Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings


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Mar 30, 2021
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Chi Gandi. Beware Porki Air Hosteses don't wear panties.... 😱😱😳😳🤭🤭

Actually this is a very comman practice among fundamentalist. A lot of them don't prefer to wear underwear.

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This is one of the reason why you see lot of pictures of Pakis scratching or adjusting their parts in public.




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Mar 29, 2019
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I was reading 2020 comments today how the tables have turned the 🐷 never fail to amuse me with thier nonsense here is another piglet with the intellect to compare car sales in India and pak during covid look now
Pdf is truly a time capsule of idiotic pakis and how they are always wrong notice how most of them don't live in Pak hilarious or the ones that do are extremely rich

most members here actually live in India no thing like than in paki land

Analysts at Topline Securities said that to save foreign exchange reserve, automakers were allowed to import only 50 per cent of their average imports over the last four months in July 2022. The quota has increased to 60 per cent for August 2022 and 70 per cent for September2022.

Auto sales are also down by 46 per cent YoY in August 2022 amid escalating car prices, expensive auto financing, and low purchasing power of consumers. This takes car sales to 23,498 units down 50 per cent during first two months of the current fiscal year YoY from 46,656 units

vs india

he second half of 2022 began on a positive note with car sales growing by 16 per cent with 3,41,112 unit sales in July 2022 compared to 2,94,290 unit sales in July 2021. Despite the ongoing shortage in the supply of semiconductors, the auto industry has witnessed a positive growth trend with a slew of new car launches and positive consumer sentiments. The top rank has been retained by Maruti Suzuki, while Hyundai has secured the second position followed by Tata Motors in the third place.

we sell more in month from local brands than these fks sell in a year and they are mostly tinpot overpriced crap
@gslv markIII why do you never make paki economy comparison?

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The fact that this moron thinks middle class makes up 50-70% of Ind/Pak/BD shows his ignorance. I stopped reading after that. For none of these countries its more than 30%.

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