Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings


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Sep 5, 2020
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Posting this here for my own notes.
  • Anti-Indian self-proclaimed "Kashmiri Persian heritage architect genius" racist Tony Ashai deleted his increasingly anti-Indian Twitter history some months ago. But he then came back in a much mellower version via the same account: @tonyashai
  • India despising Shahid Raza got banned from Twitter. He made a number of genocidal statements towards Hindus. Many on this forum claim that he runs @SouthAsiaIndex. His former account is here: @schaheid
  • Rana Ayyub's brother Arif Ayyub who was increasingly insulting and threatening Hindus and Indians suddenly deleted everything a few months ago: @arifayyub
  • Zahir Janmohammed, a lying and cunning Shia whose ancestors went from India to Africa to the US became obsessed with India more than any other country. This week, he deleted his very lengthy history. I doubt he got banned because he never made genocidal comments and knew when to not push the lies to extreme hate. He is a part-time English teacher in the US, very sly and the most dangerous: @zahirj
I wonder if some of these people are scared that the Woke era may have reached its climax in the west? In several cases, they might also be scared that their anti-Israel statements could come back to haunt them in the future. Even if you get banned by X (like Shahid Raza above), you can always come back after apologizing, or via a different username.

Deleting many years of Twitter history is not an easy decision. For most of these people, X is their social life and where they make their career and most of their impact.

To all the Pigs out there, your X history will affect your prospects in India as well as in the West if you immigrate there in the future. Especially now that the Jews have figured out how much they are hated by Muslims worldwide.
They have understood that Musk, Trump and Modi are going to hunt them down. Musk is not making any inroads into India with anti India posts. Trump who could really be the next president means the end of woke culture affecting national security issues. Finally Modi’s aggressive approach to tackling India haters in Canada and the US has meant that these accounts are shit scared. Finally Porki ISI that sponsors and pays for most of these accounts got the message that playing with India means the end of what remains of Porki Army.


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Dec 8, 2021
Forgive my ignorance but what exactly are Turks running from? Are they just economic refugees (due to their ever-worsening inflation among other things) or is there a political reason too?
Boris Johnson has part-Turkish ancestory (great-grandfather).

I belive under his time, for reasons unknown to me Turks were given an unbelievable generous UK worker visa:

The consequence? Turks/Kurds/Albanians are rife in the drug trade and if you visit the UK you will see a bunch of roach "hairdressers" (with the fanciest decor and equipment with expensive cars parked outside) which are used to launder their drug money


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