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May 31, 2020
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Apr 29, 2015
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RE: India vs Pakistan: T20 Worldcup Big Clash | Mother of all Matches in World Cricket
Psyche of baniyas
I don't care whether Pakistan wins or loses, my only concern is Babar Azam. He should punch a big score on the board. We have to understand the psyche of Indians at this moment. This is the first time they don't care about winning either. They're more focused on neutralizing Babar just to prove their point that he is just an ordinary batsman who is only capable to score underrated teams. Don't forget Indians are the most antagonist nation. Their ego gonna ******up if Babar sums a hefty score against these Abhinandan.
Trolls im the dim
LOL just 14 comments. No one cares about cricket anymore. There used to be a time when such topics would get loads of comments and views. I like this development.
log aaj kal 92 ka ghum bhula rahay hain, ye na hu kai 25 saal baad Babar Azam handsome ban jaye

Cricket is no longer taken that emotionally in India, while growing up in 90s in Tamil Nadu streets used to be completely deserted during India-Pakistan match as if if curfew was imposed. While today people are just regular enjoying the Sunday most don't even probably know there is match today.
I dot care even Pakistan win after 29 years in the world Cup...

If india will win then it will be a normal routine story but if Pakistan will win then be a big story..
The response..
Yes yes...India is so cool just like u. On paper India is a superpower even in cricket but t20 even Afghanistan is dangerous and can win the World Cup
Hotsar is best

breaking newj: expected spike in new tv sales in india. many used tv sets to broken all across india because of a "certain" event in the middle east!
nobody cares lol
The fantastic tea
"Surprise" that's it, this is who we are, full of surprises. here you go India, with another one full and ultimate just like 27 Feb.

kohli body language was worth seeing when he lose toss, he almost saw defeat in front of his eyes.
Blessing session
I pray for Shami and fellow Muslims.. I hope they don't face the wrath of the defeat... idk why Shami came for the 18th over..
Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah
Some bonglodeshi
What a great win . congratulations. India never beaten 10 wicket in t20 match. 😁but now they are beaten by 10 wicket by arch rival Pakistan .
The national sport
I just fired 12 rounds..with my new semi-auto shotgun ...

I thought that's a characteristic of pakistani population.
Well, Indian will be busy with their own team for sometime, cursing, hating, maligning, they are good at.
Good night anyway, regards.

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