Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings

Rassil Krishnan

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Apr 16, 2019
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Chinese aim regarding the Uyghur issue is a mix of sinicization + commification.( Ie indoctrinate state worship)

The Chinese experience here is something we should study and understand: the causes, methods, results.

China has centuries of more experience in state building than the West with which our academia and babudom is enamoured.

Though I should add that the approach used by the CCP is very crude.
It has potential to backfire.
what crudeness,the uighers are numbered in the low double digit millions in total in the whole of china.the also most likely have a below replacement tfr like the rest of china but might be slightly more due to their culture.

china has penetrated their culture and have worked on them for a long time in a systemic manner,tell me how they can reverse this in any way,spectacular attacks can only bolster the state narratives about them.the process is unstoppable now unless there is visible graphic intervention by a foreign power.

chinese people dont suffer from the woke mental virus and they are already halfway through the process.they wont mind the gov doing this.pls dont feel sympathy for these idiots.they are a pawn at best for our foreign policy objectives.

In 10-15 years max they will have a generation of irreversibly sinnicized uighers that will be unable to go back to their cringe ways even if they wanted to.

also most modern life other than maybe the woke modern life is much more materialistically satisfying than islamic life and since there is state interest involved,why would those sinnicized uighers go back to their cringe roots.

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