F**king city girls need to learn obedience by the sole of the chappal

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Apr 29, 2016
A while ago my parents said that we were going to go to Mumbai to attend my cousin Pranay's wedding in the December of next year. The bride was supposedly Abhishek bachchan's mothers yoga instructor. After that we were going to go to Mangalore and maybe even Thiruvananthapuram and Madurai. Incidentally I haven't been outside the country in 8 years. I don't to go on vacations anymore and when we do its usually some sh*tty motel in Niagara for a few days so I was f**king psyched. BUT LO AND BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ................... The b**tch called of the wedding. "OH I DON WANNA HAVE TO COOK I DON WANNA HAVE A BABY ITS TOOOOO EARLY FOR MEEEEEE I DIDNT KNOW I'D HAVE TO DO ALL OF THIS" She had my entire vacation cancelled because she couldn't contemplate and adjust to something so obvious. Something that's every women's job. You know I really envy the Saudi Arabians and Pakistanis and people from the countryside that can just can just hit their wives and daughters with chappals whenever they don't listen. I blame @Rashna.

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