Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings


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Nov 17, 2017
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Add SGPC wale moorakh's and those KHALSA AID Khalistani terrorists.

So active in opposing CAA where all Hindu/Sikhs could come to India but silent on such atrocities.

KARMA is going to bite them as hard as these BHIKHARI TERRORIST PAKIS!

Our fertile lands should be INTACT as #1 PRIORITY and cutting off BHIKHARI PAKIS from the sea should be the aim. We would make Mini-NATO in Sindhudesh + Balochistan where Sindhi/Baloch themselves make a Army of their own and fight Pakjabis.

Insha Alla this will happen with the will of ALLA himself. Alla is going to punish Pakis as he did in 1971 for their inhuman practices.
Inshallah! Allah har Pakistani ko jannat farmaye , Amin . Pakistan banega Kabristan!



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May 29, 2009
This Mulla supposedly from some Indian Hyderabadi ghetto got banned.

He is there for a long time and tried to be a "muslim" and impress his Paki ABBUS but then his ABBU banned him. He was made a Jarnail but got banned. Even Indians bang him.

I will post his idiotic comments later as a collection to laugh on. It's a good test example of a mentally psychotic personality case specially for Psychiatry/Psychology student and just anyone.

In short..... Dhobi ka kuttta.... na ghar ka na ghat ka. :clap2: :pound:

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I remember him. Looks like Owasi's peon.


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Feb 4, 2021
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Ye Porky vs Greeco-Indian larper wala 3rd time repost hua hai ya mujhe Gnd Faad DejaVu ho raha hai..
am I going crazy :crazy::crazy:
Indians going to join themselves to those supposed Greeks? LOL

look what the supposed Greeks create or build...almost nothing. If they do build something it is designed/engineered by more intelligent knowledgeable people in foreign lands.
DNA fits with most of the supposed Greeks being a bunch of know nothing Africans (ydna haplogroup E) or Germanic nomads who crept into the ruins of others. Hence nothing is done.

Where do they make war and what weapons to they craft? no place, none. Greeks were warlike and made many good weapons.

Population has fallen from 11.13 million to 10.3 million at the minimum. likely MUCH worse.
A nation of useless stupid parasitic pigeon men who creep West and into the lands of more intelligent industrious people. Similar to how those traitorous retarded, ydna haplogorup R1b, Germanic nomads caused the fall of Rome.

But Greeks are dying out. Koreans are dying out. Japanese are dying out. Wonder what all 3 peoples have in common? Perhaps they all attacked, betrayed or stole from somebody.

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