male goats in London aka Majid freeman is at it.

Sustained inter generational sister copulation will explain this.

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