Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings

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Feb 24, 2018
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Urdu text 👇
India ke akhbaar me chhapne wala cartoon,
Jis me bharat aur Saudi Arab gana gaate ja rahe hai,
'yeh Dosti hum nahi chhodege'.
Aur Pakistan sadak par baitha ummah ko yaad Kar raha hai..

Kya Haal Kar diya is mulk khadadad ka....
Jaalimo ka yehi Haal Hota hai, Jab Chand daalaroo me bik jaaten..


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Mar 10, 2022
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"Salim is the only Pakistani among the first 100 aspiring space tourists to purchase a ticket for Virgin Galactic's future commercial space liner."

How did Pakis even manage 1/100?

Finding a wealthy, non-hijabi, non-diabetic, not obese, average IQ woman in Pakistan is a real miracle for Sir Branson.

Edit: She is obese in some past photos. Let's hope for the best come spaceflight day.
To mark the inauguration of the first Honorary Consulate of Pakistan, Salim organized a cocktail party in March 2012, at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, which was attended by the prince, government officials, and a representative of Shafkat Saeed, the Pakistani ambassador to Monaco.[

Before she was appointed as honorary consul, she mobilised funds for Pakistan's earthquake of 2005 and devastating floods of 2010. Her efforts led to about US$0.5 Million raised for humanitarian disasters facing the nation via the government of Monaco and for subsequent reconstruction efforts.[3] In 2007, she served as Honorary Ambassador of Tourism for Pakistan, appointed by the Ministry of Tourism.

she got honorary consul for raising 500k$? you wont get a decent 2 bed home in California for that price. something is fishy here
also - she organized a cocktail party. wtf! organizing a cocktail party is something to to be written in wiki?

also -this is her song from youtube

this is like eye to eye fame taher shah level! spoiler alert!


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Jun 18, 2020
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Porkistani army already control everything in their country and now they want get into farming. 1 million acres in fertile regions of Punjab? Goddamn. I am sure at least 1/3rd of that will go to DHA citing it's a barren land not suitable for farming. Mark my words, they will gobble up farm land faster than their population growth.

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