Failed Terrorist State of Pakistan: Idiotic Musings


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Sep 8, 2019
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What are you fascist Indians happy for ??? We Porkistanis have the largeest Induxtries in the borld... :hehe:

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Indeed our boy Imrand is a RAA ka agint and Porkistan is super duper under him..:pound::pound::pound:

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Don't want to spoil the mood or the intent of tweet.

But we need to understand that none of these Hindu in name characters did anything on the Anti Hindu conference that was held on the eve of 9/11, one of the biggest Islamist terror attacks, to deflect the attention away from Islamists & to draw a false parallel to Hindutva.

Buy yes, just for triggering Pakis we can do such memes.

Probably the closest shot of the Sri Lankan guy being burnt for blasphemy!

If somebody is on twitter, kindly note down the list of Pakistani cricketers/celebs/news anchors etc would perhaps say "Ashamed of my skull cap" or "Ashamed to be a Namazi" or something like that.


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Nov 22, 2020
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Today's Mob Violence thread on PDF has turned to "RSS Fascist" thread.
Only thing that they can do is cry "india" "RSS" and "tea was fantastic" like goats crying when getting banged by abdul without acknowledging the damage being done.this was an foreigner and burning his body so unhumanly just cements the notion of porkis being a failed,anarchist,terrorism driven maniac country it is.tourists will not even travel and everyone will avoid business with these 11 the century savages.the doom of their cricket started by attacking lankan cricket team.their industry or what so they have will fall also because of attacking a lankan citizen

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