Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings


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Dec 22, 2015
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Are our borders with Paxtan in Gujarat & Rajasthan sealed ? Have you even been to our border in Kutch with Paxtan ? Biharis stranded in Bangladesh till date use it to cross into Paxtan . Our judiciary has a mind of its own . If they were in sync with our political classes we wouldn't be having this discussion.
Been to the Rajasthan Border, and have family posted there in BSF quite spectacularly sealed. There is some small-scale smuggling going on around Kutch They are fencing it up soon.

By the way, this is the Indo-Pak border from Space.


Just yesterday a member @A chauhan posted on a court order declaring that enemy property vested with the custodian of enemy property as per the act enacted in 1965 & amended in 2017 vested with it automatically doesn't confer ownership of those properties to it & consequently to the center thus reopening a Pandora's box on the prospective ownership of those properties which in theory means the descendants of those people whose properties were seized vide this act can now file a suit claiming ownership in theory for those properties.
There is a clear shift and you can see it. Also, the judgment on the Enemy's Property Act is more about taxation.

Many doesn't translate to all . Besides multiple models of such a N exchange have theorised adverse fallouts on one's own territories as a result of such an exchange which means if we nuke Lahore it could have devastating consequences on Amritsar & all those areas of Punjab on our side facing Lahore. L
Lower-yield thermonuclear Bombs are the way when it comes to Lahore. Fallout threat was always overblown for obvious reasons. Boss we are talking about a nuclear exchange, I am sure there will be a lot of devastating consequences. But BMDs can mitigate a lot of it.
Source on Muslim TFR falling faster than Hindus ? In Kerala 26% of the Muslim population have been recording a 46% growth in new born babies in the better part of the previous decade & their TFR there is barely above replacement level. It's the Hindu & Christian TFR which is plummeting rapidly due to a host of factors namely outbound migration , DINK syndrome , etc among others.
Muslim population is growing significantly faster in only some pockets, there are ways to deal with that. Also Muslim population in most states in India is Urban more easier to control. Muslim Infant mortality rates are also Higher so TFR doesn't translate to population. Look at how in large states like UP Gujrat Maharastra the Gap has almost been eliminated.

If you still doubt these reports for any reason wait till the census is done post-2024 elections. I can bet the population figure would be in line with these reports.

As for Kerela, this is the report you are sighting
It's not 46% growth, but in a particular year, 41% of children born were Muslims and 42% were Hindus. In fact you read the report it's pretty clear the religion losing ground is actually Christians in Kerela Hindus have maintained their birth percentage. But I will concede this Kerela always had a large Muslim population, and can prove to be one of the most problematic states in India when it comes to this issue.

Yup. The SC supervised NRC exercise carried out in Assam was a stupendous success.
As the Indian state gets stronger and more leeway further screws will tighten. The NRC list is still considered a draft.
We've only just begun the exercise. If you believe all these steps won't be seen as provocative & will go unanswered by the peacefuls I suggest you wait some time before leaping to a conclusion.

Haldwani was an isolated incident well executed by the state & comes very near to the general elections. The opposition will think 10 times so as not to jeopardize their votes by overtly siding with the peacefuls. However all the local support to them had been orchestrated by the Congress including their local MLA there who by no coincidence happens to be a dhimmi.
Muslims have failed to bring around a single significant non-Muslim population group to their side. Instead of countering their falling political relevance in India, they have bet on foreign interference and street power. How long before that goes away? In Haldwani, they have 41% population still did it matter? Most NRC CAA protest leaders are now behind bars even moulvies are getting picked up and not getting out foot is now on the other side.

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Nov 1, 2016
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Are you familiar with an epochal event in world pre history known as the Bronze Age Collapse in the Near East because of a phenomenon known as the Sea Peoples ?

I strongly urge you to read it . Although a lot about it remains unknown , in recent times , research has thrown up enough for historians to come up with a plausible theory of what may have happened then.

For some reason I believe we are going to see a repeat of those events maybe not of the same magnitude but with enough momentum to change our part of the world for good & Paxtan & Paxtanis are going to play a significant part in it .
Yes, the bronze age collapse and its associated sea peoples invasions are fascinating. The bronze age collapse led to these kingdoms being invaded, but first started off with a series of droughts and famines.

But there is no mechanism where pakis will be able to invade anybody even in a collapsed middle east scenario. Where are the logistics? What's the technological advantage apart from nuclear blackmail? How will they deal with brutal local resistance even if they manage to land somewhere? The reason I'm countering this idea is because it's right up the alley of paki delusions about themselves.

And in such a scenario more competent nations like India and Russia will themselves enter the arena to take over oil and gas rich lands. And stop believing the annual reports of them ever "running out of oil". They have oceans of it beneath and they keep finding more reserves.

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