Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings

The Juggernaut

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Feb 24, 2018
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Wonder if r / India would look similar to an outsider.
Of Course, r/india feels like "liberal dreamworld" which is full of narrow-minded , regressive and casteist worldview. There whole narrative revolve around those few things like caste, muslim oppression, capitalists and west - simping. r/India is India seen through such liberals.


Maulana Rockullah
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Aug 12, 2009
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Ghori also apologized multiple times so his ass was spared..... only to come back with more force and kill Chauhan and hence eliminating the strongest Hindu warrior and opening the floodgates of Hissslamic invaders!!!

They know Hindus are bleedheart at heart. India should NOT help them and let them suffer and break away. Are we ever going to learn from our historical mistakes. :dude:

I am 100 percent sure stories of paki mulla raping survivors in turkey that have lost everything will appear soon
That's an understatement. They are gonna R the dead Turkish girls. They do regularly in their own country.

Without the Indian and Bangladeshi visitors to PDF, their ad revenue will sink. Hope none of you guys are clicking on the banner ads on that site.
I always use AD BLOCK man.

Think of this guys, our RW is not totally useless. They have effects on other side. No matter how clueless and hopeless we feel about ourselves during infighting but we give hell-of-stand to them.
Those are just online warriors owning BHIKHARI Paki ass!

Actually our RW is a almost a big CHU. So much full of air but no ground action. Ramcharitmanas burnt and trampled under feet and RW has taken no action. Hindu gods insulted every other day. Maa Kali shown smoking and with LGBT flags. Now imagine if it was Kooooran! Few heads might have been detached by zoombies. The day Hindu RW start delivering is the day we see a titanic change.

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